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Your Once-in-a-Century Life

By Leah Collmer

It’s been a once-in-a-century global pandemic. Almost two years running; plans put on hold, hopes dashed, and bright futures ground to a halt. We’ve been wearing masks, social distancing and holding our breath – literally. But the fog is lifting and we, at ComProSM, want you to know about the bright future that awaits you.

Within the last five years, ComPro has ranked as the 2nd largest Computer Science Master’s Program in the USA, at least once. Started a quarter of a century ago in 1996, ComPro is celebrating its silver anniversary this year, with an unprecedented record enrollment of 517 students for 2021.

Ricardo Macedo Ianelli, a former physics teacher from Brazil, shares, “My dream was always to study computer science. This year I decided to follow my intuition and go after my dream. That’s why I chose ComPro.”

ComPro’s approach to our students’ success is holistic from start to finish; academically, by developing high-demand technical skills; financially, with our low entry fee and repayment after placement in curricular practical training (CPT), a paid internship; personally, with an ideal routine that includes daily practice of the scientifically validated Transcendental Meditation® technique, and professionally, with our intensive, three-week, Career Strategies Workshop. ComPro is integrated, carefully crafted, and tailored for you in this century.

MBA student Edison Martinez and Ianelli enjoy a beautiful day in front of the Argiro Student Center.

“I felt I had more potential in me than I was using in my own country. There was this little fire inside of me, but I wanted to light a fire that would burn bright and strong for my future,” confides Ianelli. “I knew I needed to expand my creativity, maximize how my higher intelligence works and get help form the people who are professionals.”

Ianelli’s statement seems to resonate with MIU President John Hagelin’s address to ComPro, who welcomed new students in November. “I.Q. memory and executive function normally don’t increase while a student is enrolled in a university,” stated Hagelin. “But, at MIU it does.”

ComPro’s block system gives students the ability to fully immerse in one subject each month – no juggling act of multiple projects or competing subjects. Financially, students comfortably pay off the remaining tuition after landing their paid internship. With the average starting salary for CPT at $94,000 a year, this structure takes the financial pressure off students during their studies. Additionally, the initial, affordable low entry fee also makes the impossible possible for everyone.

“I thought that I wouldn’t have the money to come and study in an American master’s program, but ComPro’s tuition structure made it very affordable and possible,” shares Ianelli. “That was the light that said, ‘Go now.’ ComPro was everything I wanted and needed.”

Living through an era in history that has brought insurmountable obstacles and challenges, the ComPro team is here for you throughout your journey in our progressive master’s program. With four entries a year for international students and two entries for domestic students, our MS in Computer Science is very accessible and student-facing. ComPro’s most recent October 2021 entry brought in 132 new students from 40 nations. During this global pandemic, we rolled up our sleeves and dug in deep to ensure every qualified student from any country jockeying to join ComPro would make the cut. And we’ll do the same for you.

“The day before coming to the USA, I realized my life will be split in two chapters: my life before ComPro, and my life after coming to ComPro,” Ianelli shares. “When I wake up tomorrow, everything will change.”

We know how rare once-in-a-lifetime opportunities are. They are to be protected and cultivated. The ComPro program, as part of Maharishi International University, is fully committed to sustainable practices as one of America’s most green universities. Renewable energy, sustainable buildings, and organic food are at the forefront of campus life. Longevity is key, and we are establishing a precedent not just for your lifetime, but for generations to come. Future generations will follow in your footsteps, as our 4,000 students and alumni from over 100 countries have paved the way for you.

Ianelli studying in ComPro computer lab. Campus COVID policies keep students and faculty safe.

“If I had to describe this opportunity, I would choose the word ‘adventure’. An adventure with myself, in learning, meeting new people, and experiencing real emotions. With the profound method of self-knowledge, consciousness of self, good food and people from around the world, I knew I was needing this,” confided Ianelli.

So, if you’re looking for an adventure in your education and want to take advantage of the unmistakable opportunity this moment in time has to offer you, go ahead and exhale. We’ve got the solid foundation you’ve been looking for to build your unshakeable future on today.

“I’m just at the beginning” acknowledges Ianelli. “I’m excited to discover what lies ahead of me.” This is your once-in-a century life, and we want you to make the most of it. Won’t you join us?

Ianelli celebrating 50 years of higher education at Maharishi International University, 1971-2021