Студент МУМ Студент Винс Амазон Авард

Студент МУМ Студент Винс Амазон Авард

In professional sports, top performing first-year athletes receive a lot of public attention. In the IT industry, Amazon has a top “rookie” performer in Амарбаиар (Амар) Амарсанаа.

У својој првој години рада у Амазон Фулфиллмент Тецхнологиес ДевОпс (Девелопмент Оператионс) тиму, Амар је именован “Associate of the Month” као признање његовом доприносу и утицају на један од тимова Инжењера развоја софтвера (СДЕ) које је подржавао када је смањио њихове оперативне проблеме КСНУМКС%. Такође је унапређен у ДевОпс ИВ!

Према Амару, “Operational excellence is something my employer takes seriously, as we (Amazon) continue to strive to be the earth’s most customer-centric company. We don’t stop at just innovating, building and launching — but we also make sure our services are optimized, efficient, reliable, available and accurate. In executing these plans, we identify manual, repetitive work and take the initiative to automate it to save our and others’ time.”

Recently, Amar teamed up with another engineer on his team to automate the process of data consolidation, which had been done manually by engineers. This automated process is now used by engineers, SDE teams and managers to drive their teams’ service operational excellence. The automation saves 2-3 hours per engineer, per week, and it is widely used by 12+ teams, and counting. During the October 2016 organization meeting, including teams from the US, Canada and India, Amazon leadership recognized their effort, and awarded Amar and his colleague the honorable, “Operational Excellence” award. Quite an honor for a “rookie!”

Међународна образовна позадина

Amar has always enjoyed traveling. He left his native Mongolia at 14 to attend an English-speaking high school in Poland, and later enrolled in a U.S. university where he graduated on the Dean’s List with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. The university President named him Изванредан студент године. За то време је такође био одличан у свирању клавира и гитаре.

Након колеџа, Амар је добио име Запослени године у софтверској компанији у Северној Дакоти и освојио награду за фотографију. Као што илуструју следеће фотографије, Амар је талентовани и врхунски фотограф са смислом за хумор!

Касније, док је студирао програм компјутерског умрежавања у Кореји, сазнао је за MUM Master’s in Computer Science. Амар је привукао курикулум, здрава исхрана и квалитетни услови живота на МУМ-у.

Ацадемицс ат МУМ

Амар је аплицирао за наш програм за компјутерске професионалце (ЦомПро) и почео је предавати на МУМ-у у јуну КСНУМКС, где је постао и саветник резидента, и представник информатике у студентском удружењу МУМ.

According to Amar, “The quality of the education offered in the ComPro program is outstanding. Not only do the faculty have remarkable industry backgrounds, but they are always up-to-date on the newest technologies, so that students can be assured they are learning the best from the best.

In addition, team projects bring up a great opportunity for students to collaborate, solve real-world problems, present their solutions to meet extremely high requirements imposed by the professors — and at the end of the day, we come out with solid project experience, which helps in finding internships.”

Lна кампусу МУМ

“Academically, the ComPro program sets high standards for its students. To support total student development, MUM provides a very comfortable and healthful living environment, so that students can take on the challenges of academic life when they are at their best. People talk about work-life balance, and I feel that the balance of academic work and life at MUM was perfect… this is what I enjoyed the most about living at MUM.”

Предности учења технике трансценденталне медитације

“Another reason I chose MUM was the opportunity of doing the Техника трансценденталне медитације (ТМ). ТМ је један од основа на којима је универзитет изграђен. То је једноставна ментална техника која ублажава стрес, побољшава размишљање и креативност и повећава ваш ниво енергије. Имам велико поштовање према њему. Највећа корист од ТМ за мене је да ми помаже да се опустим, а онда да се фокусирам на сложена питања, што резултира свеобухватним и задовољавајућим решењима без стреса.,” says Amar.

Internship at Amazon & Life in the Seattle Area

По завршетку осам месеци курсева на кампусу у Фаирфиелду, Ајова, Амар је ангажован у КСНУМКС-у како би обавио своје стажирање за практичну обуку (ЦПТ) као ДевОпс инжењер са Амазон Фулфиллмент Тецхнологиес у Сеаттлеу, Васхингтон. Он ужива живећи на пацифичком северозападу, где наставља своју страст према природном окружењу на отвореном, разради, фотографији, музици и друштвеној укључености у достојне сврхе.

Савети за друге софтверске инжењере

Амар је уживао у свом времену на нашем кампусу: “There are so many advantages at MUM. I feel extremely lucky and privileged to have had the opportunity to be a part of it: Low upfront cost, outstanding academic program, remarkable faculty and staff, opportunity to work with skilled professionals from other countries, a dedicated career strategies class (resume reviews, interview preps, mock-up interviews, job searching techniques), internal job fair network, organic meals, comfortable living environment, sports facilities, events, activities and clubs. And most notably, 99% placement rate for internships!”

“Therefore, I would definitely advise students and working professionals from around the world to take advantage of this great opportunity. Check out the admissions requirements, make sure you meet or exceed the requirements, and apply!

Be prepared to get challenged and be prepared to embrace all the positive outcomes you will get from the ComPro program. Also, for success at MUM and in the US, you need very good English skills!”

Планови за будућност

“I plan to continue developing myself personally and professionally. In addition to growing at Amazon, I hope to impact the world using technology to solve day-to-day problems that people face, and possibly starting a company with friends and/or business partners.”

“I will also continue participating in the same non-profit areas that I am part of today, to help the next generations of Mongolians achieve their personal and professional goals through coaching and mentoring. ”

Аддитионал Аппрециатион

“I will be graduating this December. It has been a dynamic and rewarding ride since I became a ComPro student. One of my favorite courses was Advanced Software Development with Dr. Guthrie, because it has helped tremendously in my professional work.”

“I will be forever thankful for everyone I have met during my student life at MUM. I have made some wonderful, life-long friends in the beautiful natural MUM environment, and hope to participate in the commencement next spring to reconnect with my fellow ComPro students, faculty and friends. I will continue upholding the name of MUM and will always be a proud ComPro alumnus!”

Amar would like to thank his parents for their tireless and continuous support in every moment of his life, and for raising him to be who he is today. “Thanks mum and thanks dad!”

Note: Amar works at Amazon and the postings on this page are his own and don’t necessarily represent Amazon’s position.