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Ang mga mag-aaral ay makakakuha ng Cutting-Edge Knowledge

Students Gain Cutting Edge “Spring Framework” Knowledge:  This past December (2017), MUM Computer Science Professor Payman Salek attended the “SpringOne Platform Conference” in San Francisco, which is the most significant conference on Spring Framework and related technologies. With 2800+ attendees, 145+ talks, 200+ speakers, 32 keynotes, and 43 sponsors, SpringOne Platform 2017 was “simply amazing!” […]

Kilalanin si Propesor Bruen

Our Computer Professionals (“ComPro (SM)”) MS Program at MUM is known globally for preparing students for IT and personal career success. Like all our professors, Computer Science Associate Professor Joe Bruen plays a big role in this unique and unprecedented education. Two factors lead to our students’ success Having highly industry-experienced senior faculty teaching in […]

Mga Mag-aaral ng ComPro Halika Mula sa 111 Nations

‘ComPro’ Students Come From 111 Nations Since 1996, experienced software developers from 111 nations worldwide (see above) have enrolled in our Computer Professionals Master’s Program in the U.S. (MUM is located where the red circle is in the image above.) The program, affectionately known as ‘ComPro,’ offers a unique opportunity in higher education, combining latest advanced practical […]

Higit pa sa isang Computer Science Master

Benefits of Multi-Cultural Living More than just a Computer Science Master’s: Benefits of Multi-Cultural Living (This is a reprint of an article published July 24, 2017, by MUM Brazilian student Mauro Nogueira, PMP, in LinkedIn group: Computer Professionals at Maharishi University of Management.) The experience we had goes beyond earning an advanced degree. We earned a “global-ready” […]

Itala ang Bilang ng Mga Graduates ng Master ng Agham ng Computer

On June 24th, Maharishi University of Management awarded 579 academic degrees to a record number of graduates from 55 nations—a more than 1/3 increase from last year. More than 60% of this year’s graduates received Master of Science in Computer Science degrees, and this total of about 350 may be a new single graduation U.S. record […]

East Asian Recruiting Tour

East Asian Recruiting Tour: Computer Professionals Master’s Program The Computer Professionals Master’s Program at Maharishi University of Management is one of the most unique, popular and successful Computer Science M.S. programs in the United States, with 1777 graduates from 80 nations since 1996, and more than 1000 current students. The program combines the advanced academics of a […]

Ang Track Science Science ay idinagdag sa MUM Curriculum

 To prepare our students for the enormous growing global employment opportunities in Data Management, MUM is now offering a Data Science Track for computer science and mathematics students.   According to MUM Computer Science Department Professor Emdad Khan: “Data Science, which dominates today’s numerical data-driven world, is the key for the Next Generation Internet, which will […]

Sa Mahirap na Panahon, ang Mum ay Ligtas at Mamahaling

With increasing opportunities for foreign travel for professional education, there are certain universal concerns shared by all students and their families…. Will an American university be safe? Will I be happy? Will it be worth the cost and separation from friends and family? Will it improve my life? Since 1996, approximately 2800 software engineers from 80 […]

MUM Mag-aaral na Panalo Nanalo ng Amazon Award

MUM Student Intern Wins Amazon Award In professional sports, top performing first-year athletes receive a lot of public attention. In the IT industry, Amazon has a top “rookie” performer in Amarbayar (Amar) Amarsanaa. In his first year working for Amazon Fulfillment Technologies DevOps (Development Operations) team, Amar was named “Associate of the Month” in recognition of his contribution […]