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MIU professor wins industry award for research on wireless security

Professor honored for “Internet of Things” data security research: 

Prof. Renuka Mohanraj was recently honored for her advanced studies and outstanding research by being named a Fellow of the Computer Science Research Council (FCSRC)

Dr. Renuka Mohanraj, Associate Professor in the Computer Professionals program at Maharishi International University, has recently been honored as a Fellow of the Computer Science Research Council (FCSRC) for her important research on wireless sensor networks (WSN) data security.

Her research was published in the Global Journal of Computer Science Technology: E. In this paper she presents an algorithm she designed as a potential solution to the problem of wireless sensor networks security threats in the rapidly expanding field of the Internet of Things (IoT).

As a result of her research, in December 2020 she was also invited to give the keynote address at an International virtual conference on ‘Bridging Innovative Trends in Mathematics, Engineering & Technology.’ The subject of her address was ‘Internet of Things for Android.’

A Teacher who never stops learning

Professor Renuka teaches several courses in the Computer Professionals programSM, including the very popular Mobile Device Programming (MDP). When she’s not teaching, she enjoys expanding her knowledge in many fields of interest, including mobile ad hoc networks, wireless sensor networks, secure data and QoS routing, and current favorite, IoT.

She explains why she’s so inspired to keep learning about IoT: “In sensor networks, IoT plays a vital role and gives me the motivation to grab the knowledge. I designed the MDP course in MIU’s ComPro program using Android. This course creates an interest to learn how to use IoT for Android devices.”

Renuka dynamically tailors the MDP course based on input from current students and alumni doing Android development. This feedback, along with her enthusiasm for research, keeps the curriculum on the cutting edge. Mobile device programming is a major market, and her class on the subject is highly valued by students, because there are so many opportunities for Android programmers.

So, what’s it like to be in Professor Renuka’s mobile programming class?

MIU professor Renuku wins industry award

Renuka Mohanraj, PhD, FCSRC

“Students in this class enjoy doing their homework assignments because of real time applications,” she says. “They gain practical knowledge, and start developing an app from the third week of the course.”


Here are some quotes from a recent anonymous student survey:

“This class helped me realize how much mobile application development has advanced. My experience was with Java, but with the full support and dedication of our professor, I was able to grasp an excellent knowledge in the design and programming of Android applications. The course was extremely well presented, the coding demonstrations were very helpful, and I was able to create Android applications on my own.”

 “I had no previous experience with mobile development but Professor Renuka Mohanraj’s class changed my perspective about Android application development in particular. The knowledge I gained about mobile applications is really a stepping stone for me.”

 “I had not yet experienced a class with Professor Renuka, but she was spot on on everything, from providing well-detailed sessions to following up on us to make sure everyone was with her. I am happy to have added knowledge from a different line of technology, and from a perfect tutor.”


Why she loves teaching at MIU

“I am so satisfied and very happy to be a part of the MIU community,” Renuka says. “Co-workers are so kind-natured and supportive, the students are wonderful, management is excellent, and it’s such a peaceful, and stress-free environment.”

She has been teaching at MIU since 2014. During this time she’s had the opportunity to experience many benefits of the Consciousness-Based approach to education and the practice of the Transcendental Meditation® technique (TM).

“TM practice helps to improve my self confidence level and brings out my inner potential effortlessly,” she says. “I’m more active throughout the day and my mind is clearer, which makes me a better teacher and a more loving person.”

Dr. Renuka Mohanraj with her husband Mohanraj and daughter Vaisnavii

Enjoying life in Fairfield 

Professor Renuka and her husband Mohanraj live on the MIU campus in Fairfield, Iowa with their daughter Vaisnavii. Mr. Mohanraj is the Computer Science Graduation Director, and Vaisnavii is in 11th grade at Maharishi School.

“Living in Fairfield for the past seven years has been a great experience,” she says. “It’s a wonderful place to live a healthy and peaceful life. We enjoy the noise free, pollution free, green environment. Being part of the happy, welcoming community has been wonderful. I’m looking forward to spending more time in a place like Fairfield!”


There are so many ways to learn programming. Why join ComPro?

“Our program teaches the world’s leading software technologies,” says Dr. Renuka. “Our Consciousness-Based approach produces developers in high demand by the IT industry, and provides students with the most natural and scientifically validated technology for developing their own well-being—the TM technique. So the MSCS at MIU is the unique way to learn cutting-edge software technology, and also to learn how to live a blissful life.”