Student families enjoy life at MIU

May I bring my family when I study at MIU?

Prospective international ComPro students often ask us if they can bring their families with them when they enroll in our unique Master’s in Computer Science program.

The answer is ‘yes.’ There are several ways to do this at different stages of the academic program at MIU.

1. Some want to bring their spouse and children when they initially enroll. Families are welcome, but applicants need to verify that they have, in addition to their own expenses, $7800 USD more for their dependent, and $2200-2400 USD (depending on their ages) for any children they have. They also need to find and pay for off-campus housing, since we do not have accommodations for families on campus.

The initial tuition of the program, $5000, is still paid regardless of living on or off campus. The total payment (balance is covered by loan) will be reduced by $7400 if on-campus housing and meals are not included. Our admissions representatives are happy to help with all these details once applicants are accepted to the program.

2. It may be easier for some students first to come alone, and then later apply for the F2 visas for dependents and children after locating good housing, schools, etc., near campus.

3. Another option which is popular, is for students to complete the first 8-9 months of on-campus courses while living in single-room university housing, and then bring their family to the U.S. after they have started working at their curricular practical training (CPT) full-paid internships in U.S. companies. At this stage, they are making significant salaries (typically $80,000 – $95,000 per year), and have found comfortable living arrangements for the family in their work location.

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