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Greg and Elaine Guthrie

W/N Africa Recruiting for MIU MS in Computer Science

Join MIU Deans Greg Guthrie, Ph.D., and Elaine Guthrie live. Their West/North Africa tour is from Dec. 7 – Dec. 22, 2023. Reserve a free ticket to learn about our acclaimed Computer Professionals Master’s program at Maharishi International University in Fairfield, Iowa, USA. Develop your IT career with a U.S. Computer Science Masters Meeting in […]

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Record Number of MUM Computer Science MS Graduates

391 Graduates from 40 Nations Awarded MSCS Degrees At the…
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What Makes ComPro Education Unique?

'ComPro' is short for the 'Computer Professionals Program' If…
Jim Bagnola in front of student groups

Global Expert Teaching Leadership for Technical Managers

If you are going to study leadership, study with a leader. Twice…
Admissions Staff for Computer Professionals Program at Maharishi University of Management

ComPro Admissions: Welcoming New Students to our “Family”

During the last 12 months, 15,000 people from 185 nations applied…
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Bereket Babiso: ComPro education at MUM is the best

When Bereket Babiso was working as a software developer in…
Prof. Obinna Kalu

Nigerian Professor Loves Teaching at MIU (formerly MUM)

Obinna Kalu is a dynamic, enthusiastic young Assistant Computer…
Happy MSCS graduates!

2018 ComPro Graduation & Homecoming

Our June 22-24th graduation weekend was a joyful homecoming…

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Educating Advanced Software Developers for Lifelong Personal…

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The MS in Computer Science-Data Science specialization at…

New: Computer Professionals Program Website

After nearly a year in development, our new responsive website…

Students Gain Cutting-Edge Knowledge

Students Gain Cutting Edge "Spring Framework" Knowledge:  This…
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Meet Professor Bruen

Our Computer Professionals ("ComPro (SM)") MS Program at MUM…

ComPro Students Come From 111 Nations

'ComPro' Students Come From 111 Nations Since 1996, experienced…

More than just a Computer Science Master’s

Benefits of Multi-Cultural Living More than just a Computer…

Record Number of Computer Science Master’s Graduates

On June 24th, Maharishi University of Management awarded 579…

East Asian Recruiting Tour

East Asian Recruiting Tour: Computer Professionals Master's…

Data Science Track Added to MUM Curriculum

 To prepare our students for the enormous growing global employment…

In Challenging Times, MIU is Safe & Friendly

With increasing opportunities for foreign travel for professional…

MUM Student Intern Wins Amazon Award

MUM Student Intern Wins Amazon Award In professional sports,…
Promila Bahadur Computer Scientist

Computer Scientist Changing Lives of Young Women in Rural India

It is not so unusual that a 14-year old teenager in Lucknow,…
Compro Professionals

New Computer Professionals Career Center

This spring the Computer Professionals Career Center for MUM…

Computer Professionals Program Celebrates 20 Years of Success

During graduation activities last month, the MUM Computer…

Gaining Knowledge, Respect and Acceptance in America

At a time when many Muslims and other minority groups are…

DevFest 2015 Software Competition Success

At most universities, when the semester ends, students leave…
Sahar Abdullah

Sahar Abdullah: Role Model for Women’s IT Education

Most young women growing up in Yemen have few opportunities…

Student Achieves Success

Zheng Yang has a strong thirst for knowledge, and the desire…

Venezuelan Student Travels the World Promoting ‘Free Knowledge’

Damian Finol is no stranger to international travel. When he…

Software Engineer, Student, and Scholar

Our MSCS student interns work full-time in their professional…

Ethiopians and Eritreans at Home at MUM

Walking through the McLaughlin Building, home of the School…

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New Recruiting tour of W. and N. Africa December 7-22

> See details and reserve your free ticket

(Tickets are now available for all 5 events)


We have found that many countries have very delayed interview dates. Please see Visa Appointment Wait Times ( to find out the length of time to get an interview date for your country/city.

If the interview waiting time is more than 2 months, we encourage you to apply and complete your application immediately, even if you are planning to apply for a future entry. This way you can complete the application process, get your I-20, and then get an interview date. You must have an I-20 to get the interview date.  If the date is earlier than you plan to come to the U.S., you can always postpone your arrival date once you get the visa. We would just issue you a new I-20 for the entry date for which you plan to come.

For questions regarding this information, please contact our admissions office at

Ask Yourself These 4 Questions:

  1. Do you have a Bachelor's degree in a technical field? Yes or No?

  2. Did you have good grades in your Bachelor’s degree? Yes or No?

  3. Do you have at least 12 months of full-time, paid work experience as a software developer after your Bachelor’s degree? Yes or No?

  4. Are you available to come to the U.S. for classes (this program is not available online)? Yes or No?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all the above questions, you may apply (Although this does not guarantee that you will be accepted.)