Brazil COVID-19 Data Mapped by MIU Student

Brazil COVID-19 Data Mapped by MIU Student Edgar Endo Junior


Comprehensive Real-time Display is Valuable Public Health Tool:

When MIU computer science graduate student Edgar de Jesus Endo Junior studied MWA (Modern Web Applications) last month, he didn’t realize that he was going to gain the knowledge to create an online real-time interactive geographic map of COVID-19 cases and mortalities for all the cities and states in Brazil.

According to Professor Asaad Saad, “After Edgar finished the MWA course, he was prepared to use the latest technologies in his independent project. This project provides data that may help health professionals save lives in Brazil. I respect Edgar for creating this application.

“I have no doubt that creative people like Edgar have a very bright and successful future.”

Edgar describes project background

“In MWA, we learned indepth how to work with NodeJS and Angular. (Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source web application framework led by the Angular Team at Google and by a community of individuals and corporations.) This allowed me to work easily with big projects that require fast interaction with users (without those annoying whole page loads of traditional websites).

“The COVID-19 mapping project just uses Angular to work with an API (Application Programming Interface) which was created by a team of people in Brazil (Brasil.IO). They are responsible for updating data about many subjects (including COVID-19 spread) in Brazil every day. Data is available in an easily used machine readable format.

“It took five days (using Github) to release the first usable version of the mapping project. The real-time interactive map is made for everyone in Brazil with Internet access on their smartphones or computers. It has been my pleasure to create this project voluntarily–just for the benefits it might bring the people of Brazil.

“What this project does differently is the way it presents the data in a map with graphs, and is updated every day using the API. This is the first application of its kind to use this API.”


Edgar de Jesus Endo Junior -- Student in the Computer Professionals Program at Maharishi International University

Edgar is happy to make this project available for the people of Brazil.

See the Map

Project features

  • Proportionally sized display for each city according to number of cases reported
  • Variable color coding for number of reported local and state cases
  • Latest national total and daily additional cases and deaths display updated daily
  • Graph of confirmed cases and deaths over time for each city (requires click)
  • Ability to zoom in to see detailed data for individual cities
  • City and state search
  • Available in Portuguese and English

Sample daily data for March 26, 2020 within the state of Ceará.

Sample data for March 26, 2020 within the state of Ceara.


Sample accumulated data for the city of São Paulo through March 27, 2020.

Sample cumulated data for the city of Sao Paulo through March 27, 2020
About Edgar

Edgar comes from Itapeva, SP, Brazil. His goals include bringing useful software products to society, as well as the best productivity to companies he works in.

He adds, “MIU and the Computer Professionals Master’s Program have improved my vision about the world and allowed me to have opportunities I was just dreaming I would have a few years ago.”

Advice for other software developers

“For Brazilians and other software developers, just grab the opportunity to study at MIU. Don’t give excuses, because it is really worth it.

“The Transcendental Meditation technique (which is learned and then practiced twice daily by all MIU students, faculty and staff) is the best tool for dealing with stress.

“My family is very proud of this mapping achievement, and because I chose to study for my MS in Computer Science at MIU.”


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ComPro students come from all over the world!

Five Ugandan Brothers Recommend MIU Programs

Five Ugandan Brothers: (L - R) Idine Membere, Edwin Bwambale, Godwin Tusime, Harrison Thembo, and Cleave Masereka.

Edwin Bwambale (2nd from the left in photo above) and his four brothers are members of the Bukonzo tribe in western Uganda–known for its well-educated people. He is the second born of five boys.

The five brothers are named (left to right above): Idine Membere, Edwin Bwambale, Godwin Tusime, Harrison Thembo, and Cleave Masereka. (Each son has a different surname, because in their culture, surnames are given based upon the order of birth within a family.)

In 2016 Edwin was looking for a low cost, high quality master’s degree program in software development:
“The first time I saw the MIU program, I doubted it. I couldn’t believe something like that existed. But, a friend of mine joined the course. That’s when I confirmed that the program is real!”

So, he applied and enrolled in the Computer Professionals Master’s Degree Program (“ComPro”) at Maharishi International University (in Fairfield, Iowa USA) in August 2016.
“I just love this course–it’s practical, it’s hands-on, which has helped me during my paid internship search.”

When Edwin raved about his MIU experiences, his parents were so impressed that they decided that all five of their sons should attend MIU!

Special Community

In the featured video at the top of our website homepage, Edwin remarks:
“The university is in the small town called Fairfield, in Iowa. The people in the town are great–people smile everywhere. It makes you feel at home–though you are so many miles away.” :)

Strong Family Support
Five Ugandan brothers with parents

Five Ugandan brothers with their remarkable parents

Harrison, Cleave and Edwin with their families

Harrison, Cleave and Edwin with their families

Edwin comes from a wonderful family:
“My parents were very loving and really inspired us to work hard and aim towards greater success. Even when they were not rich, they created an environment that made us cultivate bigger ambitions. They consistently talked to us and mentored us even after we were out of university. They set an example for us to love each other and our future families because they really loved each other selflessly and loved us too.”

Edwin continues, “In my family, and among my friends, no one has a single doubt of what MIU can help us accomplish. Every one of my four brothers, and other friends have looked forward to studying for their master’s degrees at Maharishi International University.”

“Making the decision to join MIU is the best self-rewarding decision I have ever made in my life. It provided a conducive environment to pursue my education as well as prepare me to be able to deliver world class performance in my career. What you can achieve with the MIU opportunity is only limited by your imagination. I can confidently say that it is one of the best professional programs I have ever seen or heard of. Long live MIU!”

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Comments from four brothers:
Cleave Masereka (MS in Computer Science graduate–working at Apple):
“The idea of Maharishi International University never seemed real until my brother Edwin got the visa and joined in August 2016. This drastically changed my thinking, and I joined in October 2016. A friend, Benjamin Wogisha (my former work mate from Uganda), joined us in February 2017.

“Currently, Edwin is at Microsoft, Benjamin (a Ugandan friend) is at Facebook and I’m at Apple. (Three of the best tech companies on the planet–all of us as software engineers). This explains the unsung potential that MIU imparts in its students, and I can certainly assert that ComPro is not just a master’s program, but a life-changing integrated course. All my friends we studied with at MIU got good jobs and are all living happily. Any decision to come to MIU by anyone will forever be the best.”

Godwin Tusime (Currently completing IT bachelor’s degree in Uganda, so he can enroll in MIU Computer Professionals Program afterwards.):
“I am passionate about programming because it’s fun, and helps one to be a good thinker, decision maker and innovator. For a long time now I have admired MIU and the Computer Professionals program for it has changed my brothers’ lives (Cleave and Edwin). (Harrison is doing the Accounting MBA.)  I am working hard every day to develop my programming skills, and hope to join MIU soon. After that, my life will, no doubt, never ever be the same again.”

Harrison Thembo (Accounting MBA internship student–working as accountant at Silicon Valley Financial Group):
“I always had a dream to become the best version of myself and compete at the highest level possible. I knew that in order to achieve that I need the best education. I’m very glad for the platform Maharishi International University gave me to achieve my dream for an MBA in Accounting.

“I am now working with one of the best accounting firms in Silicon Valley as a staff accountant. I never imagined that choosing MIU would be this fruitful and I am forever grateful for the Consciousness-Based education that this school provides. For every dreamer out there, this is the place to go.”

Idine Membere (Planning to enroll in Accounting MBA in August 2020):
“I want to do my MBA from MIU because I want to attend my masters from some of the best brains in the world and MIU provides this platform and opportunity.

“Secondly, the professional training and experience I would get from US companies would be immensely important for my career and would prepare me to an “international standard.”

“Thirdly, the education loan program by MIU makes what would be a difficult task of attaining American education to people from developing countries like us become more affordable and achievable.

“Thank you MIU for this program. My three brothers, Edwin, Cleave and Harrison are already through this program. I can’t wait to join MIU and enhance my knowledge and contribute to the existing bank of knowledge. By the way, I am already qualified by the Association of Chartered Certified Accounts (ACCA) in the UK and also want to be a Certified Accountant in the U.S.”

Brothers enjoying each other

Comments from Ugandan friend at MIU:

Benjamin Wogisha (friend of the brothers) (MS in Computer Science graduate–Software Engineer working at Facebook):
“I always wanted to go for further studies, but I had failed to find a suitable university. Compared to other universities, the process of applying to MIU was quick, and they were very responsive and helpful during the process. MIU offers the block system which I really liked, because it would allow me to focus fully on one course each month.

“The courses offered by Maharishi International University were in line with what I always wanted to do, e.g., enterprise architecture. I saw it as an opportunity to get to learn from first principles about enterprise software which are pretty much everywhere.

“Studying at MIU we had the chance to work on large scale systems in the USA during internships, which was something that I always looked toward. I knew working in the USA would unlock so many opportunities beyond which I could ever imagine, because America has the tech giants.”

The value of doing the Transcendental Meditation® technique while studying, and now while working:

Benjamin adds, “While studying at the University I always made sure to attend the group Transcendental Meditation sessions we had. There is something about doing it together in a group that is really good and unique. This kicked off my day to a great start feeling relaxed and more focused ready to tackle anything that came my way.

“The classes helped me develop a deeper understanding of TM and how I could gain even more from practicing it regularly, answering and clearing any doubts that I was practicing TM the right way. Currently even with my workload, getting to practice TM for only 20 minutes a day has helped me achieve more, because of the focus and calmness I feel after my meditation.”

Advice from Benjamin for other software developers:
“For anyone wanting to boost their careers, MIU is definitely the right choice. The courses are so well thought out and organized. I learned a lot from each course that I took on campus. Courses helped me bridge the gap between theory and practice. With the hands-on approach, so many concepts become clear, giving me a very strong foundation that I build on each day. The lecturers are always there to support the students and MIU has so many alumni that can support you as well. There is no doubt that MIU sets one up for success.

“My brother (Denis Kisina) joined the University recently as well. After only one month he tells me that he feels more confident as a software developer. I can only imagine how he will be at the end of the program. Maharishi International University has provided the ideal environment he needed to concentrate and study.”


We thank all our Ugandan students for making the 13,000 km journey to join our MIU family in the U.S. It is a joy having you in our growing student body.

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ComPro News: December 2019

Computer Professionals Program at Maharishi International University

When you enroll in our Master of Science in Computer Science program, you will become part of an international family of approximately 4,000 Computer Professionals Program (ComProSM) students, graduates, faculty and staff at Maharishi International University.

We celebrate diversity — The world is our family!

Each of four annual MSCS entries typically includes experienced software professionals from 30+ different nations. More than 80 nations are represented on campus.

Student comments

  • Godwin A. (from Ghana): “MIU is one big family where everybody cares. Students, faculty and staff create a very healthy environment where everybody can fit in. There is always someone to help when anyone is in need.”
  • Sahar A. (from Yemen): “I really love this peaceful (MIU) environment that I am in-–an environment full of love, happiness and joy obtained from the incredible benefits of practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique. As a Muslim lady living in Fairfield, I feel that people around me are respecting me and others. They treat me as one of them.”
  • Sadok C. (from Tunisia): “What makes MIU special is the fact that it provides a safe environment, excellent faculty and staff who listen to students, and a multicultural environment where we can meet people from all over the world. I am fortunate to have the great opportunity of doing my paid internship with the Ford Motor company.”

Come join us in our safe, welcoming, low stress, unpolluted, and sustainable living environment on a beautiful 365-acre natural campus in the heartland of America.

Watch our two minute video, “The Families of ComPro 2019:”

Cleave and Benjamin graduating at MIU with Ugandan friends

Are you ready to Join the ComPro Family?

Maharishi International University (formerly Maharishi University of Management) was founded in 1971 and is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

MS in Computer Science 2nd Largest in U.S.

Computer Professionals Master's Graduates -- June 2019

— Government Statistics Verify Program Success —

According to data just released by the U.S. National Center for Education Statistics, Maharishi University of Management has risen to #2 nationally among U.S. post-secondary education institutions for the number of master’s degrees in computer science awarded in the 2017-18 academic year (the most recent year for which data is available).

The data comes from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) report submitted to the government each year by all U.S. colleges and universities.

Holding the number 1 spot was the University of Southern California, with 872 graduates. MUM’s total number of MS in Computer Science grads that year was 389. This was followed by University of Central Missouri, 352, Columbia University in New York (343), and University of Illinois at Springfield (338). 230 institutions awarded a CS master’s degree in 2017-18. In 2016-17, MUM was #5 nationally in this category.

Reference: National Center for Education Statistics, IPEDS data.

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3000 MSCS Graduates from 92+ Nations since 1996

By the end of the current academic year, more than 3000 students from close to 100 nations will have graduated with the MSCS degree from Maharishi University of Management. With four entries each year, new student enrollment is expected to reach 400 during the current academic year.

More than 3000 graduates from nearly 100 nations since 1996
Our affordable and highly regarded MS in Computer Science includes paid training & financial aid in the USA for experienced software developers with a bachelor’s degree in a computer science-related field. We offer three areas of emphasis: advanced software development, web applications and architecture, and our award-winning data science.

The most unique benefit and advantage of the Computer Professionals Program is that all students, faculty, and staff practice the simple, systematic and scientifically validated Transcendental Meditation® technique to improve their learning ability, quality of life, relief from stress, and academic and job performance. Learn more.

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ComPro students come from all over the world!

Google Software Engineer Grew Up on a Rural China Farm

MUM Graduate Student is an Inspiration!

Ling Sun (“Susie”) has a wonderful story to tell. She was born on a small farm in rural China. Today, she is a Google software engineer in New York City. How did she do it?

Early life in China

Girls in Ling’s community in Hunan Province, central China, never go to high school, and are expected to help farm and then have their own families. In fact, she had to leave school at age 13 to work in the family’s fields to help with family financial needs.

But farm work was hard and made Ling unhappy, so she kept asking her father, and he finally agreed to let her return to school. Among her 11 village friends, Ling Sun was the only one to finish high school.

But this education didn’t allow her to enter college, so she became a factory worker in Shenzhen. The work routine was boring, so she quit the factory after a few months and became a student in a computer training program, hoping this would give her the skills for a more professional life.

To pay for the training to become an entry-level software engineer, she worked three part-time jobs and lived on three credit cards.

Ling Sun with family members in rural Hunan Province village.

Learn more about our MS program

First professional job

In September 2011, Ling got her first software engineering job developing an online payroll system in Shenzhen. This was great for a while, but she still wanted to feel more accomplished in a big city where others had more advanced knowledge and credentials.

In a recent interview, Ling told the South China Morning Post that her basic motivation has always been to “Just keep learning new things step-by-step, day-by-day.” So, while continuing the job, she studied English and enrolled in a distance education degree program with Shenzhen University. Being athletic with lots of energy, she also began playing ultimate frisbee as a way to get exercise and learn English from others with more worldly international experience.

A great opportunity in America

The exposure to people with international backgrounds stimulated Ling with the desire to see more of the world. While viewing a Chinese job-hunting website in 2016, she noticed an ad for a U.S. computer science master’s degree program that looked perfect to her: low initial cost, with the ability to get a paid professional internship as part of an accredited academic degree program. During the internship in a U.S. company studies would continue via distance education.

Ling applied and was accepted into our Computer Professionals Master’s Program at Maharishi University of Management, located about 230 miles southwest of Chicago. After nine months studying on campus, including the valuable Career Strategies Workshop and numerous interviews, Sun was offered a position as a Software Engineer with a Google vendor, EPAM Systems.

Here’s Ling Sun after arriving at MUM in October 2017.

Paid professional internship at Google

As a contract software engineer at Google’s Manhattan headquarters, Ling feels fortunate to have colleagues from top American universities—some with Ph.D. degrees. “But none of them treat me like I don’t deserve all of this,”she said in a recent interview with the South China Morning Post. “That is the thing I like about America: they value what you are able to do more than where you come from.”

MUM experience

Regarding the time spent at MUM, she appreciates the special academic environment, the diversity of the student and faculty population, and the many friends made here. She adds, “I liked every moment spent (at MUM) in Fairfield.”

Her adviser, Professor Mei Li, says,”Susie was always very positive and enthusiastic about all her activities. She was a good student, a friend to everyone, and exceptionally talented in many areas, including sports.”

Ling Sun with ultimate frisbee friend.

Future plans

After completing her master’s degree in December 2019, Ling hopes her parents will come to visit America and see her graduate on our campus. This would be the first time for her mother to leave their hometown in China!

Ling Sun’s next professional goal is to become an in-house Google software engineer. She says that, “It won’t be easy, but your life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

To read more about Ling Sun’s remarkable life, please read this article in the South China Morning Post.

Record Number of MUM Computer Science MS Graduates

Record of 391 MS in Computer Science degrees were awarded for 2018-2019.

391 Graduates from 40 Nations Awarded MSCS Degrees

At the 2018-2019 MUM Graduation exercises, a record 391 Computer Professionals ProgramSM students from 40 nations received their MS in Computer Science degrees.

Graduating MSCS students come from these nations:

Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brazil, Burkina Faso, Burma, Cambodia, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Egypt, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Jordan, Malaysia, Mauritania, Mongolia, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Palestinian Territory, Peru, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Tanzania, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, United States, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, and Vietnam. See graduation photos.

Computer Science Dean Keith Levi adds, “Congratulations to our graduates for this major achievement. Our unique and challenging Computer Professionals Master’s degree program has prepared each person for a lifetime of personal and professional growth.”

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Post-Graduation Picnic

At our annual Computer Science Department picnic, students, staff, faculty and our families enjoyed delicious food, games, and each other’s company at the lake near the MUM campus. It was a hot day, but the water was refreshing! Please enjoy picnic photos.

Some of the 199 Computer Professionals Program students in "Leadership" class
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What Makes ComPro Education Unique?

Maharishi University of Management offers Holistic Graduate Education for Today's Computer Professionals

‘ComPro’ is short for the ‘Computer Professionals Program’

If any computer science master’s degree program in the world could be called ‘unique,’ the ComPro program at MUM is a good candidate. Here’s why…

Major features of our ComPro Master’s program:

  1. Advanced computer science courses: Three areas of specialization: advanced software developmentweb applications and architecture, or our award-winning data science specialization.
  2. Career Strategies WorkshopComprehensive preparation for every aspect of successful career preparation with experienced professional staff. Skills include: resumes, job search, interview skills and practice, U.S. business culture, salary contract evaluation, etc.
  3. Technical leadership training with a top global consultant and educator: This course offers the latest science-based approaches for succeeding as a manager and as a human being.
  4. Emphasis on developing the learner for academic, career and personal life success. Hundreds of scientific studies verify that students experience increased intelligence, improved memory, broader comprehension, increased creativity, reduced stress and improved grades when they practice the Transcendental Meditation® technique. TM makes students more receptive, better performers and leaders, and more desirable by employers.

Chart showing major features of our MS in Computer Science program:

Maharishi University of Management offers Holistic Graduate Education for Today's Computer Professionals
Other MSCS program features and benefits:

  • Dedicated ComPro Admissions team
  • Safe, friendly campus community
  • Low initial cost for internationals
  • Paid professional internships in U.S. companies (up to 24 months)
  • Four entries per year (internationals), and two for U.S. students
  • Students are treated like family by experienced, caring faculty and staff. We celebrate diversity.
  • Study one course full-time, each month. Go deeper with less stress.
  • Fresh, organic, non-GMO dining (primarily vegetarian)
  • Beautiful pollution-free, natural campus environment
  • Abundant year-around sports and recreation facilities
  • 4000+ graduates from 108 nations since 1996 (as of July 2023)
  • International alumni support organization

Come join us!

Formal group photo of August 2018 ComPro entry.
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Global Expert Teaching Leadership for Technical Managers

Jim Bagnola in front of student groups

If you are going to study leadership, study with a leader.

Twice each year since 2011, celebrated global management/leadership consultant, educator, and executive coach Jim Bagnola, has taught a two-week course, “Leadership for Technical Managers,” to a large group of our computer science (“ComPro”) graduate students.

This course offers the latest science-based approaches for succeeding as a manager and as a human being. In the course students study time-tested feedback tools, people management tools, coaching tools, leadership laws, relationship building tools, and practice the Transcendental Meditation® technique, which is the most scientifically validated personal technology for unfolding full mental and physical potential.

Computer Science Dean Keith Levi adds, “The students greatly enjoy this course. We are really fortunate to have Jim take time out from his busy schedule for us. He teaches this same material to major corporations and governmental organizations all over the world.”

Learn More about our MS program

For over 32 years, Jim Bagnola has enjoyed his international teaching and consulting activities. He is an expert in the field of leadership and body-mind management, focusing on the influence of thinking patterns on health, happiness, success, and the capacity to lead. (His focus is on Becoming a Professional Human Being, and he wrote a best-selling book on this topic.)

Jim’s clients include: Shell Oil Company, The Kroger Company, U.S. Secret Service, Department of the Air Force, Marriott Hotels, Siemens, Motorola, Scotiabank, P.T. ISPAT (Indonesia), Hella (Romania), Ecolab, Castle & Cooke (Hawaii), Continental Automotive and Hilton Hotels. Click here for details.

Jim is a visiting professor at the University of Bucharest (Romania), Maharishi University of Management (USA), Pontificia Universidad Javierana (Colombia), Kent State University and the Western Management Development Center.

Why teach at MUM?

When asked why he loves teaching here, Jim replies, “I have worked in 101 countries because I love diverse cultures. MUM ComPro courses are United Nations meetings. This course at MUM is with as diverse a group as you can get (199 students in the latest class). The learning is global. Exciting exchanges between 35+ cultures in one class. Students want to learn.”

Some of the 199 Computer Professionals Program students in "Leadership" class

Why is this course so popular?

Essentially every MSCS student takes this course because it is applicable to their personal lives as well as their professional careers. They are preparing to become technical team members and eventually managers, and they are getting knowledge and tools to assist them. It is interactive. They are contributing to the course a large percentage of the time.

It is fun. Students have team building exercises and they operate in small teams a lot during the course. They contribute and are applauded for their contribution. They get a chance to lead in several different ways. Guest speakers are relevant, and videos are inspiring. Students learn from each other. Students are personally guided by knowledgeable and experienced teaching assistants (TAs) per every 20 students.

Leadership students meet with TAs in small groups.

As one of the course TAs (Brad Fregger) puts it, “Jim never talks over the students’ heads. He’s more like a favorite uncle helping them, than a lecturing professor. He also continually involves students, valuing their ideas, opinions and personal stories as important. Finally, Jim creates a professional casual class atmosphere, which makes it easy for students to gain critical knowledge, while also having fun.”

Advantages of MUM students in this course

Most ComPro students already have work experience. They can exchange knowledge. They work together despite cultural differences.

Regarding practice of Transcendental Meditation, Jim adds, “This is the only school I am aware of that has a scientifically proven way to expand the capacity of the brain. TM enhances learning ability. This university handles both the software of the brain—added skill and knowledge, while it also attends to the hardware—the coherence and whole brain function which continues allowing for the sculpting of a new and better brain with greater capacity.”

Happy students and happy professor at end of Leadership class.

Student comments

Here are a few of the many glowing comments from students when asked to write about, “The leader I’d like to be.”
Romie Zaw (Myanmar)
“The very first and best thing I learned in the U.S. is Transcendental Meditation. When I came here, the key ingredients which I noticed in professors and others was calmness and inner peace. I practice TM regularly and I can say that I find peace and clarity of mind most of the time after my meditation.”

“My main goal in life is to help people who are in need. I worked about seven years in MNC companies and I’ve worked with many managers. Unfortunately, I never had a good inspiring leader in my working life. ‘Great leaders do not desire to lead, but to serve.’ I just wanna be the leader who doesn’t follow the title. This course teaches me how to avoid common flaws and habits in each relationship and how to be an effective leader. I want to write my own history with compassion and kindness with the help of TM.”

Abdelrady Tantawy (from Egypt)
“I have always thought that I don’t want to be a manager, because it means having lots of responsibilities, and I have seen lots of incompetent managers and bad leaders in the past 10 years of my career. But after attending this awesome course about leadership, I have changed my mind and I want to be one of those leaders who inspires their followers and helps them achieve more, and be satisfied with their progress in this life. I believe that this world is in deep need of such leaders.”

“I strongly believe in the principle that says leadership is a partnership between the leader and the followers. It should always be the case that the people will follow a leader according to their own free will.”

“I want to be the kind of person that people can trust, both as a leader, and as a friend. I’ll always encourage them to be the best of themselves according to their personalities and aspirations, because I believe that a strong team requires people with different skills and different perspectives. A good leader should be someone who brings harmony to differences in a team, cares for the team, and bring out the best in each of us. This is the kind of leader I aspire to be.”

Mrudula Mukadam, a computer science faculty member at MUM, was one of 10 teaching assistants for the recent leadership course. When asked about Jim’s course, she smiled and replied, “The course was awesome! Our students are so lucky to take this course!” 

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If you want to be one of the lucky students in Jim Bagnola’s leadership class next year, please apply soon. We look forward to your application.

Many thanks to Jim for teaching his extraordinary course at MUM.

(And thanks to students who sent us personal course photos for this newsletter.)

ComPro Admissions: Welcoming New Students to our “Family”

During the last 12 months, 15,000 people from 185 nations applied online to join our unique and affordable MS in Computer Science with Paid Training & Financial Aid.

How to process so many applicants?

The first priority of our staff is in supporting every applicant at a very high level, making sure that all questions and concerns are answered in a timely way.

The immense job of processing this many applications in an efficient, accurate, professional and welcoming manner is the specialty of our Computer Professionals ProgramSM Admissions Department. When you consider the additional steps and requirements for admitting so many international students, with four entries each year (February, May, August and November), the achievements of our Admissions staff are all the more remarkable.

According to Chandra, Director of ComPro Admissions, “Our admissions team reflects the harmony and coherence which pervades all of MUM. Everyone is focused, dedicated, and lovingly supportive of one-another. It’s the ideal work environment, and our applicants and students really appreciate their admissions interactions.”

Learn More about our MS program

Preparing for new students

Preparations for new entries and registrations are especially busy periods. These activities include: last-minute acceptance of some U.S. students, making transportation pickup arrangements, checking out student rooms, meeting arriving students on campus 24-hours a day, preparing snack bags to place in student rooms, arranging room keys and meal passes, taking students to their dormitories, and organizing with numerous campus offices for two or more registration days in Admissions and the Enrollment Center.


Registration is like homecoming, where we finally get to meet all our special new students with whom we have been chatting, skyping, emailing, texting, etc., for several months or even years. When we finally meet them, students sometimes recognize us from our Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. They are so happy to meet us, and they overflow in appreciation. It’s a joyous and rewarding experience for all, as we welcome them into our global ComPro family! (See photos below.)

Our first student from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Teja with three new students.
Dima welcomes a new student.

Maryam enjoys meeting group of new students.

Lisa with new student.

Chandra with new student.

Nena registering a new student.

Francis greets new student.
Happy new students after our Welcome Lunch.

Formal group photo of February 2019 entry.

Meet the ComPro Admissions team

Everyone working in the Admissions area is on a first name basis:

Elaine (Guthrie) is the ComPro Director. Chandra is our Admissions Director. Pat is Associate Admissions Director. Nena, Francis, Lisa, Dima, Girma, and Melissa are Admissions Counselors. Teja is doing Office Admissions work. Sara reviews applications and answers hundreds of inquires each week. Maryam is our much-loved International Student Advisor. Sue is our Admissions Assistant. Dale, and Charlie do valuable part-time work.

Marketing is done by Craig, Simon and Dileep. Social media and website chat operation are handled by Sara, Max, Rachele, Dileep, Selin and Craig (Recruiting Director).

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Our ComPro family now includes more than 2500 MSCS graduates from 85 nations, plus over 800 currently enrolled students on campus and doing internships around the U.S.

Bereket Babiso: ComPro education at MUM is the best

Bereket Babiso at Maharishi University of Management

When Bereket Babiso was working as a software developer in France, he first learned about our Computer Professionals Master’s Degree Program (ComPro). He applied, was accepted, and enrolled in January 2018.

Bereket was pleased to find that MUM has a multicultural environment where diversity is celebrated, and everyone has the opportunity to get to know the cultures of others from all corners of the world.

He enjoyed the course structure, content, and the way courses are delivered. He found the content to be based upon current cutting edge market technologies.

One unique feature of our program is that students practice the Transcendental Meditation® technique. Bereket found that doing TM is very beneficial for computer professionals—it helps you deal with frustrations that come from challenging projects, and allows relief from stress—providing improved focus in any situation.


Paid internship
After completing eight months of on-campus courses, Bereket succeeded in finding a paid professional internship as a software developer with the Ford Motor Company in Michigan.

Bereket advises any experienced professionals wanting to learn advanced computer technologies to apply to our MS in Computer Science at MUM.