Life in Fairfield, Iowa

A Safe, Health Conscious & Progressive Community Where We Celebrate Diversity

Referred to as a “cultural oasis” in the midwest, Fairfield is a multi-cultural, multi-talented community featuring restaurants, award-winning schools, health spas, and a vibrant arts scene.

Fairfield, with its population of 10,000 people, provides a safe and friendly community to live in.

The town is host to music festivals, theater events and art shows. There are many parks, lakes and walking trails. There is also a large public sports complex and swimming pool.

“Fairfield is a quiet, safe, peaceful town. People are very friendly. It’s a perfect environment for research and studying.”

“I love everything about Maharishi International University (formerly MUM). There is a positive energy here, and people are welcoming. I love the diversity. I love how the faculty care about each student. They’re concerned about everyone.  I love Transcendental Meditation.”

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