Meet Professor Bruen

Our Computer Professionals (“ComPro (SM)”) MS Program at MUM is known globally for preparing students for IT and personal career success.

Like all our professors, Computer Science Associate Professor Joe Bruen plays a big role in this unique and unprecedented education.

Two factors lead to our students’ success

Having highly industry-experienced senior faculty teaching in the program.

Professor Joe Bruen brings 35 years of high level experience working in Fortune 500 corporations into the classroom. His employers included: Digital Equipment Corporation, Banker’s Trust, Sprint, and Wells Fargo. He also spent many years as an independent consultant.

His long and varied career included senior management and corporate architecture positions. Work areas included: operating system development, voice recognition, timing simulation of large computers, high speed network devices, graphic software development, object-oriented DB development, and service-oriented architecture (SOA).

Practice of the Transcendental Meditation® technique

At Maharishi University of Management, all the professors and students practice Transcendental Meditation (TM) every day. TM is a simple, natural, scientific, and time-tested mental technique shown to produce clearer thinking, increased comprehension, energy and creativity, while relieving deep rooted stresses and tension from the physiology.

As a result, students report that they learn more easily, get better grades, enjoy teamwork collaborations more, and are healthier and happier.

MSCS students doing morning TM

MSCS students doing their morning TM

After starting TM in college, Professor Bruen says, “I was able to understand core concepts more quickly, and I was also able to more readily connect the concepts together. TM gives you a great foundation for success.”

“In anything you do, if you want to do it well, a strong foundation is tantamount to success. TM is as foundational as it gets. Clearer mind, less stress, healthier body lead to more success. In a sense, I was able to run faster & jump higher. It helped me immensely.”

As a conscientious educator, Professor Bruen wanted to give his students the same personal and educational advantages that had made his life so enjoyable. So, in 1973 he became a Transcendental Meditation teacher. Since joining our faculty in 2014, in addition to teaching advanced courses in Web Application Architecture and Enterprise Architecture, he also enjoys teaching TM to many new MSCS students.

Need for the Transcendental Meditation® technique in IT Industry

When working at their full-time practical training internships around the U.S., our students also take distance education courses part-time to continue their advanced Computer Science education. Their schedules are very demanding.

As one of Professor Bruen’s student’s experienced: “I am glad to have this amazing technique, Transcendental Meditation, to release all the tension I encountered, and revert back to my normal stable routine. My typical day is really hectic and comprised of a lot of mind-blowing thoughts and stressful conditions. “I do have the busiest job with taking distance courses and worrying about personal matters on different occasions. TM has helped me reset back to my original peace and restful mind after all the things I have to deal with.”

See more student comments and video: Transcendental Meditation® Technique: the Competitive Edge for IT Professionals.

Professor Bruen invites all computer professionals interested in advancing their personal and professional careers to visit our website and prepare for a life changing education.