Admissions Staff for Computer Professionals Program at Maharishi University of Management

ComPro Admissions: Welcoming New Students to our “Family”

During the last 12 months, 15,000 people from 185 nations applied online to join our unique and affordable MS in Computer Science with Paid Training & Financial Aid.

How to process so many applicants?

The first priority of our staff is in supporting every applicant at a very high level, making sure that all questions and concerns are answered in a timely way.

The immense job of processing this many applications in an efficient, accurate, professional and welcoming manner is the specialty of our Computer Professionals ProgramSM Admissions Department. When you consider the additional steps and requirements for admitting so many international students, with four entries each year (February, May, August and November), the achievements of our Admissions staff are all the more remarkable.

According to Chandra, Director of ComPro Admissions, “Our admissions team reflects the harmony and coherence which pervades all of MUM. Everyone is focused, dedicated, and lovingly supportive of one-another. It’s the ideal work environment, and our applicants and students really appreciate their admissions interactions.”

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Preparing for new students

Preparations for new entries and registrations are especially busy periods. These activities include: last-minute acceptance of some U.S. students, making transportation pickup arrangements, checking out student rooms, meeting arriving students on campus 24-hours a day, preparing snack bags to place in student rooms, arranging room keys and meal passes, taking students to their dormitories, and organizing with numerous campus offices for two or more registration days in Admissions and the Enrollment Center.


Registration is like homecoming, where we finally get to meet all our special new students with whom we have been chatting, skyping, emailing, texting, etc., for several months or even years. When we finally meet them, students sometimes recognize us from our Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. They are so happy to meet us, and they overflow in appreciation. It’s a joyous and rewarding experience for all, as we welcome them into our global ComPro family! (See photos below.)

Our first student from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
Teja with three new students.
Dima welcomes a new student.

Maryam enjoys meeting group of new students.

Lisa with new student.

Chandra with new student.

Nena registering a new student.

Francis greets new student.
Happy new students after our Welcome Lunch.

Formal group photo of February 2019 entry.

Meet the ComPro Admissions team

Everyone working in the Admissions area is on a first name basis:

Elaine (Guthrie) is the ComPro Director. Chandra is our Admissions Director. Pat is Associate Admissions Director. Nena, Francis, Lisa, Dima, Girma, and Melissa are Admissions Counselors. Teja is doing Office Admissions work. Sara reviews applications and answers hundreds of inquires each week. Maryam is our much-loved International Student Advisor. Sue is our Admissions Assistant. Dale, and Charlie do valuable part-time work.

Marketing is done by Craig, Simon and Dileep. Social media and website chat operation are handled by Sara, Max, Rachele, Dileep, Selin and Craig (Recruiting Director).

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Our ComPro family now includes more than 2500 MSCS graduates from 85 nations, plus over 800 currently enrolled students on campus and doing internships around the U.S.