The Love of an Admissions Counselor: Abigail Stickels

Abigail Stickels joined the ComPro admissions team in 2020. She loves every bit of her work as an admissions counselor and helps her applicants to smoothly transition through the application steps and steer them toward a better career.

She conducts practice interviews to prepare them to face the visa interview. “The best joy in my position is reading the words, “I got my visa today”, says Abigail. “I walked in my first day of work and was greeted by the most peaceful, kind, and beautiful humans, whom I still adore”.

Abigail with the ComPro Admissions Team in 2021

Abigail has a passion to travel the world. In 2022 alone, she visited six countries in Africa, Europe, and South America and five states in the U.S. Through her love and knowledge of different cultures, and lifestyles, she is able to create a special connection with her international applicants.

In Cairo, Egypt, and San Pedro, Guatemala

Lakpa Sherpa, a current ComPro student from Nepal says, “Abigail’s unwavering support was invaluable and made my journey a lot smoother. I must mention that our relationship went beyond that of a mere counselor and student. We developed a good friendship, which I cherish to this day.”

“Abigail Stickels is awesome! She is very friendly, fast, and always happy to help. We had enjoyable exchanges throughout my application to MIU. She stayed in touch and made sure I had the best services and experience in my travels to MIU as well,” shares Amanuel Berihun.

When she is not exploring the land, she dives deep to experience the world beneath the surface. “Into the sea, I go to lose my mind and find my soul,” says Abigail.

Marsa Alam, Egypt

Abigail is now working with the main MIU admissions team to help applicants from other departments. Still, through her vibrant nature, she continues to bring joy to our ComPro students living on campus.