En tiempos difíciles, MUM es seguro y amigable

With increasing opportunities for foreign travel for professional education, there are certain universal concerns shared by all students and their families…. ¿Será segura una universidad estadounidense? ¿Seré feliz? ¿Vale la pena el costo y la separación de amigos y familiares? ¿Mejorará mi vida?

Desde 1996, aproximadamente los ingenieros de software de 2800 de las naciones 80 se han aventurado a Fairfield, Iowa, en el corazón de los Estados Unidos, para inscribirse en el Programa de profesionales de la computación en la Universidad de Gestión de Maharishi. Cada uno de estos estudiantes ha venido con estas mismas preguntas y esperanzas.

For answers to these questions, let’s see what our students have to say:

“After coming to the MUM campus, I feel a very positive ambiance around me. Every person is very friendly, helpful and alert. The professors radiate positive energy, and that reflects in our study. The campus environment is so pure, free from all nuisances. Me siento muy feliz y segura aquí. "-Nirali Bheda (India)

“When I decided to choose the U.S. for my Masters in Computer Science, in addition to the quality of education, I was concerned about how friendly and safe the place would be. After coming here I realize that it can’t get friendlier than this—the faculty, as well as fellow students are super friendly and I feel at home. We are living on-campus so we’re close to class, campus events, and friends. El conjunto de Fairfield es un lugar muy seguro para vivir con una tasa de criminalidad muy baja. "-Chandillyan (Sri Lanka)

“I was very happy to study at MUM, where I felt warmth, happiness, love and a friendly international family. I feel lucky getting to know and live with all the people at MUM who are super friendly and nice. The low pressure creates a perfect environment for studying. I do miss the big international family there, and wish you all the best, my family. :)” —Xiaowei Wan (China)

“Fairfield has a quiet, peaceful environment with great beauty, and the people here are warm and delightful. This community is awesome. I have made friends with people from different countries and am loving it here. I will miss this a lot when I leave.” —Stanley Kariuki (Kenia)

“Being at MUM is like being at home—safe and peaceful.” —Revanth Kunchakurti (India)

“All people here are very friendly and I feel safe here. Before I came, I thought that being far from my family would be very difficult for me. Although I miss my family, here I have a new family.” —Anónimo (Irán)

“Beautiful campus, peaceful town, kind people, fresh air, healthy food, a wonderful place to live and study. It’s heaven. I even hope to live the rest of my life here if it is possible.” — Chunming Cao (China)

“Fairfield is a very peaceful place. Like a family, everyone knows each other. Everyone gives their smile as a gift for others—that’s enough to make someone’s day. And MUM is the heart of all these sources. I feel proud to think of myself as a member of this University. Although I am new in this place, I feel that I belong here.” —Md. Zahedul Khan (Bangladesh)

“MUM is very peaceful—full of friendly students from all over the world. It is just amazing.” —Tsengel Gerelsaikhan (Mongolia)

“Fairfield is a quiet, safe, peaceful town. People are very friendly. It’s a perfect environment for research and studying.” —Vu Pham (Vietnam)

“I appreciate the peaceful nature of everyone who lives in Fairfield. I am a foreigner, but they treat me very well—like a friend. Professors are just like your friends. This is very important. So far, I have had the opportunity to learn lots of modern programming principles from Prof. Lester and Dr. Guthrie. They are powerful in teaching. The energy of the faculty inspires me.” —Anónimo (Irán)

“I love this place and the university. The best thing about MUM is that it’s totally unique in the world, because practicing the Técnica TM® conecta mi vida con mi educación. Everyone at MUM is helpful, supporting and loving. MUM is a big family, and I am so happy to be in this family.”–Rajendra Joshi (Nepal)

“The healthy and relaxing environment at MUM is a retreat from the busy city workplace. People (even strangers) are nice and friendly. There is very low crime rate. The campus is surrounded by walking trails & lakes, which is very nice for a nature-lover like me. I enjoy the healthful organic food.” —Princesa Dianne Bungay (Filipinas)

“Being at MUM has been a really good experience for me. It’s amazing to be a part of the great diversity, enjoying company of friends, faculty and staff from around the world. Fairfield is a wonderful place with excellent people. Donde quiera que vaya, veo gente con sonrisas en sus caras, siempre acogedoras. It is a fantastic place for students.” —Sanjeev Khadka (Nepal)

“I love the friendly environment, and the welcoming, home-like attitude of the students and staff. I also admire the peace and serenity of the people of Fairfield.” —Adebayo Ajibade (Nigeria)

“In my opinion, the community here is very wonderful. You start making friends in no time. MUM’s campus is amazing, and Fairfield es espectacular en su ambiente tranquilo y amoroso."-Akram Malkawe (Jordania)

“I have experienced a very friendly campus community with students from many countries, where all the faculty are very kind. I learned the TM technique, which I find very beneficial and enjoyable. Fairfield es mi lugar ideal, donde me gustaría vivir toda mi vida si es posible. I like this peaceful, friendly, cultural and creative city.” —Lei Fan (China)

“At MUM you can meet people from everywhere, and they are friendly and kind. It is different here compared to the city I came from. The town is very safe—you can walk around without worries.” —Juan pablo ramirez (colombia)

Con la mayoría de nuestros estudiantes como resultado de las recomendaciones de estudiantes anteriores de MUM, el programa MSCS está atrayendo a estudiantes de todo el mundo. La matrícula actual está superando las expectativas. Los estudiantes de 135 se inscribieron en nuestra entrada de agosto y ahora ofrecemos cuatro entradas cada año.

Para cumplir con este rápido crecimiento, se está contratando a profesores superiores adicionales, se están preparando más aulas y se están realizando los planes para la construcción de un edificio más grande de informática. El mercado de TI de EE. UU. Está en auge y se invita a desarrolladores de software con únete a nosotros.