Graduates outside the Golden Dome

Celebration of Success: ComPro MIU 2023 Graduation

Graduation at MIU is a joyful series of events that we host to show our appreciation for our graduates and their families. 356 students from the Computer Professionals (ComPro) program were awarded their Master of Science in Computer Science degrees at the end of the Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 semesters. Among them, 200 attended graduation ceremonies held at MIU in June 2023, where we celebrated with six events over three days.

ComPro Ice-Cream Social

ComPro MIU 2023 Graduates in Argiro Student Center

Friday afternoon in the Argiro Student Center

During the event, our students on campus had the opportunity to connect with our graduates, who shared their valuable experiences in the U.S. IT market and thoughtfully answered questions.

Garden Dinner Party

A ComPro student with his wife and kid

Friday evening in front of the Argiro Student Center

Graduates and their families enjoyed a special dinner in the garden near the Argiro Student Center. This informal event provided graduates a chance to meet and reconnect with their faculty and friends.

Awards Ceremony

MIU faculty and invited community members came together to honor students from different programs who excelled in their studies. Over 300 members of our MIU family gathered in Dalby Hall to express their appreciation.

Two ComPro graduates receiving awards in Dalby Hall

Friday evening in Dalby Hall

Quoc Vinh Pham from Vietnam (left) and Ahmed Mokhtar from Egypt (right) received outstanding graduate awards, honoring their achievements as two of the ComPro graduates.

“The ComPro program offers distinctive features, including a low initial payment and the flexibility to complete the remaining payments during Curricular Practical Training (CPT). This aspect was particularly helpful to me as it allowed me to have my family by my side throughout the program,” says Vinh.

Graduating Class Photo

Graduates from all degree programs in front of Argiro

Saturday morning in front of Argiro Student Center

Graduates from all degree programs assembled to pose for a memorable class photo.

MIU Graduation Ceremony

The main event, the graduation ceremony, took place in the Golden Dome on the MIU campus. The commencement speaker, Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum, has received numerous awards for her contributions to the field of cardiology, and also the promotion of women’s heart health.

ComPro MIU 2023 Graduation in the Golden Dome

Saturday afternoon in the Golden Dome

At last, our ComPro graduates gathered outside the Golden Dome for group photos.

The MIU Graduation 2023 commencement video can be seen here.

ComPro MIU Picnic

On the final day, of the ComPro MIU graduation events, we joined for a picnic at Waterworks Park. This gathering also provided our graduates a chance to strengthen the bonds formed during the program. Also, food from five different Fairfield restaurants, offering Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, Ethiopian, and Italian cuisines, added variety. Especially, a standout was Injera, a traditional Ethiopian dish.

Celebration of Success through a Picnic in Waterworks Park

Sunday afternoon in Waterworks Park

Following lunch, fun games including tug of war, canoeing, cornhole, and water blasters filled the park with enjoyment.

Finally, as members of the MIU family, we all carry these special moments with us, cherishing the memories, and looking toward to the bright futures of our graduates. We wish them happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives.

Appreciation from a Few Graduates

Appreciation from a Few ComPro MIU Graduates

The ComPro MIU Graduation 2023 photo album can be seen here.