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Prof. Najeeb: Robotics and Self-driving Cars Expert

Professor Najeeb Najeeb: Robotics Expert who Loves Teaching: “Professor Najeeb is a brilliant computer scientist who enjoys interacting with students, and who attributes much of his ever-present happiness to his practice of the Transcendental Meditation® technique,” says MIU Computer Science Dean Keith Levi. MIU alumnus Najeeb Najeeb recently rejoined the MIU faculty as an Associate Professor […]

2022 and You – Yes, You!

By Leah Collmer It’s another year. 2022 sits on your doorstep like an Amazon package waiting to be opened. You drum your fingers on the counter and consider the possibilities. What lays ahead? A full year of promise…This package with all its potential sits before you. Still unopened, you exhale. Curiosity calls you. You look […]

Your Once-in-a-Century Life

By Leah Collmer It’s been a once-in-a-century global pandemic. Almost two years running; plans put on hold, hopes dashed, and bright futures ground to a halt. We’ve been wearing masks, social distancing and holding our breath – literally. But the fog is lifting and we, at ComProSM, want you to know about the bright future […]

Comments from Recent MIU ComPro Graduates

See what our recent graduates had to say about their experiences and outcomes in the Computer Professionals master’s program. “I am thankful for this program. It was life changing.”“It was a wonderful experience doing the Master’s in Computer Science at MIU. The curriculum is the latest and the faculty is highly experienced. Everything at MIU […]

Student families enjoy life at MIU

May I bring my family when I study at MIU? Prospective international ComPro students often ask us if they can bring their families with them when they enroll in our unique Master’s in Computer Science program. The answer is ‘yes.’ There are several ways to do this at different stages of the academic program at […]

The ComPro admissions team: dedicated to your future

Worldwide interest in ComPro keeps Admissions team busy and happy A record number of people have applied for the Computer Professionals ProgramSM in the last two years, with more than 28,000 applications submitted from 185 nations. Processing this large number of applications in an efficient, accurate, professional and welcoming manner is the specialty of our ComPro Admissions department. Meet your […]

Popular professor prepares students for real-world success

Students in the MS in Computer Science program at MIU love Professor Somesh Rao’s courses. But don’t just take our word for it! “Professor Rao’s Project Management course exceeded my expectations,” says H.H., a student from Ethiopia. “His expertise in software development gave me a clear, confident understanding of how a successful project can be developed from initiation […]

Vietnamese PhD improves his technical skills & brain at MIU

“I really enjoy this effortless meditation technique. It helps me grow my brain and enjoy a stress-free life.” MIU student Tam Van Vo earned his master’s degree in computer science from the University of Science in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and received a scholarship for a PhD program in information and communication at the […]

Ukrainian Couple finds personal and professional fulfillment at MIU and beyond

Meet happily married ComPro graduates Julia (MS’17) and Eugene Rohozhnikov (MS’17) from Ukraine: an inspiring, dynamic, energetic duo dedicated to lifelong learning, friendships, adventure, and joy in living. We spoke with them recently to find out how they came to study at MIU, to take a look back at their time as students in the […]

Stay fit and healthy with exercise, sports and TM at MIU

Enhance your study with our amazing range of recreation options:  We are frequently asked if we have sports and recreation facilities. The answer is a resounding “yes!” In fact, our campus is home to one of the largest indoor university sports/recreation facilities in the state of Iowa: the Grace Ananda Recreation Center. “Our 60,000 square-foot Recreation […]