MIU ኮሮናቫይረስ መረጃ

MIU is currently teaching all its classes online and has taken other proactive measures to minimize the health and safety risks to our campus and the broader community, including social distancing guidance and self-care recommendations.

Many of our students remain in the campus community and feel safer here from COVID-19; only 13 positive cases have been confirmed in our county, 8 of which are confirmed to be recovered. We’ll resume in-class courses when the health authorities advise us that it’s safe to do so.

Onsite Visitors Weekends have, however, been postponed. In the meantime, we will have የመስመር ላይ ድርጣቢያዎች በጣም ታዋቂ የጎብኝዎች የሳምንቱ መጨረሻ ተናጋሪዎች ተናጋሪዎች ተለይተው ቀርበዋል።

እኛ በአሁኑ ጊዜ ለኮምፒዩተር ፕሮፌሽናል ኤምኤስ በኮምፒዩተር ሳይንስ ፕሮግራማቸው ውስጥ ነሐሴ ለማስገባት ዕቅድ አለን

እባክዎ ማንኛውንም ጥያቄ ወደ እኛ ይምሩ የኮምፖሮ ምዝገባ አማካሪዎች.

ያህል current students