Data Science Track Added to MUM Curriculum

 To prepare our students for the enormous growing global employment opportunities in Data Management, MUM is now offering a Data Science Track for computer science and mathematics students.


According to MUM Computer Science Department Professor Emdad Khan:

“Data Science, which dominates today’s numerical data-driven world, is the key for the Next Generation Internet, which will be driven by text data, multi-media data, Intelligent Agents, and Machine Learning. In this environment, Natural Language Computing and Cognitive Computing capabilities will create many attractive applications.”


The Data Science Track will prepare our students and graduates for careers as Data Scientists and Chief Data Officers (CDO) throughout the business world.

The Power of Data Science: (from Dataversity)

  • Has the capability to provide accurate solutions to business problems
  • Enables better business decisions and accurate study of the impact of such decisions
  • Can make more exact predictions about the future when both human intuition and experience fail

The limitations of science and technology that previously limited the power of Data Science are eroding, and the Data Management industry can expect some major changes to sweep through global Data Science practices in 2017:

  1. Machine Learning to Rule the Industry
  2. ‘Internet of Things’ Data Streams to Conquer Traditional Business Intelligence
  3. Big Data Technology Spending will Boom
  4. Hadoop Market will Persistently Grow
  5. Data Science will Dominate Healthcare Business Intelligence and Analytics
  6. 25% of Enterprises will Recruit a Chief Data Officer (CDO) in 2017

Current DS courses for Mathematics and Computer Science students include: Big DataBig Data Analytics, and Machine Learning. In the near future we plan to add more courses including Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence.

UPDATE:  4-30-2024

The Data Science courses are listed individually on the MIU transcript, but they are not eligible for being a stand-alone academic designation of “track or specialization.”  To recognize the data science course accomplishment, MIU issues a Certificate of Completion in Data Science, listing all the courses successfully completed in that concentration of Data Science courses.

Professor Khan Data Science video.

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