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Popular Professor Shares Years of Enterprise Architecture Success

When Payman Salek came to the US from Iran in 2000 and joined the Computer Professionals (ComPro) program at Maharishi International University, he never expected that years later he’d be back to teach on the same campus he found so enriching as a student.

After graduation, Payman worked in many different professional roles. He soon discovered a passion for web app development, and went on to work as a senior Java developer, designer, architect and team leader, developing Enterprise Applications.

“I worked for a number of big companies like Principal Financial GroupVanguardBank of AmericaAlly Bank, and Uline,” says Payman. “During this time I was exposed to many different kinds of technology, software development techniques and tools, and saw how things are done at a large scale enterprise application level.”

Professor Salek enjoys bringing his real-world expertise into the classroom, teaching Enterprise Architecture to prepare students for success in the international IT industry.

Students appreciate his simple explanations of complex concepts

ComPro graduate Mohamed Samy is one of many students who values the experience he had in Professor Salek’s Enterprise Architecture class. Mohamed had already been working as an architect for 15 years before taking the class, but even so, was highly impressed by how much he learned:


“Professor Salek brings great knowledge and industry expertise to his students, and has the ability to tailor the curriculum to the students’ learning ability as well as to explain very complex concepts in a way everyone can understand,” says Mohamed. “I was amazed at his deep conceptual knowledge coupled with the ability to explain this knowledge and keep the whole class motivated. We loved every moment of the course, and even asked him to give us extra lectures that were not directly part of the course.”


Professor Payman Salek

10 Million People use his Software Every Day

Inspired by the ability of IT to touch the lives of millions

One thing Payman finds so fulfilling about being a software developer (and also teaching future generations of developers) is the fact that a single software application has the potential to touch and improve the lives of millions.

“Bank of America receives 10 million logins a day. So, a piece of online banking software that I wrote is commonly used by 10 million people per day, every single day!


How to stay balanced in an ever-changing IT landscape?

Payman is a natural problem-solver, and because software development is all about problem-solving, he finds it to be a perfect match.

“It’s not just problem-solving, it’s problem-solving along with all the challenges of an exponentially exploding IT industry,” he points out. “That’s one thing I love about IT—there’s so much creativity and innovation.

“I consider myself fairly senior in this area, and even for me it can be overwhelming. To stay relevant you have to be up-to-date on constantly evolving technology. How can you deal with so much information, so much variety? How can you have direction and not get lost in the middle of it all?”


The Transcendental Meditation® technique is essential for success

Payman was fortunate to learn about and begin Transcendental Meditation (TM) when he was only 18 years old in Iran. He has found the natural, effortless and scientifically validated TM technique to be a highly effective tool for self-development and has noticed extensive benefits in his years of practice.


“TM has led me to many helpful life habits like exercising and doing yoga. A lot of the professional success I’ve experienced is due to Transcendental Meditation. The main benefit is enhanced ability to focus during activity. When I meditate, I get more accomplished. On the rare days I don’t get to meditate, it’s not the same. After all this time I know it’s not a random thing, it’s a pattern I’ve seen every single time.


“A number of my supervisors have commented that they admire my ability to maintain the big picture while focusing on the details. This is one benefit we emphasize to MIU students about the value of regular twice-daily TM practice.”

The ComPro program has unique value for Computer Professionals

This one-of-a-kind program prepares students for success in many ways: It provides the latest advanced computer science knowledge, and a significant advantage through practice of the TM technique. Students learn more effectively, and develop themselves from within on a very profound level.

“To be competitive in the world of IT you need to have a strong foundation, and a way to stay grounded in a very fast-paced industry,” says Professor Salek.


“Studying software development is a super-heavy mental activity. If you want to run a marathon you need to warm up and train for it. Just like we exercise our body to stay in good shape, to be mentally healthy, we should also develop our mental capabilities.Transcendental Meditation is a great tool for this, and it’s been proven to aid our ability to absorb knowledge quickly, and retain it for a longer period of time.”


What else makes MIU so unique?

“MIU offers a very international, diverse, safe and friendly environment,” says Professor Salek. “When you go to a different country, it’s not easy: you leave your friends, family, and a lot of familiar things behind. Change is difficult for everyone. Coming to MIU and studying in such a peaceful, stress-free environment is a very enriching experience. Students come here from all over the world and are immediately accepted with open arms.”

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