Opportunities for Software Developers in the USA

Study and Get a Paid Internship as a Software Developer in the USA

  • Study on campus at Maharishi International University, USA for 8-9 months.
  • Get a full-time paid internship in the USA at companies like Google, Facebook and Apple as a software developer.
  • Starting salaries average $94,000 per year.
  • Learn the latest software technologies from industry experienced faculty.
  • Join 3,300+ international graduates and 1000 current students.
  • 2nd largest Masters Computer Science program in the USA with 25 years of success.


  • 3-4 Year Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Related Subject
  • Minimum GPA 3.0 out of 4 cumulative grade point average. GPA’s below 3.0 will be considered for strong professional work experience as a software developer
  • Work experience as a software engineer:
    At least 6 months with 4 year degree/ 1-3 years with 3 year degree
  • Graduating or final year students from top universities with a high GPA and no work experience may apply.
  • Knowledge of C, C#, C++ or Java
  • Good English skills


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Some Fortune 500 Companies
Where Students have done Internships


“For me, in the end it paid off, because I had all the skills I needed to secure a high paying internship in a U.S. company. It’s a win-win situation, because you and the University work together to secure a internship for yourself, and from that internship, you pay your loan—so the University wins, and you win, and everybody is happy.”


We have found that many countries have very delayed interview dates. Please see Visa Appointment Wait Times (state.gov) to find out the length of time to get an interview date for your country/city.

If the interview waiting time is more than 2 months, we encourage you to apply and complete your application immediately, even if you are planning to apply for a future entry. This way you can complete the application process, get your I-20, and then get an interview date. You must have an I-20 to get the interview date.  If the date is earlier than you plan to come to the U.S., you can always postpone your arrival date once you get the visa. We would just issue you a new I-20 for the entry date for which you plan to come.

For questions regarding this information, please contact our admissions office at csadmissions@miu.edu.