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Maharishi International University was founded in 1971 (formerly Maharishi University of Management (1993-2019)) and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, the oldest and largest official accrediting body in the United States.

The University offers courses ranging from undergraduate to Ph.D. level. This includes master’s degrees in computer science, business administration and management, accounting, screenwriting, vedic science, studio art, Maharishi Ayurveda and integrative medicine. Thousands of students have graduated from our programs over the past 50 years, including 4014 graduates from 108 nations for our MS in Computer Science program.

“I really love MIU’s education system which combines both practical and theoretical aspects very well. It challenges me to perform my best not only on my courses, but also at my internship.”

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We have found that many countries have very delayed interview dates. Please see Visa Appointment Wait Times ( to find out the length of time to get an interview date for your country/city.

If the interview waiting time is more than 2 months, we encourage you to apply and complete your application immediately, even if you are planning to apply for a future entry. This way you can complete the application process, get your I-20, and then get an interview date. You must have an I-20 to get the interview date.  If the date is earlier than you plan to come to the U.S., you can always postpone your arrival date once you get the visa. We would just issue you a new I-20 for the entry date for which you plan to come.

For questions regarding this information, please contact our admissions office at

Ask Yourself These 5 Questions:

  1. Do you have a Bachelor's degree in a technical field? Yes or No?

  2. Did you have good grades in your Bachelor’s degree? Yes or No?

  3. Do you have at least 12 months of full-time, paid work experience as a software developer after your Bachelor’s degree? Yes or No?

  4. Are you currently working as a software developer? Yes or No?

  5. Are you available to come to the U.S. for classes (this program is not available online)? Yes or No?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all the above questions, you may apply (Although this does not guarantee that you will be accepted.)