MIU ComPro degree is her passport to the world

Last year, Wimonrat Sangthong traveled around the world for five months. Here she is in Red Square in Moscow, Russia. St. Basil's Cathedral is in background.

Wimonrat Sangthong works hard and plays harder. She tries not to waste time.

When not working as a software engineer at a Seattle, Washington company, if the weather allows, you will find this playful, energetic, fun-loving, and self-sufficient young woman traveling, playing outdoors, and hiking in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest (USA).

Wimonrat perched on top of Mt. Pilchuck in Washington State (USA).

Here she is perched on top of Mount Pilchuck in Washington State (USA).

“For me, being outdoors complements my work very well. Every time I come back from the mountains, I am more creative, thinking more clearly and better able to focus on whatever comes next,” said Wimonrat Sangthong (MS, 2016).

The beauty of nature always motivates her. Being in nature makes her happier, kinder, and stronger.

Seeing the World

Last year, before the Covid-19 pandemic, while in-between programming jobs, she traveled to more than 20 countries around the world for about five months. “It was one of the best memories of my life, ever. I got to meet many nice people along my journey, learn a lot about cultural differences, and try many new foods. Travelling truly broadens my mind and widens my horizons. It teaches me to be more understanding, more flexible, more adaptive.”


Wimonrat's amusing sketch of herself travelling the world.


Wimonrat visited the Matterhorn in Switzerland.

In Zermatt, Switzerland, Wimonrat “played” with the Matterhorn.


Wimonrat posing with a camel in Mongolia.


Shoshone Falls in Idaho (USA)


Wimonrat's photo of beautiful Australian seaside.


Wimonrat selfie in Mexico City, Mexico.


Learning about MIU and Coming to the USA

About three months after graduating with her bachelor’s degree in Thailand, Wimonrat received an email about our very unique and affordable Computer Professionals Master’s degree program (ComPro) in the USA at Maharishi International University. Her interest in coming to MIU to earn a Master of Science in Computer Science degree grew over time.

She comes from a family of six in central Thailand, not far from Bangkok. Her parents and three siblings are happy living in their home country, but she believes in being free to choose what is best for herself, as long as it doesn’t negatively affect others.

After much research on MIU and ComPro, she applied and decided to join the program in February 2013.


Wimonrat with a few of her many friends at Maharishi International University.

Wimonrat made new friends from many nations at MIU.

Wimonrat says, “MIU is a very friendly and understanding community. I met so many good friends there, and all the professors and staff were always there to help and guide you to stay on the right track.”

“The opportunity that they offer to people who live outside the USA is very valuable. The program is designed specifically for non-US citizens. I wouldn’t have been able to afford to come to study and work there otherwise. You might find another school that offers a similar program, but none are as good as MIU in preparing students for success.”

Transcendental Meditation

One of the most unique and valuable aspects of MIU education is that everyone learns and regularly practices the simple, natural, and scientifically validated Transcendental Meditation® technique (TM).

According to Wimonrat, “TM helps me calm my mind and body. It reduces stress and helps me stay positive and be happy.”

“Studying at MIU was one of the best decisions I have made in my life.”


Wimonrat doing her software engineering job from home.

Like many other software developers, Wimonrat works from home.