Computer Career Strategies Workshop Empowers Students

Record number of students placed in paid U.S. CPT internships in November:

It’s an exciting time for the Computer Professionals program (ComProSM) at Maharishi International University. In November 2020, we had a record number of students hired for paid curricular practical training (CPT) internships, and the trend continues.

This is especially remarkable given the Covid-19 pandemic, and clearly indicates the resilience of the IT industry combined with a high demand for the professional skills of our ComPro students.

“These record numbers represent an active IT market that connects to our students who are uniquely well prepared for their CPT job search and interviewing,” says Jim Garrett, Director of Computer Science Career Development.


Uniquely prepared? How so?

Well, they’ve just completed the Career Strategies Workshop.

This three-week workshop takes place after two semesters of academic courses on-campus, and before the CPT internship. It is led by the expert coaches of our career center. A hands-on approach is used to develop the full spectrum of skills necessary for professional success. Students receive a wide array of resources to help them comfortably adapt to U.S. work culture.


Even during the pandemic, the career workshop is resulting in record internship hiring.

Even during the pandemic, the career workshop is resulting in record internship hiring.


“Our goal is to empower students to be self-sufficient in their search and interaction with recruiters and companies,” says Jim Garrett. “Completing this workshop not only improves student confidence, but more importantly, their level of professionalism. Technical skills aren’t enough to get hired for an internship. Students must present themselves professionally. They must engage. They have to see how to fit into the company, into their team. All these things may be subjective, but can be taught. We have proven strategies to do that.”

Workshop Topics include:

  • Finding an ideal curricular practical training (CPT) internship
  • Understanding ethical, legal, and social expectations in American business culture
  • Preparing a professional resume and cover letter
  • Identifying your marketable skills
  • Learning a formula for successful interviewing
  • Practicing coding challenges and technical responses
  • Networking for CPT placement success
  • Working with recruiting agencies and company recruiters
  • Connecting your skills to the job description
  • Using job boards and sites
  • Relocating to your internship city
  • Overview of practical training options and government regulations


Everything needed for the transition to a successful career

The ComPro program sets students up for success in a very holistic way: Academically, by developing high-demand technical skills; personally, with an ideal routine that includes daily practice of the scientifically validated Transcendental Meditation® technique, and professionally, with our Career Strategies Workshop.

“A data-driven approach is used to pinpoint areas of opportunity for students, then help them refine their skills and strategy to yield the best results: obtaining their CPT position,” says Sheri Shulmier, Co-Director of Computer Science Career Development. “Students are given step-by-step building blocks for a very natural learning journey. We alternate teaching, practicing and mastering the skills that will empower students for the rest of their lives.”


Become empowered for professional success


Unique Advantages

After finishing the Career Strategies Workshop, ComPro students are much better prepared for the interviewing process than the average CPT job seeker:

“When I saw what practices Amazon recommends to their interview candidates, to my surprise and delight, it’s exactly the skills we teach!” says Jim Garrett. “By the time students complete our workshop they’ve achieved a level of professionalism and competency most job seekers don’t have.”

Jim goes on to relate a recent conversation with a recruiter from Texas: “I was calling for a student reference, and we started talking about the ComPro program. The recruiter said, ‘You know Jim, I’ve got to tell you, your students interview better than people who have lived here their entire lives.’ ”

Another distinctive ComPro program advantage is that Transcendental Meditation (TM) is part of our curriculum. Students gain tangible benefits from their TM practice, including clearer thinking and the ability to remain calm under pressure. This is beneficial not only during a job interview, but also in a face-paced workplace. Scientific studies show that practicing TM leads to improved grades, enhanced work performance, and increased job satisfaction.


Ongoing Support

Our career center is recognized for the far-reaching support given to students. The Career Strategies Workshop goes above and beyond what most universities offer.

“After students complete their on-campus studies, several teams continue to support them,” says Sheri Shulmier. “The career center coaches are instrumental in preparing them for job search, but the support doesn’t end there. The operations team sees them through the hiring process, and the optional practical training (OPT) and distance education teams continue to offer support long after the students leave campus and start their internships.”

Promising young Mongolian programmers will soon have unique opportunities in America and elsewhere

Shagai Nyamdorj is taking what he learned in MIU’s ComPro MSCS program, and giving back to his home country of Mongolia by teaching middle and high school students the skills they need to kickstart a future career in IT.

“For the last three years, we have built our Nest Academy. Now we have more than one hundred kids learning coding and UX design,” says Shagai. “Our mission is to coach 10K young talents to become world class software engineers. Once we have perfected the plan and the setup, we hope to expand to other countries as well.”

By 2022, Nest Academy’s partner company, Nest Solutions, will start matching these talented young developers from Mongolia with startup companies in the U.S. and other nations to create the team necessary for a startup to thrive and grow into a well-established success. First they will focus on startups in Mongolia, and then expand operations to include projects in the U.S., Singapore and other parts of Southeast Asia.

Shagai knows well from personal experience that good ideas alone are not enough to make a startup into a successful company:

“It’s vital to have a good team and good leadership–it’s very obvious that all the tech giants open their offices in big cities with good talent pools. And with most of the successful companies, there is a good team with more than 100 engineers with good leadership that can turn any simple idea into a successful venture,” Shagai points out.


Young Nest Academy students busy learning Javascript

Young Nest Academy students busy learning Javascript


When Shagai first applied for the ComPro program in 2011, he submitted an essay with his application that said, “My main goal for increasing my knowledge base is to make a difference in the lives of others.”

This is a goal he still holds to this day.

“I want to teach our young generation to improve their lives, pursue their dreams and make a difference in our country and the world,” says Shagai.

He has found his education at MIU to be the perfect bridge to achieving this goal.

The full time, paid Curricular Practical Training aspect of the ComPro program has been especially valuable for Shagai, because it allowed him to gain real-world experience with a U.S. company while continuing to take computer science classes via distance education.

After completing his on-campus studies, Shagai was hired for an internship at well-known financial services company Shazam, and later worked as a senior software engineer at Amazon before starting his own company.


Nest Academy design students busy focusing Accessibility Standards

Mongolian design students focusing on Accessibility Standards


How did he hear about the ComPro program?

“In 2010, I was fortunate that I had a chance to work with top talents in Mongolia, and one of my co-workers decided to apply to MIU. For me it was a great chance to challenge myself to pursue my MSCS in the United States as well. I had never seen such a good program in the U.S. I had researched similar programs, but realized MIU is far more valuable compared to other programs,” Shagai says.

In October 2011, he left his friends, family and career in Mongolia, and set off for America. He arrived on the campus of MIU, a few hours’ drive from Chicago, to find a very welcoming environment:

“The MIU campus and town of Fairfield, Iowa is such a pleasant and convenient place, and everyone at the school and in the community are so friendly,” he says.


Transcendental Meditation

Shagai quickly settled into his new routine at MIU, which included regular practice of the benefit-rich Transcendental Meditation® technique (TM). TM is the cornerstone of the Consciousness-based education at MIU, where all students practice TM as part of the curriculum.

It soon became clear to Shagai that TM was having a positive effect:

“TM improves my sleep quality and makes me calmer in stressful situations. I think it also helps us become more joyful and happy,” he says.


Nest Academy founder, Shagai Nyamdorj plans to train10K software engineers

“Our mission is to coach 10K young talents to become world class software engineers.”

Bringing IT Success into the Classroom

Popular Professor Shares Years of Enterprise Architecture Success

When Payman Salek came to the US from Iran in 2000 and joined the Computer Professionals (ComPro) program at Maharishi International University, he never expected that years later he’d be back to teach on the same campus he found so enriching as a student.

After graduation, Payman worked in many different professional roles. He soon discovered a passion for web app development, and went on to work as a senior Java developer, designer, architect and team leader, developing Enterprise Applications.

“I worked for a number of big companies like Principal Financial GroupVanguardBank of AmericaAlly Bank, and Uline,” says Payman. “During this time I was exposed to many different kinds of technology, software development techniques and tools, and saw how things are done at a large scale enterprise application level.”

Professor Salek enjoys bringing his real-world expertise into the classroom, teaching Enterprise Architecture to prepare students for success in the international IT industry.

Students appreciate his simple explanations of complex concepts

ComPro graduate Mohamed Samy is one of many students who values the experience he had in Professor Salek’s Enterprise Architecture class. Mohamed had already been working as an architect for 15 years before taking the class, but even so, was highly impressed by how much he learned:


“Professor Salek brings great knowledge and industry expertise to his students, and has the ability to tailor the curriculum to the students’ learning ability as well as to explain very complex concepts in a way everyone can understand,” says Mohamed. “I was amazed at his deep conceptual knowledge coupled with the ability to explain this knowledge and keep the whole class motivated. We loved every moment of the course, and even asked him to give us extra lectures that were not directly part of the course.”


Professor Payman Salek

10 Million People use his Software Every Day


Inspired by the ability of IT to touch the lives of millions

One thing Payman finds so fulfilling about being a software developer (and also teaching future generations of developers) is the fact that a single software application has the potential to touch and improve the lives of millions.

“Bank of America receives 10 million logins a day. So, a piece of online banking software that I wrote is commonly used by 10 million people per day, every single day!


How to stay balanced in an ever-changing IT landscape?

Payman is a natural problem-solver, and because software development is all about problem-solving, he finds it to be a perfect match.

“It’s not just problem-solving, it’s problem-solving along with all the challenges of an exponentially exploding IT industry,” he points out. “That’s one thing I love about IT—there’s so much creativity and innovation.

“I consider myself fairly senior in this area, and even for me it can be overwhelming. To stay relevant you have to be up-to-date on constantly evolving technology. How can you deal with so much information, so much variety? How can you have direction and not get lost in the middle of it all?”


The Transcendental Meditation® technique is essential for success

Payman was fortunate to learn about and begin Transcendental Meditation (TM) when he was only 18 years old in Iran. He has found the natural, effortless and scientifically validated TM technique to be a highly effective tool for self-development and has noticed extensive benefits in his years of practice.


“TM has led me to many helpful life habits like exercising and doing yoga. A lot of the professional success I’ve experienced is due to Transcendental Meditation. The main benefit is enhanced ability to focus during activity. When I meditate, I get more accomplished. On the rare days I don’t get to meditate, it’s not the same. After all this time I know it’s not a random thing, it’s a pattern I’ve seen every single time.


“A number of my supervisors have commented that they admire my ability to maintain the big picture while focusing on the details. This is one benefit we emphasize to MIU students about the value of regular twice-daily TM practice.”

Professor Salek's students are happy in his classes.


The ComPro program has unique value for Computer Professionals

This one-of-a-kind program prepares students for success in many ways: It provides the latest advanced computer science knowledge, and a significant advantage through practice of the TM technique. Students learn more effectively, and develop themselves from within on a very profound level.

“To be competitive in the world of IT you need to have a strong foundation, and a way to stay grounded in a very fast-paced industry,” says Professor Salek.


“Studying software development is a super-heavy mental activity. If you want to run a marathon you need to warm up and train for it. Just like we exercise our body to stay in good shape, to be mentally healthy, we should also develop our mental capabilities.Transcendental Meditation is a great tool for this, and it’s been proven to aid our ability to absorb knowledge quickly, and retain it for a longer period of time.”


What else makes MIU so unique?

“MIU offers a very international, diverse, safe and friendly environment,” says Professor Salek. “When you go to a different country, it’s not easy: you leave your friends, family, and a lot of familiar things behind. Change is difficult for everyone. Coming to MIU and studying in such a peaceful, stress-free environment is a very enriching experience. Students come here from all over the world and are immediately accepted with open arms.”

Find out more by watching our videos and reading our blogs.


Students safely enjoy movies in the park on pleasant weekend evening--masks and distancing mandatory!

Biking Iowa trails


Making MIU Safe During COVID

MIU Creates safe, rich, full campus experience during pandemic: 

MIU President John Hagelin has personally headed up our COVID Task Force over the last six months, successfully creating a model situation that other universities might find exemplary.

According to Dr. Hagelin, “We continue to observe all government regulations and CDC recommendations, social distancing, and all other precautions that are deemed necessary and advisable, and require compliance by all of our students, staff and faculty.

“We strive to provide the richest, fullest, and safest on-campus college experience possible. With the continued cooperation of all members of our University community we are confident that we can maintain our exceptional record.”

COVID-19 testing is done on all students when they arrive on campus

COVID-19 testing is done on all students when they arrive on campus

Keeping Our Campus Community Healthy and Safe

Here are the steps we have taken so far in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These points all aim at minimizing contact with anyone who may have been exposed to the virus and preventing the introduction of COVID-19 into our community.

We are constantly monitoring the situation and will relax these policies when it is safe to do so.

Airport pickup  Have created COVID-safe airport transportation system for picking up arriving students

Travel restriction  Campus-wide travel ban recommended outside our county

Testing–Employees  Some monitored daily

Testing–Students  On arrival and one week later

Masks  Given to all students, faculty and staff, with requirements where and when to wear

Online teaching  All classes are taught in classrooms with option to also have 2-way live video conferencing

On-campus dining  Many safety steps taken: hand washing stations (see photo 1 below), body temperature monitoring scanners (see photo 2 below), distancing, masks during food pickup, separate dining for current vs. new arrivals, only open to MIU personnel

Food shopping  We pick up requested snacks and other items at Walmart and sell back to students on campus at cost

Library access  Access closed, but students can request and pickup materials at library window

Recreation Center  Access closed, but have set up “Virtual Rec Center” with online fitness, dance, yoga classes, to stay fit

Campus events  Live events canceled or online, with other virtual events

Online student activities  Online activities for students

Doing business remotely  Encourage students to do university business by phone or email

COVID pledge  All community members asked to sign pledge to follow mask, hand-washing, social distancing and large group avoidance guidelines

Self-care education  Educate students in self-care; proper sleep, meditation, hand washing, etc.

Staying home if unwell

Food delivery  Have system for delivering food to those who are not well

Isolation and quarantine facilities  Have set up four residential facilities as quarantine housing units if needed

Auxiliary facilities  Offering auxiliary hospital facilities on campus if local hospital gets overwhelmed

Visiting Fairfield  Requesting those off campus not to visit campus for now

Outdoor entertainment  Have safely offered outdoor movie night on weekends. Students wear masks and sit two meters apart

“I am proud of the tireless, dedicated work of our faculty and administrators and community leaders over these past few months, and the spirit of concern and cooperation displayed by everyone in our campus community.” —John Hagelin, President, Maharishi International University

For details visit

More information at


Students safely enjoy movies in the park on pleasant weekend evening--masks and distancing mandatory!

Students safely enjoy movies in the park on pleasant weekend evening–masks and distancing mandatory!


Hand-washing stations used before entering building for dining.

Hand-washing stations used before entering building for dining.


Body temperature monitoring scanners used for each diner.

Body temperature monitoring scanners used for each diner.

We look forward to the time when we can return to normal education and campus living, but until then, we welcome new students to our well adapted university.

Note: Only one student has tested COVID positive. This person isolated on campus and has recovered.

MIU ComPro degree is her passport to the world

Last year, Wimonrat Sangthong traveled around the world for five months. Here she is in Red Square in Moscow, Russia. St. Basil's Cathedral is in background.

Wimonrat Sangthong works hard and plays harder. She tries not to waste time.

When not working as a software engineer at a Seattle, Washington company, if the weather allows, you will find this playful, energetic, fun-loving, and self-sufficient young woman traveling, playing outdoors, and hiking in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest (USA).

Wimonrat perched on top of Mt. Pilchuck in Washington State (USA).

Here she is perched on top of Mount Pilchuck in Washington State (USA).

“For me, being outdoors complements my work very well. Every time I come back from the mountains, I am more creative, thinking more clearly and better able to focus on whatever comes next,” said Wimonrat Sangthong (MS, 2016).

The beauty of nature always motivates her. Being in nature makes her happier, kinder, and stronger.

Seeing the World

Last year, before the Covid-19 pandemic, while in-between programming jobs, she traveled to more than 20 countries around the world for about five months. “It was one of the best memories of my life, ever. I got to meet many nice people along my journey, learn a lot about cultural differences, and try many new foods. Travelling truly broadens my mind and widens my horizons. It teaches me to be more understanding, more flexible, more adaptive.”


Wimonrat's amusing sketch of herself travelling the world.


Wimonrat visited the Matterhorn in Switzerland.

In Zermatt, Switzerland, Wimonrat “played” with the Matterhorn.


Wimonrat posing with a camel in Mongolia.


Shoshone Falls in Idaho (USA)


Wimonrat's photo of beautiful Australian seaside.


Wimonrat selfie in Mexico City, Mexico.


Learning about MIU and Coming to the USA

About three months after graduating with her bachelor’s degree in Thailand, Wimonrat received an email about our very unique and affordable Computer Professionals Master’s degree program (ComPro) in the USA at Maharishi International University. Her interest in coming to MIU to earn a Master of Science in Computer Science degree grew over time.

She comes from a family of six in central Thailand, not far from Bangkok. Her parents and three siblings are happy living in their home country, but she believes in being free to choose what is best for herself, as long as it doesn’t negatively affect others.

After much research on MIU and ComPro, she applied and decided to join the program in February 2013.


Wimonrat with a few of her many friends at Maharishi International University.

Wimonrat made new friends from many nations at MIU.

Wimonrat says, “MIU is a very friendly and understanding community. I met so many good friends there, and all the professors and staff were always there to help and guide you to stay on the right track.”

“The opportunity that they offer to people who live outside the USA is very valuable. The program is designed specifically for non-US citizens. I wouldn’t have been able to afford to come to study and work there otherwise. You might find another school that offers a similar program, but none are as good as MIU in preparing students for success.”

Transcendental Meditation

One of the most unique and valuable aspects of MIU education is that everyone learns and regularly practices the simple, natural, and scientifically validated Transcendental Meditation® technique (TM).

According to Wimonrat, “TM helps me calm my mind and body. It reduces stress and helps me stay positive and be happy.”

“Studying at MIU was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.”


Wimonrat doing her software engineering job from home.

Like many other software developers, Wimonrat works from home.

MIU is the Home of Consciousness-Based Education

Maharishi International University is the Home of Consciousness-Based Education

So, what is Consciousness-Based education?

In 1971, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi founded Maharishi International University (renamed Maharishi University of Management in 1993-2019), and developed Consciousness-Based℠ education (CBE) to provide what has been missing in education.

What Has Been Missing in Education

Knowledge is the result of knower and known coming together through the process of knowing.

The process of education always involves three aspects: the knower—the student; the known—that which is to be learned; and the processes of knowing—that which connects knower to known— sense perceptions, mind, intellect, intuition, aided by a teacher in formal education. In fact, you can identify these components in every experience; regardless of age or occupation. There is always a subject (you), some object of your attention, and some process of knowing that connects you to that object.

Traditionally, education has focused primarily on the known: the world is divided into disciplines, sequences of courses and lessons, focused on the objective information you are expected to master. Think about how you are evaluated: by test results, grade point averages, SAT scores.

What is missing? Education has lacked an equally systematic way of developing the knower—the student—developing their full creative potential so that their processes of knowing are functioning more and more effectively, for greater clarity of perception, innovative thinking, deepest insights, inner happiness and fulfillment.

Knowledge of the knower in their unbounded capacity has been missing from education. This is because educators did not know how to do this. Fortunately, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi brought to the educational process a simple, reliable, universal technology for day-by-day development of the best in every student.

The technology—the Transcendental Meditation® technique and advanced programs—achieve this by profoundly improving the functioning of the nervous system, giving deep rest and dissolving stress in body and mind, and at the same time stimulating increasing use of the whole brain.

As a result, students start functioning at the optimal level for doing anything, which is the state of relaxed, wide-awake alertness. In short, they are developing their consciousness to achieve their highest goals.

Consciousness-Based education offers a systematic technology—the Transcendental Meditation® technique—to dissolve stress and optimize brain functioning, to fully develop the knower, and thereby optimize the process of knowing or learning.

Consciousness-Based education is based on this technology to dissolve stress and optimize brain functioning, to increasingly develop the knower, and thereby optimize the process of knowing and the usefulness of the known.

In the last 50 years, hundreds of scientific research studies have documented the benefits of this technology for mind, body, behavior, and—with large groups practicing—in society as a whole, reducing negative trends, and improving positive trends.

You may recall moments when you felt wide awake, more alert and conscious than usual, moments people call “peak experiences.” Without a systematic means to develop consciousness, these treasured times are left to chance. The TM technique is a way to develop and stabilize these holistic, fully wakeful experiences, enhancing your inner quality of life, so learning and life is easier, more enjoyable, more relevant, as well as more dynamically progressive.

Consciousness-Based education also includes a comprehensive understanding of consciousness: its development, range and potential; its source and goal. In this system of education, you will come to know yourself better than you had dreamed possible.

An Integrated, Consciousness-Based Curriculum

Modern science, with its objective approach, has yielded vast information about specific aspects of life—from nuclear energy to genetic engineering—but it does not integrate or connect the parts of life into a whole. Subjects are separate from each other and often do not seem to connect to you as a person. Brilliant scientists can split atoms and dissect DNA but they sometimes seem cut off from the ethical consideration of these actions.

At MIU you will learn all about the field of consciousness and how every discipline and every aspect of creation arises out of consciousness—that same basic field of consciousness that you experience twice daily in Transcendental Meditation. With this, you start to feel at home with everything and everyone.

When we practice Transcendental Meditation we enliven the entire brain and develop latent brain potential. We access the full value of consciousness, the basis of every experience and every aspect of life. And group practice of TM and its advanced techniques enhances its effects for us individually and for the whole environment.

Through the study of the Science and Technology of Consciousness for Computer Professionals, the first course in our Master’s in Computer Science program, we appreciate both approaches to gaining knowledge: objective and subjective, outer and inner—with the goal of living total knowledge: full understanding of diversity on the ground of inner unified wholeness.

Daily group TM practice helps our Computer Science students reduce stress, improve academic performance, and better prepare for more successful professional careers.

Daily group Transcendental Meditation practice helps our Computer Science students reduce stress, improve academic performance, and better prepare for more successful professional careers.

Scientific Research on Consciousness-Based Education
Computer Professionals Program at Maharishi University of Management

Billionaire Graduate Awarded Honorary Doctorate

Yingwu Zhong Receiving MIU Doctorate in Shanghai, China.
Yingwu Zhong Received MIU Doctorate in Shanghai, China

One of the highlights of the 2020 MIU graduation ceremony on-campus in Fairfield, Iowa, was the awarding of the honorary “Doctor of Computer Science—Honoris Causa” degree (via Zoom) to 2010 Computer Professionals Program graduate, Yingwu (Andy) Zhong in China.

Soon after completing his MS in computer science, Andy (CEO) and co-founder Yitao Guan (CTO) started their own game business, FunPlus in San Francisco. Within a few short years, FunPlus has become one of the most significant companies in the entire global gaming industry, generating $1 billion in revenue.

According to Dr. Zhong, “2020 is the 10th anniversary of FunPlus. Our office moved five times to increase capacity and co-workers are collaborating from offices and homes from 20 countries. Millions of players worldwide enjoy games like Family FarmFamily Farm SeasideGuns of GloryKing of AvalonState of Survival, to name a few.  And even more watch esports team FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) (2019 League of Legends World Champions!) playing against other world leading teams.”

In 2019, team FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) won the League of Legends World Championship.
FunPlus is a major supporter of international esports team gaming competition. In 2019, team FunPlus Phoenix (FPX) won the League of Legends World Championship.

Quotes from Doctoral Diploma

“MIU has honored Yingwu for his dedication to creating joy and fun in the world. His steady focus and perseverance in bringing challenging and wholesome entertainment to more than 5 million people is noble and inspiring.

“In his company, people are the priority. He cultures employees to be successful in activity while enlivening the inner core, where dreams begin.

“Surely, the root of Dr. Zhong’s powerful influence lies in his inner being. His success reflects something special emanating from his heart. His influence has been and will continue to be great, and for the greater good.

“He is respected as a visionary, a resilient leader, a practical scientist, and as a joyful and reliable human being. MIU honors him for his commitment to be the best at what he does.

“As his “Mother University,” MIU thanks Yingwu Zhong for his superior choices, high goals, kindness and friendliness, his outreach to all humanity, and innate goodness. Yingwu Zhong is among the best sons and daughters of our University.”

It is a great joy to award this highest honor to Dr. Yingwu Zhong:

Video: Doctor of Computer Science--Honoris Causa awarded by MIU to Yingwu Zhong

Doctor of Computer Science—Honoris Causa presented to Yingwu Zhong

Watch the Degree Presentation Video

Dr. Zhong’s Appreciation to MIU

“Arriving at MIU in 2007 was the beginning of a new adventure. I started eating organic vegetables… Practicing Transcendental Meditation (TM) healed my body and soul, and with time passing by, I have experienced and have a deeper understanding of how profoundly the impact of MIU experience has shaped my life.

“TM is a very powerful tool, and gradually became a part of myself as I practiced more. It helped me stay focused and live in the present. It also gave me the ability and energy to inquire deeply and guide my curiosity to explore.”

“People call me a visionary leader, and I know it is the philosophy of living in the present and following the purity of heart that has fulfilled me with great optimism, resilience and grace.”

FunPlus CEO is passionate to create one of the top three interactive entertainment companies in the world.

FunPlus CEO is passionate to create one of the top three interactive entertainment companies in the world.

Advice to MIU 2020 graduates

Yingwu Zhong shares his wisdom and inner experiences for successful living:

  1. Please stick to your dreams. Hold them tight, and fight hard.
  2. Live in the present. Only focus on most important things, because most of the things bothering you right now, will not be as important in one day, one week, one month, one year.
  3. Talent comes a long way, but perseverance brings long-term results.
  4. Embrace uncertainty and nourish a growth mindset. It’s really OK not to have all the answers and screw up things at times, as long as you recover quickly.
  5. Practice meditation and do morning prayer. The internal source of intelligence is far more powerful than external drive or ego when facing challenges.
  6. Eat well, eat healthy, be kind, be generous. Have empathy for human beings, earth and the world, the universe. Build resilient communities. If the world is going to get better, it is because of you.

MIU’s Vice President of Asia Expansion, Yunxiang Zhu says, “Zhong Yingwu is respected as a great visionary, a resilient leader, and a practical scientist who brings fun and happiness to millions of people all over the world. We are extremely proud of him and his honorary doctorate degree is very well deserved.”

MIU Students in China Send Protective Masks to Fairfield Campus

PhD student Yong Xu

PhD student Yong Xu

When Chinese students heard about MIU’s need for personal protective equipment (PPE) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, several of them stepped up by donating masks. PhD student Yong Xu has sent 50 face shields, 500 KN95 masks, and four infrared thermometers from China. He has also donated 2,000 disposable surgical masks, with 500 already received and the rest on the way. Mr. Xu is a business owner who is completing his PhD in management at MIU’s Shanghai China program. He heard about MIU’s need for masks from Professor Scott Herriott during a class.

“With the deepening of my study, I have learned more about Maharishi International University,” said Mr. Xu. “I think it is a magical university, and I like its teaching characteristics of developing human wisdom and its educational concept of harmonious coexistence between man and nature. I hope the global outbreak will be over as soon as possible, and I wish Maharishi International University well, to pass on good education to more people.”

MBA student Yi (Erin) Zhang

MBA student Yi (Erin) Zhang

MBA student Yi (Erin) Zhang has donated 2,000 disposable masks. Due to customs issues, she had to send the masks in 20 different shipments to 20 individuals at MIU, and they all have arrived. Both students have gone to great length to send their shipments, in spite of various customs and shipping restrictions.

Here is what Yi said about her inspiration: “Because of the severe epidemic in China, masks became scarce. At that time, MIU sent us masks from the United States, which was very touching. Furthermore, MIU has built an excellent learning platform for us, and classes have not been suspended during the epidemic. Sending these masks is a trivial expression of my gratitude.”

The surgical masks are provided to students who have off-campus doctors’ appointments, to faculty members who have to travel home after teaching here, and for students returning to campus from home. Masks have also been distributed to employees in the mailroom and food service. MIU faculty member Yunxiang Zhu also proactively purchased 200 KN95 masks for the MIU clinic in February.

Nurses Vina Miller and Sallie Morgan with the face shields and infrared thermometer received from Mr. Xu.

Nurses Vina Miller and Sallie Morgan      with the face shields and infrared     thermometer received from Mr. Xu.

“These supplies are very difficult to find in the US, and we were very excited to receive them,” said Vina Miller, head of the nurses’ office at the campus clinic.

In addition, MS in computer science student Longxiang Xiao contributed 600 masks that have been distributed to students through Student Activities. Longxiang first initiated a fundraiser in March, soon after the outbreak in Wuhan, China. He not only raised $2,500, but he also purchased the masks and found a shipping agent and a volunteer group to distribute the masks in hospitals in Wuhan. When a month later MIU was in need of surgical masks, he began a second fundraiser among his Chinese friends to purchase masks for MIU students.

Longxiang Xiao and his friends fundraising for face masks at MIU’s Argiro Center

Longxiang Xiao and his friends fundraising for face masks at MIU’s Argiro Center.

“The Chinese have a saying: ‘The grace of dripping water should be reciprocated by a gushing spring,’” said Longxiang. “MIU students, teachers, and staff helped Chinese hospitals before, when they were in a very bad situation, so it was time for us to help you!” 

Computer Professionals Program at Maharishi University of Management

Hlina Beyene Loves Everything About MIU

Hlina Beyene loves everything at Maharishi International University

“I love everything about Maharishi International University (formerly Maharishi University of Management). There is a positive energy here, and people are welcoming. I love the diversity. I love how the faculty care about each student. They’re concerned about everyone and they guide us through everything, and I love TM (the Transcendental Meditation technique).” — Hlina Beyene (from Ethiopia)

In 2018, many of Hlina Beyene’s friends studying computer science were planning for a master’s degree in a research field, but she decided to pursue a master’s degree in a university that would prepare her to work in the IT industry. She found Maharishi International University on Google.

“I did not think MIU would help me catch up to be competent in industry. I thought I would need to do that on my own. Having completed the on-campus courses, however, I felt excited! I felt prepared. I felt competent.”

Transcendental Meditation® technique helps students

Before coming to MIU, “I didn’t know exactly about TM, but I knew I wanted to meditate. I knew through meditation I would gain some energy, some peace. I was looking for that.

“When I found MIU, I didn’t know that they would take Transcendental Meditation very seriously, but I knew I had that opportunity. When I found out that they take it seriously, and we had a chance to meditate twice a day, every day–that was a great experience for me. It is beautiful.

“MIU courses are on the block system. So, we study one subject at a time, full-time. We really have to learn each subject in a month. Sometimes it’s challenging, because we may have to finish projects within three days and do assignments every day.

“We manage the block system by doing the Transcendental Meditation technique every morning, before lunch, and at the end of classes in the afternoon. This is really helpful because it relaxes my body, and it helps me to relieve stress and focus on my work. I feel my brain is getting more and more energy every time I do TM. It is like exercising my body every day.”


Hlina enjoyed the beautiful garden in front of the McLaughlin (Computer Science) Building at MIUSee Hlina’s Video

Preparing to find a professional internship

“Studying advanced computer science courses was great. After 8-9 months of academic courses, we took a special course called Career Strategies. This was a 3-week workshop where Career Center staff helped us create our professional resume, prepare for internship/job interviews, and for adapting well to the US culture.

“They gave us all the necessary information we would need. In particular, we learned that when being interviewed it isn’t just them looking for special skills from me—it is also me looking at them to see if I would be happy there. I was well prepared to excel in my interviews. They give us all the necessary information we need.

“I got the internship really quickly—within a week I was hired as an Application Developer 5 at Bank of America in North Carolina. They found me through their contact with our Computer Science Career Center. The recruiters actually came to the University and they matched me to their need.”


Hlina Beyene loved being on the MIU campus in Fairfield, Iowa, USA
Personal goal

“I have a special goal—to make a difference in our world. I want to encourage more women to become software developers. In developing countries, women want to take on more responsibilities, but often do not see opportunities to get ahead.

“Education such as what MIU offers will better prepare women for success in leadership positions. Educating a woman in developing countries means uplifting the whole family.

“In Ethiopia there are not enough opportunities for women to develop their careers. I want women in all developing countries to believe in themselves, and if they can get the opportunity, I highly recommend and advise them to come to MIU—a place where they can progress in their life and career.”

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ComPro students come from all over the world!

Since 1996, 3000 software developers from more than 93 nations have graduated with our Master of Science in Computer Science degree.

Brazil COVID-19 Data Mapped by MIU Student

Brazil COVID-19 Data Mapped by MIU Student Edgar Endo Junior


Comprehensive Real-time Display is Valuable Public Health Tool:

When MIU computer science graduate student Edgar de Jesus Endo Junior studied MWA (Modern Web Applications) last month, he didn’t realize that he was going to gain the knowledge to create an online real-time interactive geographic map of COVID-19 cases and mortalities for all the cities and states in Brazil.

According to Professor Asaad Saad, “After Edgar finished the MWA course, he was prepared to use the latest technologies in his independent project. This project provides data that may help health professionals save lives in Brazil. I respect Edgar for creating this application.

“I have no doubt that creative people like Edgar have a very bright and successful future.”

Edgar describes project background

“In MWA, we learned indepth how to work with NodeJS and Angular. (Angular is a TypeScript-based open-source web application framework led by the Angular Team at Google and by a community of individuals and corporations.) This allowed me to work easily with big projects that require fast interaction with users (without those annoying whole page loads of traditional websites).

“The COVID-19 mapping project just uses Angular to work with an API (Application Programming Interface) which was created by a team of people in Brazil (Brasil.IO). They are responsible for updating data about many subjects (including COVID-19 spread) in Brazil every day. Data is available in an easily used machine readable format.

“It took five days (using Github) to release the first usable version of the mapping project. The real-time interactive map is made for everyone in Brazil with Internet access on their smartphones or computers. It has been my pleasure to create this project voluntarily–just for the benefits it might bring the people of Brazil.

“What this project does differently is the way it presents the data in a map with graphs, and is updated every day using the API. This is the first application of its kind to use this API.”


Edgar de Jesus Endo Junior -- Student in the Computer Professionals Program at Maharishi International University

Edgar is happy to make this project available for the people of Brazil.

See the Map

Project features

  • Proportionally sized display for each city according to number of cases reported
  • Variable color coding for number of reported local and state cases
  • Latest national total and daily additional cases and deaths display updated daily
  • Graph of confirmed cases and deaths over time for each city (requires click)
  • Ability to zoom in to see detailed data for individual cities
  • City and state search
  • Available in Portuguese and English

Sample daily data for March 26, 2020 within the state of Ceará.

Sample data for March 26, 2020 within the state of Ceara.


Sample accumulated data for the city of São Paulo through March 27, 2020.

Sample cumulated data for the city of Sao Paulo through March 27, 2020
About Edgar

Edgar comes from Itapeva, SP, Brazil. His goals include bringing useful software products to society, as well as the best productivity to companies he works in.

He adds, “MIU and the Computer Professionals Master’s Program have improved my vision about the world and allowed me to have opportunities I was just dreaming I would have a few years ago.”

Advice for other software developers

“For Brazilians and other software developers, just grab the opportunity to study at MIU. Don’t give excuses, because it is really worth it.

“The Transcendental Meditation technique (which is learned and then practiced twice daily by all MIU students, faculty and staff) is the best tool for dealing with stress.

“My family is very proud of this mapping achievement, and because I chose to study for my MS in Computer Science at MIU.”


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ComPro students come from all over the world!