Hlina Beyene armastab kõike MIU-st

Hlina Beyene armastab kõike Maharishi rahvusvahelises ülikoolis

“I love everything about Maharishi International University (formerly Maharishi University of Management). There is a positive energy here, and people are welcoming. I love the diversity. I love how the faculty care about each student. They’re concerned about everyone and they guide us through everything, and I love TM (the Transcendental Meditation technique).” — Hlina Beyene (from Ethiopia)

In 2018, many of Hlina Beyene’s friends studying computer science were planning for a master’s degree in a research field, but she decided to pursue a master’s degree in a university that would prepare her to work in the IT industry. She found Maharishi International University on Google.

“I did not think MIU would help me catch up to be competent in industry. I thought I would need to do that on my own. Having completed the on-campus courses, however, I felt excited! I felt prepared. I felt competent.”

Transtsendentaalne meditatsioon® tehnika aitab õpilasi

Before coming to MIU, “I didn’t know exactly about TM, but I knew I wanted to meditate. I knew through meditation I would gain some energy, some peace. I was looking for that.

“When I found MIU, I didn’t know that they would take Transcendental Meditation very seriously, but I knew I had that opportunity. When I found out that they take it seriously, and we had a chance to meditate twice a day, every day–that was a great experience for me. It is beautiful.

“MIU courses are on the block system. So, we study one subject at a time, full-time. We really have to learn each subject in a month. Sometimes it’s challenging, because we may have to finish projects within three days and do assignments every day.

“We manage the block system by doing the Transsendentaalne meditatsiooni tehnika every morning, before lunch, and at the end of classes in the afternoon. This is really helpful because it relaxes my body, and it helps me to relieve stress and focus on my work. I feel my brain is getting more and more energy every time I do TM. It is like exercising my body every day.”


Hlina nautis ilusat aeda MIU McLaughlini (arvutiteaduse) hoone eesSee Hlina’s Video

Ettevalmistus erialase praktika leidmiseks

“Studying advanced computer science courses was great. After 8-9 months of academic courses, we took a special course called Career Strategies. This was a 3-week workshop where Career Center staff helped us create our professional resume, prepare for internship/job interviews, and for adapting well to the US culture.

“They gave us all the necessary information we would need. In particular, we learned that when being interviewed it isn’t just them looking for special skills from me—it is also me looking at them to see if I would be happy there. I was well prepared to excel in my interviews. They give us all the necessary information we need.

“I got the internship really quickly—within a week I was hired as an Application Developer 5 at Bank of America in North Carolina. They found me through their contact with our Computer Science Career Center. The recruiters actually came to the University and they matched me to their need.”


Hlina Beyene armastas olla MIU ülikoolilinnakus Fairfieldis, Iowa, USA
Isiklik eesmärk

“I have a special goal—to make a difference in our world. I want to encourage more women to become software developers. In developing countries, women want to take on more responsibilities, but often do not see opportunities to get ahead.

“Education such as what MIU offers will better prepare women for success in leadership positions. Educating a woman in developing countries means uplifting the whole family.

“In Ethiopia there are not enough opportunities for women to develop their careers. I want women in all developing countries to believe in themselves, and if they can get the opportunity, I highly recommend and advise them to come to MIU—a place where they can progress in their life and career.”

Learn More About the ComPro Program

ComPro õpilased on pärit kogu maailmast!

Alates 1996. aastast on meie infotehnoloogia magistriõppe lõpetanud 3000 tarkvaraarendajat enam kui 93 riigist.

Viis Uganda venda soovitab MIU programme

Viis Uganda venda: (L - R) Idine Membere, Edwin Bwambale, Godwin Tusime, Harrison Thembo ja Cleave Masereka.

Edwin Bwambale (2nd from the left in photo above) and his four brothers are members of the Bukonzo tribe in western Uganda–known for its well-educated people. He is the second born of five boys.

Viis venda on nimetatud (vasakult paremale ülalpool): Idine Membere, Edwin Bwambale, Godwin Tusime, Harrison Thembo ja Cleave Masereka. (Igal pojal on erinev perekonnanimi, sest nende kultuuris antakse perekonnanimed perekonnas sündimise järjekorra alusel.)

In 2016 Edwin was looking for a low cost, high quality master’s degree program in software development:
“The first time I saw the MIU program, I doubted it. I couldn’t believe something like that existed. But, a friend of mine joined the course. That’s when I confirmed that the program is real!”

So, he applied and enrolled in the Computer Professionals Master’s Degree Program (“ComPro”) at Maharishi International University (in Fairfield, Iowa USA) in August 2016.
“I just love this course–it’s practical, it’s hands-on, which has helped me during my paid internship search.”

Kui Edwin mõtiskles oma MIU kogemuste üle, olid tema vanemad nii üllatunud, et otsustasid, et kõik viis poega peaksid MIU-s osalema!


In the featured video at the top of our website kodulehe, Märgib Edwin:
“The university is in the small town called Fairfield, in Iowa. The people in the town are great–people smile everywhere. It makes you feel at home–though you are so many miles away.” 🙂

Tugev pere toetus
Viis Ugandi venda koos vanematega

Viis Ugandi venda oma tähelepanuväärsete vanematega

Harrison, Cleave ja Edwin koos peredega

Harrison, Cleave ja Edwin koos peredega

Edwin on pärit imelisest perekonnast:
“My parents were very loving and really inspired us to work hard and aim towards greater success. Even when they were not rich, they created an environment that made us cultivate bigger ambitions. They consistently talked to us and mentored us even after we were out of university. They set an example for us to love each other and our future families because they really loved each other selflessly and loved us too.”

Edwin jätkab, “In my family, and among my friends, no one has a single doubt of what MIU can help us accomplish. Every one of my four brothers, and other friends have looked forward to studying for their master’s degrees at Maharishi International University.”

“Making the decision to join MIU is the best self-rewarding decision I have ever made in my life. It provided a conducive environment to pursue my education as well as prepare me to be able to deliver world class performance in my career. What you can achieve with the MIU opportunity is only limited by your imagination. I can confidently say that it is one of the best professional programs I have ever seen or heard of. Long live MIU!”

Rohkem teada the,en Arvutiprofessionaalide programm 

Nelja venna kommentaarid:
Lõika Masereka (MS in Computer Science graduate–working at Apple):
“The idea of Maharishi International University never seemed real until my brother Edwin got the visa and joined in August 2016. This drastically changed my thinking, and I joined in October 2016. A friend, Benjamin Wogisha (my former work mate from Uganda), joined us in February 2017.

“Currently, Edwin is at Microsoft, Benjamin (Uganda sõber) on kell Facebook and I’m at õun. (Three of the best tech companies on the planet–all of us as software engineers). This explains the unsung potential that MIU imparts in its students, and I can certainly assert that ComPro is not just a master’s program, but a life-changing integrated course. All my friends we studied with at MIU got good jobs and are all living happily. Any decision to come to MIU by anyone will forever be the best.”

Godwin Tusime (Currently completing IT bachelor’s degree in Uganda, so he can enroll in MIU Computer Professionals Program afterwards.):
“I am passionate about programming because it’s fun, and helps one to be a good thinker, decision maker and innovator. For a long time now I have admired MIU and the Computer Professionals program for it has changed my brothers’ lives (Cleave and Edwin). (Harrison is doing the Accounting MBA.)  I am working hard every day to develop my programming skills, and hope to join MIU soon. After that, my life will, no doubt, never ever be the same again.”

Harrison Thembo (Accounting MBA internship student–working as accountant at Silicon Valley Financial Group):
“I always had a dream to become the best version of myself and compete at the highest level possible. I knew that in order to achieve that I need the best education. I’m very glad for the platform Maharishi International University gave me to achieve my dream for an MBA in Accounting.

“I am now working with one of the best accounting firms in Silicon Valley as a staff accountant. I never imagined that choosing MIU would be this fruitful and I am forever grateful for the Consciousness-Based education that this school provides. For every dreamer out there, this is the place to go.”

Idine Membere (Plaan on astuda raamatupidamisele MBA augustis 2020):
“I want to do my MBA from MIU because I want to attend my masters from some of the best brains in the world and MIU provides this platform and opportunity.

“Secondly, the professional training and experience I would get from US companies would be immensely important for my career and would prepare me to an “international standard.”

“Thirdly, the education loan program by MIU makes what would be a difficult task of attaining American education to people from developing countries like us become more affordable and achievable.

“Thank you MIU for this program. My three brothers, Edwin, Cleave and Harrison are already through this program. I can’t wait to join MIU and enhance my knowledge and contribute to the existing bank of knowledge. By the way, I am already qualified by the Association of Chartered Certified Accounts (ACCA) in the UK and also want to be a Certified Accountant in the U.S.”

Vennad naudivad üksteist

MIU sõbra Ugandi kommentaarid:

Benjamin Wogisha (friend of the brothers) (MS in Computer Science graduate–Software Engineer working at Facebook):
“I always wanted to go for further studies, but I had failed to find a suitable university. Compared to other universities, the process of applying to MIU was quick, and they were very responsive and helpful during the process. MIU offers the plokisüsteem mis mulle väga meeldis, sest see võimaldaks mul iga kuu täielikult keskenduda ühele kursusele.

“The courses offered by Maharishi International University were in line with what I always wanted to do, e.g., enterprise architecture. I saw it as an opportunity to get to learn from first principles about enterprise software which are pretty much everywhere.

“Studying at MIU we had the chance to work on large scale systems in the USA during internships, which was something that I always looked toward. I knew working in the USA would unlock so many opportunities beyond which I could ever imagine, because America has the tech giants.”

Väärtus teha Transcendental Meditation® tehnika õppides ja nüüd töötades:

Benjamin adds, “While studying at the University I always made sure to attend the group Transcendental Meditation sessions we had. There is something about doing it together in a group that is really good and unique. This kicked off my day to a great start feeling relaxed and more focused ready to tackle anything that came my way.

“The classes helped me develop a deeper understanding of TM and how I could gain even more from practicing it regularly, answering and clearing any doubts that I was practicing TM the right way. Currently even with my workload, getting to practice TM for only 20 minutes a day has helped me achieve more, because of the focus and calmness I feel after my meditation.”

Benjamini nõuanded teistele tarkvaraarendajatele:
“For anyone wanting to boost their careers, MIU is definitely the right choice. Kursused on nii hästi läbi mõeldud ja korraldatud. Õppisin ülikoolilinnas õppinud kursustelt palju. Kursused aitasid mul ületada lõhe teooria ja praktika vahel. Praktilise lähenemisega saavad nii paljud kontseptsioonid selgeks, mis annab mulle väga tugeva aluse, mille iga päev loon. Lektorid on alati tudengite toetamiseks ja MIU-s on nii palju vilistlasi, et saaksite ka teid toetada. Pole kahtlust, et MIU seab end edule."

“My brother (Denis Kisina) joined the University recently as well. After only one month he tells me that he feels more confident as a software developer. I can only imagine how he will be at the end of the program. Maharishi International University has provided the ideal environment he needed to concentrate and study.”


Täname kõiki meie Uganda õpilasi selle eest, et nad tegid 13,000 XNUMX km pikkuse teekonna, et ühineda meie MIU perekonnaga USA-s. See on rõõm teid rõõmustada meie kasvava üliõpilaskonna üle.


Google'i tarkvarainsener kasvas üles Hiina maapiirkonna farmis

MUM kraadiõppur on inspiratsioon!

Ling Sun (“Susie”) has a wonderful story to tell. She was born on a small farm in rural China. Today, she is a Google software engineer in New York City. How did she do it?

Varane elu Hiinas

Girls in Ling’s community in Hunan Province, central China, never go to high school, and are expected to help farm and then have their own families. In fact, she had to leave school at age 13 to work in the family’s fields to help with family financial needs.

Kuid talutööd olid rasked ja tegid Lingi õnnetuks, nii et naine küsis pidevalt oma isalt ja ta nõustus lõpuks laskma tal kooli tagasi tulla. Tema 11i külasõprade seas oli Ling Sun ainus, kes keskkooli lõpetas.

But this education didn’t allow her to enter college, so she became a factory worker in Shenzhen. The work routine was boring, so she quit the factory after a few months and became a student in a computer training program, hoping this would give her the skills for a more professional life.

Algtasemel tarkvarainseneriks saamise koolituse eest töötas naine kolm osalise tööajaga tööd ja elas kolme krediitkaardiga.

Ling Sun koos pereliikmetega Hunani provintsi maal.

Lisateave meie MS programmi kohta

Esimene erialane töö

Septembris 2011 sai Ling oma esimese tarkvarainseneri töökoha veebipõhise palgasüsteemi väljatöötamiseks Shenzhenis. See oli mõnda aega suurepärane, kuid ta tahtis ikkagi tunda end saavutatuna suurlinnas, kus teistel olid põhjalikumad teadmised ja volitused.

In a recent interview, Ling told the South China Morning Post that her basic motivation has always been to “Just keep learning new things step-by-step, day-by-day.” So, while continuing the job, she studied English and enrolled in a distance education degree program with Shenzhen University. Being athletic with lots of energy, she also began playing ultimate frisbee as a way to get exercise and learn English from others with more worldly international experience.

Suurepärane võimalus Ameerikas

Kokkupuude rahvusvahelise taustaga inimestega ergutas Lingit sooviga näha rohkem maailma. Hiinas tööotsimise veebisaiti 2016-i vaadates märkas ta kuulutust a U.S. computer science master’s degree program mis näis tema jaoks täiuslik: madalad algkulud koos võimalusega saada tasustatud erialast praktikat akrediteeritud akadeemilise kraadiõppe programmi osana. Praktika ajal USA ettevõttes jätkuks õpinguid kaugõppe kaudu.

Ling kandideeris ja võeti vastu meie Computer Professionals Master’s Program at Maharishi University of Management, mis asub Chicagost umbes 230 miili edelas. Pärast üheksa kuud ülikoolilinnakus õppimist, sealhulgas väärtuslikku karjääristrateegiate seminari ja arvukaid intervjuusid, pakuti Sunile tarkvarainseneri ametikoht Google'i müüja EPAM Systems juures.

Here’s Ling Sun after arriving at MUM in October 2017.

Tasuline erialane praktika Google'is

As a contract software engineer at Google’s Manhattan headquarters, Ling feels fortunate to have colleagues from top American universities—some with Ph.D. degrees. “But none of them treat me like I don’t deserve all of this,”ütles ta hiljutises intervjuus South China Morning Postile. “That is the thing I like about America: they value what you are able to do more than where you come from.”

MUM kogemus

Regarding the time spent at MUM, she appreciates the special academic environment, the diversity of the student and faculty population, and the many friends made here. She adds, “I liked every moment spent (at MUM) in Fairfield.”

Her adviser, Professor Mei Li, says,”Susie was always very positive and enthusiastic about all her activities. She was a good student, a friend to everyone, and exceptionally talented in many areas, including sports.”

Ling Sun koos ülima frisbee-sõbraga.


After completing her master’s degree in December 2019, Ling hopes her parents will come to visit America and see her graduate on our campus. This would be the first time for her mother to leave their hometown in China!

Ling Sun’s next professional goal is to become an in-house Google software engineer. She says that, “It won’t be easy, but your life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

To read more about Ling Sun’s remarkable life, please read this artikkel Lõuna-Hiina hommikupostituses.

ComPro üliõpilaste edu saladus

Täiustatud tarkvaraarendajate harimine elukestva ja professionaalse kasvu nimel: 

Õnnelikud uued tudengid meie augusti 2016i sisenemisest

Töötavate arvutitöötajate ees seisavad kaks peamist väljakutset:
1. Kiiresti muutuvate arvutitehnoloogiate järgimine
2. IT-tööstuse stressirohkete nõudmistega tegelemine

Unfortunately, most graduate programs do not offer educational technologies for dealing with either of these critical challenges. “This is where the unique educational approach at Maharishi University of Management provides much needed solutions to these challenges,” says Greg Guthrie, Computer Science Dean Emeritus and Dean of Educational Technologies.

Mis teeb MUMi hariduse ainulaadseks?
Selle ainulaadse lähenemise aluseks on Transcendental Meditation® tehnika. Uuringud näitavad, et see lihtne meditatsioonitehnika, mida harjutati 20i minutit kaks korda päevas, aitab oluliselt kaasa uute asjade õppimisele - just sellele, mida tarkvara insener vajab, et kiirete muutustega sammu pidada.

Jeffrey Abramson, Maharishi Juhtimise Ülikooli hoolekogu esimees

MUMi hoolekogu juhatuse esimees Jeffrey Abramson, kes on palganud mitmeid meie lõpetajaid, kirjeldab meie eriharidust sel viisil:
“As an employer, I have hired 15 graduates of MUM’s ComPro and Accounting MBA programs, and have continually been impressed how well their MUM education prepares them for today’s demanding workplace.”

“MUM has a unique approach to education that awakens the students’ vast interest in learning, a special inner alertness, and deep confidence that is critical for success today. The core component is Consciousness-Based education. This inspires within each student a world of fresh ideas creating a humane and socially conscious leader capable of building a safe and prosperous world.”

Rohkem Transsendentse Meditatsiooni kohta
TM is so effortless to practice, that even 10-year-old children learn to do it. Transcendental Meditation involves no beliefs or disbeliefs–it is not a philosophy, or a religion, or a way of life. Even skeptics benefit from doing TM when taught by a certified TM instructor. The TM technique was founded by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi over 60 years ago, and has been learned by more than six million people.

Kui me seda teeme, on tulemuseks selgem mõtlemine, laiem teadlikkus, õpilaste suurenenud vastuvõtlikkus klassiruumis, stressist vabastamine, suurema sisemise õnne ja elamise rõõm.

See loomulik areng, mis toimub tavapärase TM-praktika kaudu, annab meie õpilastele ja lõpetajatele eelise, et nad saaksid kiiremini muutuda kiirelt muutuva tehnoloogiaga, samal ajal kui loomulikult lahustub kogunenud stress ja muutuvad samaaegselt vastupidavamaks tuleviku stressile.

Isiklik kogemus

Sarju Pandit naudib TM-i

Sa armastad seda videot Sarju Panditiga, mis kirjeldab meie ComPro kogemusiSM programmi.

Tõestatud edu töökohal

Ali arvab, et õppimine TM on parim asi, mida ta oma elus kunagi õppinud on.

Here’s what student Ali Alrahahleh, from Amman, Jordan, has to say about the value of Transcendental Meditation in his curricular practical training internship at Walmart Labs, Co. in Sunnyvale, California as a Senior Software Engineer.

“I have learned a simple mental technique at MUM, which I really have appreciated since coming to San Francisco. When my real life started, and my responsibilities accumulated, I really needed to have some moments of quietness in my daily routine.”

“Within all the chaos of the city, and my fast-pace life, my 20-minute meditations were awesome moments of peace, life and quietness. I could rejuvenate myself and my mind twice daily, and that twenty minutes gave me much energy to continue my routine, doing sports and working. It made me so creative and made my thinking vast. I think the Transcendental Meditation technique was the best thing I ever learned in my life, and now I see its effects much more.”

Ali sõnul
“Stress is a major player in software programming; deadlines make people unstable, angry and desperate to finish on time. With the help of TM, I tend to be more focused and calm most of the time, and a high performer. People in my company asked me about the secret, so I pointed them to articles about TM.”

Avaldatud teaduslikud uuringud TM kasu kohta
Laiaulatuslikud avaldatud uuringud on leidnud, et see pingutusteta tehnika edendab sügava sisemise rahu seisundit ja suurendab õppimisvõimet ja loovust.

Rohkem kui 380i peer-review uuringud TM-tehnikat on avaldatud 160i teadusajakirjades. Need uuringud viidi läbi rohkem kui 200i teadusasutustes, sealhulgas Harvardi meditsiinikoolis ja Stanfordi meditsiinikoolis.

USA riiklik tervishoiuinstituut (NIH) on andnud MUMi teadlastele rohkem kui $ 26 miljonit teadusuuringuteks Transsendentaalse Meditatsiooni tehnika mõju kohta tervisele.

It’s no surprise that people on campus smile, greet each other warmly, and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. Members of our highly diverse student body appreciate and benefit in sharing rich multi-cultural differences. The unofficial motto of MUM is, “The world is my family!”

Lisateave Arvutiprofessionaalide programmSM.

Data Science MS specialization named the top master’s program of its kind in Iowa, 2018

The MS in Computer Science-Data Science specialization at Maharishi University of Management recently received the unique distinction of being named the best master’s program of its kind in Iowa.

Kõigis USAs 290i akrediteeritud koolide esimeses iga-aastases ülevaates, mis pakub sarnaseid kraadi, leidis, et MUM on üks parimaid, andes meile #1i koha Iowale oma nimekirjast Top Data Science Graduate programmid 2018.

valiku kriteeriumid
Nende soovituste esitamiseks vaatasid retsensendid läbi 290i andmeteaduste magistri- ja magistriõppe programmide nimekirja käsitsi.

Nad otsisid nii palju kui võimalik programme, mis sisaldasid mitmeid nõutavaid kursusi, mis hõlmasid põhilisi teemasid nagu:

Inferentsiaalne ja kirjeldav statistika
Lineaarne ja logistiline regressioon
Aegridade ja prognoosimine
Stokastiline analüüs
Statistiline modelleerimine
Multidistsiplinaarsed lähenemisviisid

Multidistsiplinaarne programm, mis sisaldab arvutiteaduse ja rakenduse matemaatika või statistika osakondade kursusi ja instruktoreid, oli järjest rohkem kui ühe osakonna programmid.

Kuna andmeteadus ühendab olulisi elemente vähemalt nendest väljadest (ja sageli teistest, sealhulgas biostatistika, mis tugineb tervislikule ja meditsiinilisele haridusele), leidsid nad, et mõlema maja professorite poolt ehitatud programmid katavad kõik alused tõenäolisemalt.

Andmebaasi ja andmete teooria haridus

Salajane kastmik, mis teeb andmete teaduse, andmeteaduse, on automatiseeritud andmetöötluselementide kasutamine statistilises analüüsis. Nii otsisid nad programme, mis sisaldasid hariduse andmist andmestruktuuridesse ja andmebaasi teooriasse.

Käsitöö töös relatsiooniliste ja mitte-relatsiooniliste andmemahutitega oli nende arvates teoreetilisele haridusele tuginedes suur pluss. Andmevaldkonna modelleerimise kursused ja nurgakiviprojektid, mis vajasid tõelist andmebaasi loomist või manipuleerimist, olid ka suurepärased märgid kasulikkusest.

Kodeerivad kursused hammastega

Teine andmetöötluse aspekt on kodeerimine. Andmeteadlased rakendavad oma analüütilist koolitust andmestruktuuridesse salvestatud informatsioonile väljundite ja algoritmide abil, mis on loodud erialal tugevalt kasutatavates programmeerimiskeeles, nagu R, Python ja Java.

Nad valisid programmid, mis sisaldasid ehtsat ja praktilist programmeerimistööd. Ehkki enamik teadusandmete programme vajavad sissepääsu tingimuseks mingit kodeerimiskogemust, otsisid nad neid kalliskive, mis jätkasid ka hariduse omandamist keelte spetsiifilisemates aspektides ja andmete teadusele omaseid kodeeringuid.

See laiendas ka andmete analüüsimisel kasutatud viimaste tehnikate hõlmamist. Andmete kaevandamine, masinaõpe ja täiustatud visualiseerimine olid olulised kursused, mida nad otsisid.

Õpetajatega õiged asjad

Andmekasutus on uus valdkond, mis on praktikas pigem defineeritud kui teooria. See tähendab, et suured mängijad tegutsevad nii valitsuses, tööstuses kui ka akadeemilistes ringkondades. Kohapealne kogemus suurte andmete kogumise, töötlemise ja analüüsimise süsteemidega töötamisel on hindamatu hindamine, kui soovitakse koolitada teisi, kuidas tööd teha.

Nii otsisid retsensendid programme, mis hõlmasid teaduskonna praeguste või hiljutiste kogemustega reaalsetes projektides väljaspool akadeemilisi ringkondi, kus tööandjate ja kasutajate praktilised kaalutlused mängivad. Suurte andmetega töötasid koos professoritega, kes töötasid päevade tööga suurte andmetega.

Muud tegurid

Kuna andmeteadus on nii uus, pidid nad programmide hindamiseks vaatama mõningaid volikirja elemente. Nad tahavad alati kaaluda tööstusharu mainet ning paljudel juhtudel pidid nad individuaalse programmi asemel üldiselt vaatama emaosakonda või kolledži. Samas püüdsid nad arvestada kõrghariduse omandamist kui mainet ja ettevalmistust.

Kui koolis oli spetsiaalne andmeplatvorm, kus professorid ja üliõpilased tegid koostööd väljaspool ettevõtteid ja asutusi, arvestasid nad ka seda väga.

Palju vähemal määral oli tegur veebisaidil ja teabe kättesaadavusel. Andmeteadus juhib inimesi, kes soovivad andmeid ja on huvitatud tehnoloogiast. See on 2018 ja kui arvutusteadusega tegelev akadeemiline osakond koondab veebisaidi, mis näeb välja 12i-aastane, ehitas selle 2001i või ei suuda hõlpsasti võrgule juurdepääsu kursuste kirjeldustele ja pakkumistele, on aeg käivitada muul viisil.

Väga parimad andmeedastuse programmid riikide kaupa


Maharishi University of Management
Kuigi Maharishi programm keskendub kõigepealt traditsioonilisele arvutiteaduse haridusele, rõhuasetusega põhivõrgustikele ja programmeerimisoskustele, on see ka ainulaadne maailma keskus traditsioonilise enesearenduse integreerimiseks selle kõige kaasaegsema tehnilise uuringuga. Tõestatud meditatsioonitehnikate lisamine siin kinnitab ainult seda, kui tõsine on see programm õpilaste ettevalmistamiseks reaalseks tööks andmeteaduses. Vabatahtlik 8-kuu praktika täiskrediidi jaoks annab tõelise töökogemuse, hoiab teie CV-d ja paneb teid otsesesse kontaktidesse tegelike andmete teadlastega, kes teevad tegelikku tööd.

Baasprogramm on spetsialiseerunud tarkvarasüsteemide ja arendustegevuse alastele koolitustele ning andmete teaduslikule valikule, mis on selle tugevusega seotud konkreetsete koolitustega kuuma andmeanalüüsi tehnoloogiates nagu R, Hadoop, Spark, Flume ja HBase. Samuti õpetatakse teiste NoSQL lähenemiste ja pilvepõhiste tööriistade, nagu AWS ja Cloudera, ülevaadet. Lõpuks saate töötada IBMi SPSS-modelleerija rakendusega, sukeldudes tekstianalüüsi ja andmehaardesse, et õppida ennustavaid modelleerimisoskusi.

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Uus: arvutiprofessionaalide programmi veebisait

Pärast ligi aasta arengut, meie uus vastus veebisait Arvutiprofessionaalide programmSM on valmis.

Klõpsa allolevatel piltidel, et kogeda unikaalne põnevus ja atraktsioon mis tõmbab igal aastal kontinendilt rohkem kui 300i õpilasi ja meie kultuuritunde meie arvutiteaduse MS-programmile.

Eriti uhked oleme veebisaidi üle videos, mis annavad kutsuva maitse MUMi õpilaste elule ja inspireerivad teid kohaldada to our “ComProSM” degree program!

Vaadake ise, miks ülikooli külastajad, üliõpilased ja lõpetajad leiavad, et MUM on kodust eemal!

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Rahvusvaheliste jaoks ainulaadne maksekava

Unikaalne ja taskukohane maksekava rahvusvahelistele üliõpilastele


Madala sisseastumismaksu tasud internatuuri jaoks

Madal esialgne makse tasulise praktikaga USA ettevõtetes


Meie õpilased tulevad üle maailma

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You Will Experience Personal & Career Growth

ComPro õpilased, kes praktiseerivad Transcendental Meditation® tehnikat


Õpilased on praktiseerinud Fortune 500i ettevõtetes

ComPro õpilased maksavad praktikaid USA ettevõtetes


Lugege kõrgematest teaduskondadest kõrgemat arvutiteadust

ComPro õpilased omandavad kõrgtehnoloogilisi teadmisi tarkvara arendamisel


New Data Science Specialization: Big Data Analytics & Machine Learning

Meie uus Data Science rada valmistab ette õpilasi karjääri jaoks kõige kiiremini kasvavas arvutiteaduste valdkonnas


Sa naudid meie elavat ülikooli kogukonda

MUM asub elavas ülikoolilinnakonnas, mis ei ole Chicago lähedal

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