Sahar Abdullah: modelo a seguir para la educación informática de las mujeres

La mayoría de las mujeres jóvenes que crecen en Yemen tienen pocas oportunidades de obtener educación superior y trabajos profesionales. Pero Sahar Abdullah’s parents believe that higher education plays an integral role in personal development, so they strongly encouraged Sahar and her sister to continue education after high school.

Because Sahar was one of the top secondary school students in Yemen, she received a scholarship to study for her bachelor’s degree in Egypt. Her love for programming and problem solving led Sahar to choose computer science as her major. At Cairo University she successfully completed her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and master’s degree in Information Systems, and completed a Cisco diploma at American University.

After learning about our unique MS in Computer Science in a LinkedIn message from MUM, Sahar kept thinking that one master’s degree was enough–but the idea for a second master’s emphasizing OOP software development kept popping into her head. So she decided to research Maharishi University of Management and our MS in Computer Science for Computer Professionals program, and joined our Facebook grupo. Cuando Sahar se dio cuenta de que muchos estudiantes árabes se habían inscrito feliz y exitosamente en este programa, decidió postularse y fue aceptada para la entrada de octubre en 2014.

Feliz en mamá

When she first arrived at MUM last year, Sahar’s initial impression of the University was that everyone here was happy. She told her mother, “All the people here are smiling and saying hi!”

Después de un año en el campus, Sahar reflexiona sobre la naturaleza especial de la comunidad de MUM / Fairfield, Iowa: “I really love this peaceful environment that I am in–an environment full of love, happiness and joy obtained from the incredible benefits of practicing the Técnica de la meditación trascendental.. Just living in this community with international software professionals all doing TM together is an honor for me in itself.”

Even though she is far from her parents and sister, and misses them very much, Sahar’s family is relieved to know she is in a very safe and completely supportive environment at MUM.

Armonía en la diversidad

“As a Muslim lady living in Fairfield, I feel that people around me are respecting me and others,” says Sahar. “They treat me as one of them, despite the fact that I wear my scarf. I have never felt mistreated. Friends greet us on Eid (a Muslim holiday), and Eid prayers trips are arranged for us.”

Mejores académicos

Sahar también ha estado satisfecho con los académicos en el programa de Profesionales de la Computación: “The program’s high standards create a powerful motivation. I look to this program like a tree: You plant the seed, water it, and take care of it. As the knowledge grows within, you gain fruits forever. Every aspect of the academic program was the best either in moments of challenge, or moments of success. The courses were very challenging, but now that I am finished, I am ready for my curricular practical training internship in the IT industry.”

Consejos para otras mujeres desarrolladoras de software

“Nowadays, the biggest challenge for a female is to be employed and feel useful for society and herself. I would like to tell all female software developers who feel they are creative, full of ideas, and dreams, but have not found the appropriate ways to express their talents–at MUM you will get the support and knowledge to realize the best in your skills and competencies.”

Un futuro brillante

En enero, Sahar comenzará su carrera en TI como ingeniera de software en Intel en Oregón, donde formará parte de un equipo de ingenieros de desarrollo de productos. Su trabajo será transformar los diseños en productos competitivos y probar el desarrollo de microprocesadores, sistemas en chips y conjuntos de chips. Le deseamos mucha felicidad y éxito, ya que nos mantenemos en contacto con otro miembro especial de nuestra familia mundial.