The ComPro admissions team: dedicated to your future

Worldwide interest in ComPro keeps Admissions team busy and happy

A record number of people have applied for the Computer Professionals ProgramSM in the last two years, with more than 28,000 applications submitted from 185 nations.

Processing this large number of applications in an efficient, accurate, professional and welcoming manner is the specialty of our ComPro Admissions department.

Meet your Admissions team

Top row: Dima, Randy, Abigail, Melissa, Bonnie, Erica, Laxmi, Elaine.                Bottom row: Lisa, Samantha, Charlie, Teja, Girma, Chandra, Pat, and Sara.

“We realize that these applicants’ futures are so bright,” says Director of Computer Science Admissions, Melissa McDowell. “They have big dreams and we are dedicated to helping them succeed.”

Our team is looking forward to receiving your application and helping you achieve your personal and professional goals!

Twenty-five years of experience 

The Computer Science department is excited to be celebrating the program’s 25th year. Since 1996 more than 4,000 students from 100+ countries have enrolled, making ComPro the second-largest Computer Science master’s program in the United States (ranked by the number of recent graduates).

“Our Master’s program changes people’s lives by giving software developers worldwide the opportunity to study and gain internship work experience in the U.S., and to learn the Transcendental Meditation technique (TM),” says Chief Administrator of the MS in Computer Science Program, Elaine Guthrie. “This has a huge impact on improving student careers and lives, and it is extremely fulfilling for all of us in Admissions to be part of this process.”

Teja and Melissa with new ComPro students.

Student Appreciation 

“Without the Admissions team’s support from the beginning, I wouldn’t have been able to attend MIU. Without their continued support, I wouldn’t be having a successful CPT [curricular practical training] work experience right now!

“When it came time for my wife and daughter to join me in the U.S., Melissa in the Admissions office helped me with all the details like I was her own family. When my wife and daughter arrived in the U.S. it was the most wonderful moment of my life. Without the support of ComPro Admissions, it wouldn’t have happened.” —Van Tu Huynh, Vietnam

“Meeting the Admissions team on campus was as nice as meeting them online. They were very warm with me—something I wasn’t expecting at first. They made me feel at home. This opportunity wouldn’t have been possible if they hadn’t selected me in the first place, and I’m immensely grateful. As a result, I’ve had the chance to change my life professionally and personally. I cannot express with words how happy and fulfilled I am, thanks to the MIU ComPro Admissions Team.” —Edgar Endo, Brazil

ComPro graduates celebrate the achievement of a major life milestone.