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Making MIU Safe During COVID

MIU Creates safe, rich, full campus experience during pandemic: 

MIU President John Hagelin has personally headed up our COVID Task Force over the last six months, successfully creating a model situation that other universities might find exemplary.

According to Dr. Hagelin, “We continue to observe all government regulations and CDC recommendations, social distancing, and all other precautions that are deemed necessary and advisable, and require compliance by all of our students, staff and faculty.

“We strive to provide the richest, fullest, and safest on-campus college experience possible. With the continued cooperation of all members of our University community we are confident that we can maintain our exceptional record.”

COVID-19 testing is done on all students when they arrive on campus

COVID-19 testing is done on all students when they arrive on campus

Keeping Our Campus Community Healthy and Safe

Here are the steps we have taken so far in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These points all aim at minimizing contact with anyone who may have been exposed to the virus and preventing the introduction of COVID-19 into our community.

We are constantly monitoring the situation and will relax these policies when it is safe to do so.

Airport pickup  Have created COVID-safe airport transportation system for picking up arriving students

Travel restriction  Campus-wide travel ban recommended outside our county

Testing–Employees  Some monitored daily

Testing–Students  On arrival and one week later

Masks  Given to all students, faculty and staff, with requirements where and when to wear

Online teaching  All classes are taught in classrooms with option to also have 2-way live video conferencing

On-campus dining  Many safety steps taken: hand washing stations (see photo 1 below), body temperature monitoring scanners (see photo 2 below), distancing, masks during food pickup, separate dining for current vs. new arrivals, only open to MIU personnel

Food shopping  We pick up requested snacks and other items at Walmart and sell back to students on campus at cost

Library access  Access closed, but students can request and pickup materials at library window

Recreation Center  Access closed, but have set up “Virtual Rec Center” with online fitness, dance, yoga classes, to stay fit

Campus events  Live events canceled or online, with other virtual events

Online student activities  Online activities for students

Doing business remotely  Encourage students to do university business by phone or email

COVID pledge  All community members asked to sign pledge to follow mask, hand-washing, social distancing and large group avoidance guidelines

Self-care education  Educate students in self-care; proper sleep, meditation, hand washing, etc.

Staying home if unwell

Food delivery  Have system for delivering food to those who are not well

Isolation and quarantine facilities  Have set up four residential facilities as quarantine housing units if needed

Auxiliary facilities  Offering auxiliary hospital facilities on campus if local hospital gets overwhelmed

Visiting Fairfield  Requesting those off campus not to visit campus for now

Outdoor entertainment  Have safely offered outdoor movie night on weekends. Students wear masks and sit two meters apart

“I am proud of the tireless, dedicated work of our faculty and administrators and community leaders over these past few months, and the spirit of concern and cooperation displayed by everyone in our campus community.” —John Hagelin, President, Maharishi International University

For details visit https://www.miu.edu/coronavirus

More information at virusinfo@miu.edu


Students safely enjoy movies in the park on pleasant weekend evening--masks and distancing mandatory!

Students safely enjoy movies in the park on pleasant weekend evening–masks and distancing mandatory!


Hand-washing stations used before entering building for dining.

Hand-washing stations used before entering building for dining.


Body temperature monitoring scanners used for each diner.

Body temperature monitoring scanners used for each diner.

We look forward to the time when we can return to normal education and campus living, but until then, we welcome new students to our well adapted university.

Note: Only one student has tested COVID positive. This person isolated on campus and has recovered.