Ruvimbo and her family in the Golden Dome during her Graduation Ceremony

Meet Ruvimbo: MIU’s First Zimbabwean ComPro Graduate

Ruvimbo Magweregwede has a bachelor’s degree in software engineering from Harare Institute of Technology in Zimbabwe, and she completed the MS in Computer Science Program (“ComPro”) at MIU in the U.S. in June 2023.

Her journey to MIU began when she saw a Facebook ad and was inspired after speaking with a ComPro graduate working at Microsoft. Ruvimbo decided that getting a Master’s degree at MIU would create a unique opportunity to learn new technologies to advance her career–so, she applied.

In this Q&A article, she tells the story of her software development success.

Q: Tell us about your career before MIU.

“Prior to joining MIU, I enjoyed a fulfilling career as a software engineer. I created a widely used E-commerce platform for over 50% of Zimbabwe’s major retailers, and also contributed to a telecom video-on-demand project and collaborated with an IBM partner, developing, and distributing BPM (Business Process Manager) products while earning valuable IBM certifications.

I am grateful for the support of my family, who wholeheartedly embraced my decision to study at MIU.”

Ruvimbo speaking to on-campus students

Ruvimbo sharing her U.S. IT experience with on-campus ComPro students during MIU 2023 graduation events

Q: What did you like most about your education at MIU?

“Studying at MIU has significantly enhanced my software development expertise and methodologies. Through hands-on project development and collaborative teamwork, I acquired essential skills to advance in my field.”

Q: What was your favorite course?

“Big Data Analytics was my favorite. Because it revealed a world where data goes beyond typical databases and storage, introducing me to data streaming, partitioning, SQL, NoSQL, and handling massive data. This ignited my passion for Data Science, my chosen specialization in ComPro.”

Q: How was the quality of instruction you received from your professors?

“One of the remarkable aspects of my MIU journey was the opportunity to learn from highly knowledgeable professors who were genuinely dedicated to our success. Also, their willingness to offer guidance and support was instrumental in helping us excel in our studies.” Learn more about our faculty here.

Q: When did you get your Paid Practicum?

“I secured my paid practicum opportunity within the first week after completing my final on-campus course, which happened to be “Career Strategies.” I applied for this opportunity through a referral I received from MIU, and the entire process was incredibly smooth.” Learn about the study options here.

Q: Thoughts on Career Center training.

“The “Career Strategies” course played an important role in shaping my job search journey. Also, it equipped me with valuable skills, such as crafting an industry-standard resume and effectively conveying my experience and skills to recruiters. Additionally, the course provided insights into what to anticipate in the job market and how to navigate cultural expectations during interviews.” Learn more about Career Center training here.

MIU ComPro Graduate Ruvimbo and her family in Fairfield

Ruvimbo and her husband work remotely from Fairfield, close to the MIU campus, where they appreciate the peaceful and safe environment.

Q: What do you think about Transcendental Meditation®?

“Transcendental Meditation is a beneficial practice that contributes to inner peace. In my personal experience, TM has been a valuable tool for rejuvenation, enhancing focus, and generally preparing for a productive and fulfilling day. It would be highly advantageous for this practice to be integrated into more educational institutions.”

Q: Is TM a religious practice?

“It’s important to clarify that TM is not tied to any specific religious beliefs; instead, it serves as a meditation technique that facilitates connection with one’s inner self, promoting both energy and tranquility.” Learn more about TM here.

Q: Tell us about your journey in the U.S. IT Market.

“Transitioning from a Software Engineer to my current role as a Senior Software Engineer at a U.S. bank (Northern Trust Company) marks significant personal and professional growth. Through this experience, I have refined my skills and adopted global best practices in software development, enhancing my proficiency in the field.

My husband Taha Metwally, who recently completed requirements for his Master’s in Computer Science degree (ComPro) at MIU, now also works as a Senior Software Engineer alongside me.”

MIU Graduate Ruvimbo at work

Ruvimbo at her work desk

Q: How do you think the ComPro program at MIU would benefit the careers of others from your home country?

“Pursuing an MS degree at MIU can significantly enhance one’s career prospects in Zimbabwe. Following the foundational knowledge acquired during your bachelor’s degree, the ComPro program provides the essential skills and confidence required for further advancement through paid practical training.”

Q: What encouragement would you give to software developers who are considering the ComPro program?

“I strongly encourage anyone considering applying for the MS in Computer Science at MIU to act without hesitation. This decision represents an excellent choice for any aspiring computer professional.”