What Makes ComPro Education Unique?

Maharishi University of Management offers Holistic Graduate Education for Today's Computer Professionals

‘ComPro’ is short for the ‘Computer Professionals Program’

If any computer science master’s degree program in the world could be called ‘unique,’ the ComPro program at MUM is a good candidate. Here’s why…

Major features of our ComPro Master’s program:

  1. Advanced computer science courses: Three areas of specialization: advanced software developmentweb applications and architecture, or our award-winning data science specialization.
  2. Career Strategies WorkshopComprehensive preparation for every aspect of successful career preparation with experienced professional staff. Skills include: resumes, job search, interview skills and practice, U.S. business culture, salary contract evaluation, etc.
  3. Technical leadership training with a top global consultant and educator: This course offers the latest science-based approaches for succeeding as a manager and as a human being.
  4. Emphasis on developing the learner for academic, career and personal life success. Hundreds of scientific studies verify that students experience increased intelligence, improved memory, broader comprehension, increased creativity, reduced stress and improved grades when they practice the Transcendental Meditation® technique. TM makes students more receptive, better performers and leaders, and more desirable by employers.

Chart showing major features of our MS in Computer Science program:

Maharishi University of Management offers Holistic Graduate Education for Today's Computer Professionals
Other MSCS program features and benefits:

  • Dedicated ComPro Admissions team
  • Safe, friendly campus community
  • Low initial cost for internationals
  • Paid professional internships in U.S. companies (up to 24 months)
  • Four entries per year (internationals), and two for U.S. students
  • Students are treated like family by experienced, caring faculty and staff. We celebrate diversity.
  • Study one course full-time, each month. Go deeper with less stress.
  • Fresh, organic, non-GMO dining (primarily vegetarian)
  • Beautiful pollution-free, natural campus environment
  • Abundant year-around sports and recreation facilities
  • 4000+ graduates from 108 nations since 1996 (as of July 2023)
  • International alumni support organization

Come join us!

Formal group photo of August 2018 ComPro entry.
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