Graduation Requirements

To graduate with an MS in Computer Science, students must successfully complete all of the following:

  1. 40 credits of computer science courses at the 400 level or above, including Modern Programming Practice (CS 401) (4 credits).
  2. At least 50% of the credits applied to the MS degree must be at the 500-level (five 500-level courses).   Four of these 500 level academic credits can be replaced by 8 credits of Curricular Practical Training.
  3. At least one of the following must be completed with a grade of “B” or better:
    • Algorithms (CS 435)
    • Advanced Programming Languages (CS 505)
  4. Must complete at least one systems or analysis courses (DBMS, Mobile Device Programming, Operating Systems, Parallel Programming, Compilers, Big Data Analytics, Systems Analysis, Project Management)
  5. No more than one course can have a grade of C, C+, or C-.
  6. The cumulative grade point average for Computer Science courses must be at least “B” (GPA of 3.0) or higher.
  7. If, in applying to the program, the student lacks one of the mathematics courses required for admission, that course can be taken  as part of MIU’s CS program in addition to other required computer science course work.

NOTE: The Science and Technology of Consciousness course, STC 506A, is required in the first semester, and STC 506B in the second semester.

U.S. students take the “standard track” where they are required to complete the Modern Programming Practice course (CS 401) plus 36 units of computer science courses, with five courses at the 500-level and STC 506A and B. They are not required to do curricular practical training (CPT).