MD Fakrul Islam: Corporate Tech Lead

“Coming to MIU for a master’s in computer science is one of the best, most strategic, and turning-point decisions in my career.”

MD Fakrul Islam is not a typical Computer Science Master’s degree student at MIU. Most of our MSCS students enroll with 1-5 years of professional IT experience. After graduating from SUST in Bangladesh in 2004, Fakrul had 16 years of IoT (Internet of Things) and AI experience in the telecommunication, agriculture, and healthcare industries.

But, he wanted more for his career. When a friend told him about our unique Computer Professionals ProgramSM (ComProSM) which offers an MS in Computer Science with paid practicum for experienced software developers, he applied here.

Fakrul enrolled at MIU in October 2021. After only eight months of courses, followed by our three-week Career Strategies Workshop, he applied for his CPT practicum, got accepted, and began a high-level Tech Lead position doing IoT and Business Integration at the Whirlpool Corporation.

Fakrul is doing his paid practicum at the Whirlpool Corporation as a Tech Lead.

The Whirlpool Corporation is an American multinational manufacturer and marketer of home appliances, headquartered in Benton Charter Township, Michigan, United States. This Fortune 500 company has annual revenue of approximately $21 billion, 78,000 employees, and more than 70 manufacturing and technology research centers around the world. The company markets its namesake flagship brand Whirlpool, alongside other brands: including Maytag, KitchenAid, JennAir, Amana, Gladiator GarageWorks, Inglis, Estate, Brastemp, Bauknecht, Hotpoint, Ignis, Indesit, and Consul.

“My responsibility is cross-functional to work closely with the product team, business team, and technical team.  I lead onsite and offsite developers/engineers to deliver the right product in the right way,” says Fakrul.

Fakrul with colleagues at a party at the Whirlpool Global Headquarters in Michigan.

Fakrul summarizes his experiences at MIU, “Taking admission to MIU for a master’s in computer science is one of the best, most strategic, and turning-point decisions in my career. The faculty, staff, food, accommodation, transcendental meditation, norms, principals, values, as well as the welcoming environment at MIU are different from traditional U.S. universities. Now I find the core values and the science and technology of consciousness in my daily life. This is the right place to concentrate on your studies and creative work.”

Fakrul and classmates relaxing at the park near the MIU campus.

Fakrul is now completing the rest of his classes via distance education. His career goal is to work at the Director or VP level in top IT companies. Personally, he plans to be a good husband, father, and contributor to our society. He feels that the U.S. is a great country of knowledge and expertise, so a perfect place to study and learn the next level of programming. “If anyone has good skills in IT/SW development, they should come to MIU to explore world-class opportunities,” he concludes.


Bijay Shrestha: Realizing His IT and Personal Potential

Bijay Shrestha started his career in Nepal in computer networking and IT security, and decided to become a software developer.

MIU student Bijay Shrestha grew up in Bhaktapur, Nepal, and became interested in computers as a child. He earned a bachelor’s degree in computer networking and IT security from London Metropolitan University in Nepal, and decided he wanted to become a software developer. He got a job with F1Soft International, where he worked for over seven years, creating applications for the financial sector and working his way up to assistant engineering manager. Bijay had a strong desire to gain international experience, and was looking for scholarships abroad when he heard about MIU from a colleague. He liked the practical approach of MIU’s ComProSM Program and the low upfront cost–so he applied. “MIU was the best thing that happened for my career,” said Bijay. He found his coursework challenging, and realized early on that he needed to utilize MIU’s daily routine and the Transcendental Meditation® technique in order to manage his heavy academic load. “TM added a lot of value to my quality of life,” he said. “It helped me manage my stress, and process all the new information I was learning.” Bijay strived to perform well in his classes, and even acted as a graduate student assistant for a couple of his MIU courses. He has excelled in earning a perfect 4.0 grade point average for the program.

Bijay is doing his paid practicum at the Bank of America as an Applications Architect V.

Bijay began receiving practicum interview requests from companies on LinkedIn even before he finished his last course—career development strategies. After a series of interviews with several companies, he accepted an offer from the Bank of America in North Carolina, as an Applications Architect V. He wanted to experience the American work culture in an industry he is familiar with, and work toward his goal of developing scalable and efficient applications.

Bijay and classmates from Nepal relaxing at the nearby Waterworks Park.

Bijay is now completing the rest of his classes via distance education and wants to become a chief solutions architect. He strongly encourages IT professionals worldwide to follow his example by enrolling in the Computer Professionals ProgramSM at MIU.

ASD Course: Expands Software Development with Basic Principles

The Advanced Software Design (ASD) course complements the modern technology courses in the MS in Computer Science program with an in-depth study of the principles and logic at the basis of all software design.

“In our Computer Professionals Master’s program, we have a range of different topics and classes. Some expand on various application areas and modern tools and approaches to software and system development – web, big data, OO programming, cloud, etc.  Other courses give a more complete understanding of the principles and logic that are at the basis of all of these areas. The Advanced Software Design (ASD) course gives deep organizing principles that students and graduates benefit from in their careers,” according to Dr. Greg Guthrie, primary ASD instructor, Professor of Computer Science, and Computer Science Dean Emeritus.

As stated on our website, Advanced Software Design (CS525) considers the current methods and practices for the good design of software systems. Topics include software design patterns, frameworks, architectures, and designing strategies to apply these multi-level abstractions.


Student comments

“This is the best course I’ve ever taken in my life, Professor. I am very thankful. Thank you so much.” L.M.T. — Myanmar

“Thank you, dear Prof. Guthrie. I just want to thank you for providing me with all the knowledge and moral support during this course. After having this course, I am now ready for the Design Pattern Interview questions that I am going to use in the future. I’m glad to be a student under your guidance. You showed me the path to success is to believe in yourself.” A.T. — Lebanon

“The ASD course I took is helping me so much on my job, since it is related to design software architecture.” M.N. — Vietnam

“First of all, we would like to thank you for the great course and the amazing surprise at the end. We had so much fun in class, we enjoyed the class content, and of course your jokes :)” L.S.E.R. — Colombia, G.P.O. — Nigeria, and M.A.A.Y. — Egypt

Quoc Vinh Pham: Enjoys Machine Learning and Family Life at MIU

Vinh is happy doing his practicum remotely while living near MIU in Fairfield, Iowa.

Born into a farming family in western Vietnam, Quoc Vinh Pham never even heard about computer science until college. As a senior BS student at Ho Chi Minh University of Agriculture and Forestry (2008-2012), he started loving software development, because he figured out that he could build useful applications and websites to benefit others, and this gave him much joy.

Work history

Vinh Pham has 9 years of hands-on experience involving agile software development practices. For 8 years he did Java programming for multinational product companies from Europe and America before coming to MIU.

He was a co-founder and CTO of a fast-paced startup that provided SAAS (with $9 million VC funding), and has also been a Principal Software Engineer at Alibaba.


Vinh first learned about the Computer Professionals Master’s Program (ComPro) when we reached out to him via Linkedin in 2015. Since then, he heard more about MIU from friends and colleagues in Vietnam.

In early 2020, he applied for the November 2020 entry into our Master of Science program and planned to study Big Data and Machine Learning (ML). His idea was to apply Machine Learning to part of a new startup idea.

In the Machine Learning course, taught by Professor Emdad Khan, Vinh realized that fundamental theoretical and practical ML applications could help him do advanced research. Vinh and a classmate decided to take on a new topic for their course project. They chose to research Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs), which are algorithmic architectures that use two neural networks, pitting one against the other (thus the “adversarial”) in order to generate new, synthetic instances of data that can pass for real data. GANs are widely used in image generation, video generation, and voice generation.

In May 2022, at the request of Prof. Khan, Vinh and Jialei Zhang presented a technical webinar entitled, “Image and Video Synthesis using GAN & Deep Learning.” See their detailed presentation in the following video:

Currently, Vinh is working as a Product Engineer at CVS Health via Creospan (a technology consultancy) doing his optional practical training (OPT) practicum, where he is building a payment calculation system.


All the students, faculty, and MIU staff regularly practice the Transcendental Meditation® technique (TM). Vinh adds, “I enjoy doing TM—especially when I am stressed or under pressure. Doing TM during studying at MIU makes it easy to focus deeply on a topic. My brain seems to self-refresh when I practice twice each day. It also helps me gain more energy and productivity at work.”

Vinh’s family loves the fresh and peaceful environment in Fairfield.

“My wife and 4-year-old daughter came here a year ago, and we continue to enjoy the beautiful and peaceful life in Fairfield because I am now working remotely from here. We love walking along the Fairfield trail system and parks to enjoy the fresh air, discover wild edible plants, and go fishing. We also have a small vegetable garden in warmer weather,” explains Vinh.

Future Goals

When he first came to MIU, Vinh did some market research and could see the potential for a startup in Fairfield. He would like to create a new business in the US based on this research or a different idea in the future.


Based on his own experience, Vinh advises the following path for software developers to follow:

  1. Finish your undergraduate degree.
  2. Work in industry for 3-5 years.
  3. Pursue a master’s degree. This is a good time to compare, evaluate, and confirm the practical versus advanced theoretical knowledge to yourself. “I had a lot of ‘Ah-ha’ moments during studying at MIU.”

Two ComPro Enrollment Records Set in 2021-22

Our recent April 2022 entry includes 168 software developers who resided in 45 nations, and are citizens of 35 countries. This is by far the largest Computer Professionals master’s program enrollment for a single entry in our 26 years.

At the same time, we are pleased to announce an academic year (4 entries) record of 566 newly enrolled ComPro master’s students!

The April entry MS in Computer Science students are citizens of the following 35 nations:Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Colombia, Egypt,  Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Guinea, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Morocco, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Togo, Turkey, Uganda, Uzbekistan, Viet Nam, Zambia, Zimbabwe.

Some of these students were living in additional countries: United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Singapore, Senegal, Qatar, Poland, Republic of Korea, Japan, Italy, Finland, Djibouti, and China.

Why are the ComPro and MIU enrollments growing during the pandemic?

During a very difficult and challenging time for many U.S. universities, why is it that Maharishi International University is enjoying large enrollments?

The answer lies in the uniqueness of MIU. Our university supplies students from around the world with what has been the missing ingredient in higher education. Education has lacked a systematic way of developing the knower—the student—developing their full creative potential so that their processes of learning are functioning more and more effectively, for greater clarity of perception, innovative thinking, deepest insights, inner happiness and fulfillment. We call this Consciousness-Based education, which includes the Transcendental Meditation® technique.

“We manage the block system studying one course each month, full time, by doing the Transcendental Meditation technique every morning, before lunch, and at the end of classes in the afternoon. This is really helpful because it relaxes my body, and it helps me to relieve stress and focus on my work. I feel my brain is getting more and more energy every time I do TM. It is like exercising my body every day.” –Hlina Beyene (MSCS 2022)

Computer Science Department Receives Major Gift

The majestic Fairfield Business Park has been donated for major expansion of the Computer Professionals master’s degree program at MIU. The building has been renamed as the Fairfield IT and Business Park.

Grand Building Donated for ComPro Expansion


Major MIU supporters Ye Shi (“Linlin”) and Alan Marks


On December 26, 2021, MIU supporters Ye Shi (“Linlin”) and Alan Marks donated to MIU one of the largest buildings of its architectural style in the world–a style favored by royalty in ancient India, known as Maharishi Sthapatya Veda design.

Located three miles north of our campus in Fairfield, Iowa, this majestic 87,000 square foot (8,100 square meter) building sits on 1.1 million square feet (100,000 square meters) of land. The University has recently renamed this landmark facility the Fairfield IT and Business Park. Soon the building will provide additional valuable residential facilities for our ever-expanding Computer Science Master’s program.

Alan and Linlin are the owners of Midwest Development and Investment Corporation. From 2010 to 2020, Alan also served as CEO at Maharishi AyurVeda Products International (MAPI), which occupied this building.

During his years with MAPI, Alan consistently grew the company–employing many people in Fairfield, thereby contributing to our local and international community.

Linlin is a Certified Management Accountant, recipient of numerous national management and accounting awards, and is a highly regarded professor in the MIU Accounting Department.

Remodeling has begun

We are now quickly remodeling the north wing of this beautiful building, converting office spaces into handsome bedrooms and bathrooms as well as a café, lounge, and common areas.


Newly remodeled residence room in the Fairfield IT and Business Park


The first residents of the building will be Computer Science graduate students (ComPro) who have finished their on-campus classes, and are now active in the practicum internship placement phase of the program at major companies around the U.S. The new residential floors in the north wing are expected to be ready in March 2022 for the first group of ComPro students in this phase of the program.


New bathrooms are being constructed for the upcoming ComPro student residence hall.


Several major Fairfield companies currently renting offices in the southern half of the building will continue renting space there.

Also, this major donation includes the 24.76 acres (10 hectares) of pristine grassland that the building sits on, providing opportunities for additional campus expansion in the future.


In gratitude to Linlin and Alan, an engraved brass plaque has been mounted in the spacious lobby of the grand east entrance.


Read more about this building donation and other recent achievements in our beautiful 2021 MIU Annual Report.

Prof. Najeeb: Robotics and Self-driving Cars Expert

Professor Najeeb Najeeb: Robotics Expert who Loves Teaching:

Dr. Najeeb Najeeb at Maharishi International University“Professor Najeeb is a brilliant computer scientist who enjoys interacting with students, and who attributes much of his ever-present happiness to his practice of the Transcendental Meditation® technique,” says MIU Computer Science Dean Keith Levi.

MIU alumnus Najeeb Najeeb recently rejoined the MIU faculty as an Associate Professor after completing his Ph.D. in robotics and spending two years working on self-driving cars in California.

Najeeb earned his undergraduate degree in computer science from the University of Baghdad and worked in software and web development for five years in Iraq.

In 2006 he heard about the practical approach of MIU’s Computer Professionals ProgramSM from a friend and applied. He began his studies in 2007, and when he finished his on-campus courses, the Computer Science Department asked him to join as a faculty member.

Professor Najeeb, outstanding graduate at his MIU graduation in 2012

In 2012 Professor Najeeb was selected as the outstanding graduate of his MS in Computer Science class at MIU. The same year he decided to pursue his dream of earning a Ph.D. He was accepted by several universities and chose the University of Nebraska because it offered a specialization in robotics.

He found his studies in robotics as much play as work, and in the process, he realized he had gained a competitive advantage at MIU. “I was able to get more done than my peers because I got my eight hours of sleep and my TM practice,” he said. “I was more awake in class, which made me more effective.” At the same time, he somehow made time for his teaching passion, by teaching distance education courses to current MIU students during their curricular practical training (CPT) work.

Dr. Najeeb completed his doctorate degree in Computer Engineering/Computer Science at the University of Nebraska in four years. He wrote his dissertation on a no-prior-knowledge-based algorithm for near-optimal wireless power transfer from a drone to an underground sensor, and then implemented and demonstrated his work. The algorithm he wrote has several applications, one of which enables an agricultural drone to more efficiently charge the batteries of a sensory network in a drip irrigation system, saving time and energy.

Professor Najeeb received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Engineering/Computer Science at the University of Nebraska

Najeeb wanted to continue working in robotics, and he chose the most exciting area in the field: autonomous vehicles. He accepted a job at the self-driving car company Cruise in San Francisco. “It felt like playing a video game,” he said. “I was able to test the results of the lines of code I wrote.”

In 2020 Dr. Najeeb accepted an invitation from MIU to return to Fairfield, and now teaches courses in web and enterprise applications. He is known for his ready smile, infectious laughter, love of developing technology, and for engaging shy students (whose native language may not be English) in the classroom. He also has a reputation for his administrative effectiveness, broad range of computer science knowledge, looking after Muslim students on-campus, and readiness to assist our students at any time.

Learn more about Professor Najeeb Najeeb’s background here.

Najeeb with colleague and mentor, Professor Clyde Ruby

2022 and You – Yes, You!

By Leah Collmer

It’s another year. 2022 sits on your doorstep like an Amazon package waiting to be opened. You drum your fingers on the counter and consider the possibilities. What lays ahead? A full year of promise…This package with all its potential sits before you. Still unopened, you exhale. Curiosity calls you. You look at the box. What’s inside? You contemplate the choices. A few ideas run through your mind. Undecided, you glance out the window for more enlightenment, as you notice the sender is Maharishi International University’s Computer Science Master’s Program – ComProSM. Your 2022 just got a whole light brighter.

Saloni Kiran Vora, a computer science master’s student from Pune, India, is one such student who feels her future just got a whole lot brighter. After having worked in IT for several years, with 14-hour days, she wanted a change. “Work was becoming monotonous, there was nothing more to learn,” states Vora. “Suddenly, I decided one day, I was done. That’s it. I wanted to do something new. I wanted to know how I could make a difference,” shares Vora emphatically. “That’s when I learned about ComPro.”

Located in beautiful Fairfield, Iowa, ComPro’s well-organized master’s package is designed to deliver the best education academically, mentally, emotionally, and personally. With ComPro’s carefully measured block system, you never have bulky schedules, juggle multiple subjects, deliver various homework assignments, nor cram for a list of final exams all at once. We handle our program with care, and don’t believe stress should be part and parcel of your university education. Having one entire course neatly bundled and delivered over the course of a month enhances our student’s ability to master a subject and unpack the contents of a course to its fullest.

“The master’s course looked very well planned and designed. Eight months on campus for a master’s in computer science really caught my attention,” remembers Vora. “Once you learn and leave school, it’s hard to go back. To stop earning money, after you’ve started isn’t easy,” confesses Vora. “But ComPro makes it easy to shorten the learning cycle and helps us to go on and earn money while getting Curricular Practical Training (CPT).”

ComPro’s expedited master’s package makes it easy to obtain a watertight education while ushering you to the doorstep of the company and career of your choice. Preparation is key for delivering the demands that success requires. Our Computer Science Master’s Program culminates in an intensive, three-week Career Strategies Workshop, that moves you forward and provides what you need to land a paid internship, CPT, in the company of your choice. Our CPT students have been placed at IBM, Intel, Amazon, Apple, Oracle, Google, General Electric, Walmart, Wells Fargo, Federal Express, and many Fortune 500 companies.

Teamwork! (Left to Right) Yugal Modi of Madhya Pradesh, India; Jai Kishan Jaiswal of West Bengal, India, and Rahmat Zada Buner of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, brainstorming with Vora.

“The biggest factor in choosing ComPro was I didn’t have to pay all my tuition in one go. This felt very empowering to me and helped me to be independent in my choices and not rely on my parents,” shares Vora. “The paid internship structured into the master’s program lets me pay back my tuition at the right time.”

The Computer Science Master’s Program makes it financially feasible for students to join ComPro. Students can enter ComPro for as little as $3,000, pay back the course fee from earnings during CPT, and graduate debt-free. Depending on circumstances, $3,000 – $7,000 is the modest range required for two semesters (eight months), on campus. This initial fee isn’t required until students arrive on campus. Program options and courses are offered to give students the best selection for their future.

“I wanted to move focus toward a data science track, and the data science courses were key for me in choosing ComPro,” says Vora. “My previous master’s degree had some elements of data, but it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t sufficient to make a move to a data science career. The best thing about ComPro is you can make your own choices for your courses and career,” concludes Vora.

A chance meeting in 2018 at her college in the state of Maharashtra with MIU Provost Dr. Scott Herriott, planted a seed in Vora that germinated, and ultimately redirected her journey to travel to the USA and get a second master’s degree with ComPro.

“That meeting with Dr. Herriott created a very valuable bond of trust in me over time,” shares Vora. “I learned a new way of meditation with him, which boosted my confidence, and opened doors to other great relationships, and with the ComPro admissions team. Melissa, Erica, and Abigail are gems,” gushes Vora. “They have that warmth and are with you at each step of the process, making sure you have whatever you need.”

Vora enjoying some fresh air and quiet time on MIU’s beautiful campus

Like any promising program that aims to deliver the best opportunities, ComPro has three convenient on-campus-study master’s options to fast-track your education, keep you on course for your future and get you to the marketplace. Whether you want a more expedited delivery option of eight months study on campus or prefer a more no-rush delivery choice of 12 months study on campus in our Computer Professionals ProgramSM, we’ve got what you need. Yes, just like that Amazon package. Additionally, four delivery dates for international students to enter our program and two delivery dates for domestic students keep demand high.

So, about that package sitting before you. It’s 2022. You’ve got an address, a destination, your choice of delivery options, and best date selections to suit your needs and fulfill your order for success. It’s a new year, it’s a new start. We have packed the best courses into our master’s program for you to take charge of your education and future. ComPro will get you there.

As an update, we wanted to share that before 2022 even had a chance to make an appearance, Saloni Vora was recruited and hired as a Software Developer within the second week of her Career Strategies Workshop. She is over the moon about this upcoming year and her bright future in the Computer Science field. We couldn’t be happier for her. Well done, Saloni! We wish her all the best and the same for you.

Your Once-in-a-Century Life

By Leah Collmer

It’s been a once-in-a-century global pandemic. Almost two years running; plans put on hold, hopes dashed, and bright futures ground to a halt. We’ve been wearing masks, social distancing and holding our breath – literally. But the fog is lifting and we, at ComProSM, want you to know about the bright future that awaits you.

Within the last five years, ComPro has ranked as the 2nd largest Computer Science Master’s Program in the USA, at least once. Started a quarter of a century ago in 1996, ComPro is celebrating its silver anniversary this year, with an unprecedented record enrollment of 517 students for 2021.

Ricardo Macedo Ianelli, a former physics teacher from Brazil, shares, “My dream was always to study computer science. This year I decided to follow my intuition and go after my dream. That’s why I chose ComPro.”

ComPro’s approach to our students’ success is holistic from start to finish; academically, by developing high-demand technical skills; financially, with our low entry fee and repayment after placement in curricular practical training (CPT), a paid internship; personally, with an ideal routine that includes daily practice of the scientifically validated Transcendental Meditation® technique, and professionally, with our intensive, three-week, Career Strategies Workshop. ComPro is integrated, carefully crafted, and tailored for you in this century.

MBA student Edison Martinez and Ianelli enjoy a beautiful day in front of the Argiro Student Center.

“I felt I had more potential in me than I was using in my own country. There was this little fire inside of me, but I wanted to light a fire that would burn bright and strong for my future,” confides Ianelli. “I knew I needed to expand my creativity, maximize how my higher intelligence works and get help form the people who are professionals.”

Ianelli’s statement seems to resonate with MIU President John Hagelin’s address to ComPro, who welcomed new students in November. “I.Q. memory and executive function normally don’t increase while a student is enrolled in a university,” stated Hagelin. “But, at MIU it does.”

ComPro’s block system gives students the ability to fully immerse in one subject each month – no juggling act of multiple projects or competing subjects. Financially, students comfortably pay off the remaining tuition after landing their paid internship. With the average starting salary for CPT at $94,000 a year, this structure takes the financial pressure off students during their studies. Additionally, the initial, affordable low entry fee also makes the impossible possible for everyone.

“I thought that I wouldn’t have the money to come and study in an American master’s program, but ComPro’s tuition structure made it very affordable and possible,” shares Ianelli. “That was the light that said, ‘Go now.’ ComPro was everything I wanted and needed.”

Living through an era in history that has brought insurmountable obstacles and challenges, the ComPro team is here for you throughout your journey in our progressive master’s program. With four entries a year for international students and two entries for domestic students, our MS in Computer Science is very accessible and student-facing. ComPro’s most recent October 2021 entry brought in 132 new students from 40 nations. During this global pandemic, we rolled up our sleeves and dug in deep to ensure every qualified student from any country jockeying to join ComPro would make the cut. And we’ll do the same for you.

“The day before coming to the USA, I realized my life will be split in two chapters: my life before ComPro, and my life after coming to ComPro,” Ianelli shares. “When I wake up tomorrow, everything will change.”

We know how rare once-in-a-lifetime opportunities are. They are to be protected and cultivated. The ComPro program, as part of Maharishi International University, is fully committed to sustainable practices as one of America’s most green universities. Renewable energy, sustainable buildings, and organic food are at the forefront of campus life. Longevity is key, and we are establishing a precedent not just for your lifetime, but for generations to come. Future generations will follow in your footsteps, as our 4,000 students and alumni from over 100 countries have paved the way for you.

Ianelli studying in ComPro computer lab. Campus COVID policies keep students and faculty safe.

“If I had to describe this opportunity, I would choose the word ‘adventure’. An adventure with myself, in learning, meeting new people, and experiencing real emotions. With the profound method of self-knowledge, consciousness of self, good food and people from around the world, I knew I was needing this,” confided Ianelli.

So, if you’re looking for an adventure in your education and want to take advantage of the unmistakable opportunity this moment in time has to offer you, go ahead and exhale. We’ve got the solid foundation you’ve been looking for to build your unshakeable future on today.

“I’m just at the beginning” acknowledges Ianelli. “I’m excited to discover what lies ahead of me.” This is your once-in-a century life, and we want you to make the most of it. Won’t you join us?

Ianelli celebrating 50 years of higher education at Maharishi International University, 1971-2021

Comments from Recent MIU ComPro Graduates

See what our recent graduates had to say about their experiences and outcomes in the Computer Professionals master’s program.

“I am thankful for this program. It was life changing.”“It was a wonderful experience doing the Master’s in Computer Science at MIU. The curriculum is the latest and the faculty is highly experienced. Everything at MIU made me feel at home. It was a good decision to do my Master’s there.”“I am also forever thankful for the opportunities to meet so many wonderful, nice and kind friends here. It all started with MIU and this beautiful country which connected us as one. I wish you all the best.”“MIU helped me in many ways to develop myself spiritually and intellectually. Even though I was very hesitant to get an education from a Consciousness-Based university. I think I have made one of the best decisions of my life. Not only have I fulfilled my career desires, I have also fulfilled that missing part in me by developing my spiritual side.”“I am very pleased with MIU’s MSCS program that is helping me to accomplish my mission. I believe that the program makes a difference in my life, and for many other fellows like me.”

Students doing their morning meditation in Dalby Hall

“I am very grateful to the admission officers, faculty, coordinators, coaches, and many other staff who were professional, supportive, friendly, open, and attentive from enrollment til graduation. I appreciate every staff person supporting the MSCS program and wish the best for their health, success, and families.”

“Forever grateful to MIU and its faculty members. Everything is excellent.”

“I very much appreciate my experience at MIU. The courses taken have prepared me for my job now. The teachers were very knowledgeable. Transcendental Meditation has helped me in my personal growth. The knowledge gained will help me to have a good professional career.”

“I am really happy with MIU. I met a lot of great people. MIU was better than I ever expected–some faculty were awesome and the placement office did an incredible job.”

“The program provides courses that help you to thrive in the professional world. The courses are taught by experienced professors who have gained experience in the IT industry. The habit of practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM) helps a lot to improve personal and professional life. So, my overall experience of the MSCS program has been amazing.”

“Thanks for providing a great career growth and advancement opportunity with no discrimination to race or country of origin.”

“Thank you MIU for being a second home and a family.”

“I would like to express my gratitude to all the faculty and staff at MIU who are dedicated to bringing out my potential as a student.”

“The program was really great. Thanks for all the support provided for me as an international student, and more important for having taught me Transcendental Meditation–it is really useful for different sorts of situations.”

“I had a dream to come here to the USA and complete my master’s, and now finally I am able to finish my MS degree in computer science from Maharishi International University.””Here at MIU I got a chance to learn many things to uplift my career by studying different practical programming subjects. I was also able to learn to maintain a relaxed mind and body and to increase my inner intelligence, peace, and self-realization by regular practice of Transcendental Meditation.”

“My choice and journey to attend Maharishi International University is extremely right. The experience is one of the greatest times in my life. I would definitely recommend my lovely MIU to friends and others. Thank you, MIU.”

“It’s a great honor to be here at MIU. The students and teachers are excellent.”