Fairfield, Iowa (Home of MIU): Climate Change Safe Haven?

Residents and students at MIU are well aware of the many benefits and advantages of living in Fairfield, Iowa.

Local benefits and advantages include:

• Low cost of living • Excellent schools

• Pure air • Beautiful sunrises and sunsets

• Natural beauty • Abundance of indoor and outdoor recreation and sports facilities

• No traffic jams • Closeness of shopping and international dining

• Low property costs • Organic food availability

• Harmonious diverse population • Low crime rate

• Friendly Iowa people • Sustainable agriculture and energy production

• Rich array of arts and entertainment

Natural beauty on the MIU campus

Mother Nature’s safe zone

During recent rare strong winds, weather radar shows how Fairfield (see blue dot) was spared from damage.

Is it possible for a city to be safe from the negative effects resulting from climate change, severe weather events, and natural disasters?

By looking at official data from government and NGOs, and by observing the trends and specific events that have occurred in Fairfield, Iowa (the home of MIU) over the past several decades, some very interesting trends can be seen:

Severe weather events — Data from the Severe Events Database of the National Centers for Environmental Information for 99 Iowa counties from 2010 – 2020, show that Jefferson County (home of MIU) ranks in the top 3% for the fewest severe weather events in Iowa.

• Natural disasters: No earthquakes, mudslides, forest fires, floods, hurricanes. In the last 55 years (since 1968), there have been no tornadoes within 2 miles of Fairfield, Iowa (USA.com)

• Drought effects — No severe lasting droughts here

• No drinking water concerns — Never restricted for poor quality

• No wild forest fires or pollution from distant forest fires. Air quality index (AQI) is almost always good to moderate

• No potentially hazardous large fossil fuel pipelines

• Four distinct annual climatic seasons with some high temperatures in summer and some low temperatures in winter.

• No major winter storms — last 20+ years

With all the fresh air and recreation options, our students balance their demanding academic routine with outdoor fun.


So, based on the data and several decades of observations, we conclude that Fairfield, Iowa is indeed a relatively safe haven from the problems, challenges, and difficulties that our rapidly changing planet is experiencing due to the climate changes resulting from global warming.

We invite future students and your families to experience our unique and special environment by attending MIU and considering making Fairfield your new home.

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