Popular professor prepares students for real-world success

Students in the MS in Computer Science program at MIU love Professor Somesh Rao’s courses. But don’t just take our word for it!

“Professor Rao’s Project Management course exceeded my expectations,” says H.H., a student from Ethiopia. “His expertise in software development gave me a clear, confident understanding of how a successful project can be developed from initiation to deployment. I felt like I was working for a million-dollar project, and I know this course will significantly impact my future career.”


Project Management—A critical necessity in today’s business world

IT professionals must know how to manage multiple projects to be successful. Professor Rao’s Project Management class allows students to lead a team through all the life cycles of projects modeled on real-world principles; projects just like the ones they’ll encounter during their practicums.

“Project management is important because it establishes leadership skills, and gives students the confidence to deal with challenges proactively,” says Professor Rao.

His hands-on, practical approach to effective project management is much appreciated by students:

“Professor Rao is definitely a guru in the subject of Project Management. He creates an actual real-time project atmosphere from design to the delivery phase, and he is also very friendly.” — N.Y. (from India)

“Big thank you for the clear, focused knowledge provided by your course. I put it in practice every day at my practicum job.” — I.T. (from Moldova)


Students from around the world enjoy Prof. Rao’s Project Management class.


Technical Coaching for internship interview success 

In addition to teaching Project Management, Professor Rao is the lead technical coach in the Computer Science Career Center’s capstone Career Strategies Workshop.

According to Sheri Shulmier, Director of our Computer Science Career Center, “Our Career Strategies team counts on our technical experts, Somesh Rao and Raphael Dari, to give the students a good foundation for showcasing their technical skills and work experience in interviews. This enables students to advance to the final hiring rounds.”

W.J. from Haiti expresses his appreciation:

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support, Professor Somesh. I received an offer from Coolsoft. Without your help, it wouldn’t have been possible. Your words of encouragement cheered me up. You have supported me like a father who encourages his son to stand up.”


Professor Rao with Career Strategies Workshop students.


From Scientist to IT Professional 

Since childhood, Professor Rao has enjoyed solving complex, challenging problems. He started his career as a scientist in the Indian Space Research Organization, and later went on to obtain twenty-four years of IT experience.

“I appreciate the opportunity for creativity and innovation that computer programming provides,” he says.

Professor Rao has earned M.Tech, MSCS, and MBA degrees, and has many years of direct experience with Consciousness-Based education as both a student and faculty member at MIU.

He gets great joy from seeing students succeed, and with record numbers joining the Computer Professionals program and getting hired for CPT internships, Somesh is one happy man!

“My experience with Consciousness-Based education helps me teach students to expand the bandwidth of their thinking, to naturally and effortlessly come up with efficient technical IT solutions,” says Professor Rao.


MIU’s Consciousness-Based advantage

“At most universities, students and faculty are stressed out. The Consciousness-Based curriculum at MIU provides the best solution to this challenging problem,” he says. “I’ve seen it over and over again: MIU students resolve IT challenges in less time with less stress, compared to students in other programs. This is an advantage of having the Transcendental Meditation® technique as an integral part of the curriculum.”


Staying in touch

Professor Rao continues to support students after they have left campus:

“I often consult with students after they’ve started their internships to discuss solutions for challenges they’re experiencing with work projects.”

He also helps to keep the MIU network strong by connecting students established in internships with students in the process of seeking internships:

“Our students in the field often give referrals when there’s an opening at their current company,” Professor Rao says. “They also extend their help to fellow MIU students who might be moving to their same city of residence, give them relocation advice, help them get settled, and treat them like family.”

Somesh and his wife Chandra both enjoy working for the Computer Professionals program at Maharishi International University, and have lived in Fairfield for over ten years with their three sons, Suraj, Lalith, and SriRam.

“The Fairfield community is very friendly, helpful, and welcoming,” Somesh says.