2022 and You – Yes, You!

By Leah Collmer

It’s another year. 2022 sits on your doorstep like an Amazon package waiting to be opened. You drum your fingers on the counter and consider the possibilities. What lays ahead? A full year of promise…This package with all its potential sits before you. Still unopened, you exhale. Curiosity calls you. You look at the box. What’s inside? You contemplate the choices. A few ideas run through your mind. Undecided, you glance out the window for more enlightenment, as you notice the sender is Maharishi International University’s Computer Science Master’s Program – ComProSM. Your 2022 just got a whole light brighter.

Saloni Kiran Vora, a computer science master’s student from Pune, India, is one such student who feels her future just got a whole lot brighter. After having worked in IT for several years, with 14-hour days, she wanted a change. “Work was becoming monotonous, there was nothing more to learn,” states Vora. “Suddenly, I decided one day, I was done. That’s it. I wanted to do something new. I wanted to know how I could make a difference,” shares Vora emphatically. “That’s when I learned about ComPro.”

Located in beautiful Fairfield, Iowa, ComPro’s well-organized master’s package is designed to deliver the best education academically, mentally, emotionally, and personally. With ComPro’s carefully measured block system, you never have bulky schedules, juggle multiple subjects, deliver various homework assignments, nor cram for a list of final exams all at once. We handle our program with care, and don’t believe stress should be part and parcel of your university education. Having one entire course neatly bundled and delivered over the course of a month enhances our student’s ability to master a subject and unpack the contents of a course to its fullest.

“The master’s course looked very well planned and designed. Eight months on campus for a master’s in computer science really caught my attention,” remembers Vora. “Once you learn and leave school, it’s hard to go back. To stop earning money, after you’ve started isn’t easy,” confesses Vora. “But ComPro makes it easy to shorten the learning cycle and helps us to go on and earn money while getting Curricular Practical Training (CPT).”

ComPro’s expedited master’s package makes it easy to obtain a watertight education while ushering you to the doorstep of the company and career of your choice. Preparation is key for delivering the demands that success requires. Our Computer Science Master’s Program culminates in an intensive, three-week Career Strategies Workshop, that moves you forward and provides what you need to land a paid internship, CPT, in the company of your choice. Our CPT students have been placed at IBM, Intel, Amazon, Apple, Oracle, Google, General Electric, Walmart, Wells Fargo, Federal Express, and many Fortune 500 companies.

Teamwork! (Left to Right) Yugal Modi of Madhya Pradesh, India; Jai Kishan Jaiswal of West Bengal, India, and Rahmat Zada Buner of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, brainstorming with Vora.

“The biggest factor in choosing ComPro was I didn’t have to pay all my tuition in one go. This felt very empowering to me and helped me to be independent in my choices and not rely on my parents,” shares Vora. “The paid internship structured into the master’s program lets me pay back my tuition at the right time.”

The Computer Science Master’s Program makes it financially feasible for students to join ComPro. Students can enter ComPro for as little as $3,000, pay back the course fee from earnings during CPT, and graduate debt-free. Depending on circumstances, $3,000 – $7,000 is the modest range required for two semesters (eight months), on campus. This initial fee isn’t required until students arrive on campus. Program options and courses are offered to give students the best selection for their future.

“I wanted to move focus toward a data science track, and the data science courses were key for me in choosing ComPro,” says Vora. “My previous master’s degree had some elements of data, but it wasn’t enough. It wasn’t sufficient to make a move to a data science career. The best thing about ComPro is you can make your own choices for your courses and career,” concludes Vora.

A chance meeting in 2018 at her college in the state of Maharashtra with MIU Provost Dr. Scott Herriott, planted a seed in Vora that germinated, and ultimately redirected her journey to travel to the USA and get a second master’s degree with ComPro.

“That meeting with Dr. Herriott created a very valuable bond of trust in me over time,” shares Vora. “I learned a new way of meditation with him, which boosted my confidence, and opened doors to other great relationships, and with the ComPro admissions team. Melissa, Erica, and Abigail are gems,” gushes Vora. “They have that warmth and are with you at each step of the process, making sure you have whatever you need.”

Vora enjoying some fresh air and quiet time on MIU’s beautiful campus

Like any promising program that aims to deliver the best opportunities, ComPro has three convenient on-campus-study master’s options to fast-track your education, keep you on course for your future and get you to the marketplace. Whether you want a more expedited delivery option of eight months study on campus or prefer a more no-rush delivery choice of 12 months study on campus in our Computer Professionals ProgramSM, we’ve got what you need. Yes, just like that Amazon package. Additionally, four delivery dates for international students to enter our program and two delivery dates for domestic students keep demand high.

So, about that package sitting before you. It’s 2022. You’ve got an address, a destination, your choice of delivery options, and best date selections to suit your needs and fulfill your order for success. It’s a new year, it’s a new start. We have packed the best courses into our master’s program for you to take charge of your education and future. ComPro will get you there.

As an update, we wanted to share that before 2022 even had a chance to make an appearance, Saloni Vora was recruited and hired as a Software Developer within the second week of her Career Strategies Workshop. She is over the moon about this upcoming year and her bright future in the Computer Science field. We couldn’t be happier for her. Well done, Saloni! We wish her all the best and the same for you.