ComPro Students Come From 111 Nations

‘ComPro’ Students Come From 111 Nations

Since 1996, experienced software developers from 111 nations worldwide (see above) have enrolled in our Computer Professionals Master’s Program in the U.S. (MUM is located where the red circle is in the image above.)

The program, affectionately known as ‘ComPro,’ offers a unique opportunity in higher education, combining latest advanced practical computer science knowledge with professional IT experience in U.S. companies. A one-of-a-kind payment structure provides students with the ability to self-finance the majority of costs from well-paid practicums.

With close to 2000 graduates, and 800+ currently enrolled students, the ComPro MS in Computer Science is one of the largest, most successful campus-based MSCS programs in the United States.

New Video Highlights International Student Satisfaction

ComPro video: A unique opportunity in higher education that combines a master’s degree in computer science with professional experience in the U.S.
Our new video is featured on our homepage. See summaries below of comments made by six current students from: Uganda, China, Iran, India, Egypt, and Brazil.

Edwin Bwambele from Uganda

  • “I just love this course. It’s practical, it’s hands on, and has helped me during my practicum search.”
  • “I had struggled to find a program that had a low cost, and yet could give me quality education. So, I came to this university.”
  • “First time I saw the program, I doubted it—couldn’t believe something like this existed, but a friend of mine joined the course. That’s when I confirmed that the program was real.”
  • “The university is in the small town of Fairfield, Iowa. The people in the town are great. People smile everywhere. It makes you feel at home, though you are so many miles away.”
  • “At MUM I’ve got the knowledge I couldn’t have gotten in my country. I am so happy. I would highly recommend it to anyone out there.”

Julia Chen from China

  • “This program is so great, because it is professionally oriented.”
  • “The professors here really care about students. All of the faculty have a long history of working as software engineers in the American job market.”
  • “Tuition fee is pretty scary for me. This university offers loans, so we don’t need to worry a lot about the financing.”

Shivali Jain from India

  • “I’ve gained solid professional skills and practical experience, with theoretical knowledge.”
  • “The low financial entry requirement is very good for the students who want to pursue higher education, but cannot because of the financial constraints.”
  • “This university has the block system—that is, one course per month, so that you can just dive deep into the subject, and you need not take on stress for other courses or subjects. That used to happen with me in my undergraduate education.”
  • “They include the Transcendental Meditation® technique in their curriculum. TM has helped to improve my concentration, and to relieve stress.”
  • “I like the food here—pure organic fresh food. I feel like I am home outside of India.”

Mohamed Samy from Egypt

  • “For me, in the end it paid off, because I had all the skills I needed to secure a high-paying practicum in a U.S. company. It’s a win-win situation, because you and the University work together to secure a practicum for yourself, and from that practicum, you pay your loan—so the University wins, and you win, and everybody is happy.”
  • “They did exactly what they promised. I’m just living proof of that.”
  • “The combination of the TM technique, the block system which allows you to focus on one subject at time, and just living in a U.S. small town in a stress-free environment, gives you everything you need to prepare for your practicum in the U.S. job market. I graduated from the MUM ComPro program. Looking back at it, I can say now, it was just the perfect deal.”

Rafael Costa from Brazil

  • “I was already working at a big company in Brazil, but I wanted to expand my experience in a high paid U.S. practicum.”
  • “The University enrolls students from all over, so it’s a great opportunity to learn from other cultures.”

To accommodate the large ComPro application demand, international students can now apply for any of four entries each year: November, February, May and August. Please visit our website or email us for details. We look forward to hearing from you!